What is the political commissar, why is the Soviet Red Army have a political commissar, and the US military has no political commissar

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What is the political commissar, why is the Soviet Red Army have a political commissar, and the US military has no political commissar

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Inciical Soviet Red Army during World War II, everyone will often think of a name of a cadre position: political commissar. The political commissar is unique in the Federation of the Federation of the Second World War II - In addition to the Soviet Red Army has a political commissar, the US military, the British army, and Dai Gao Le commander does not have a political committee. So, what kind of official position is the political commissar, and it has played a role in the troops. Why do the Soviet Red Army have a political commissar and the US military has no political commissar?

What is the political commissar?

The political commissar, a total known as a political committee, is a leading cadre of the military group combined with the Socialist countries established by the Soviet Union and imitating the Soviet Union model, and the military commanders of the same level are collectively referred to as the head of the troops. In general, the political commissar is the host of the day-to-day work of the troop, according to the needs of the operation, the superior is also established a political commissar in some special operational units.

The above picture _ the right picture is the Secretary of the Secretary of the University of the Soviet Union, the Secretary of Mergellis

Then, in the League of the Second World War, why did the Soviet Red Army set the political commissar, and the US military does not have a political commissar?

First, the "Independent Declaration" and the spirit of the Ideas of Enlightenment have derived the US perfect civil servant system, achieving the absolute control of the civil servants. The President has achieved thoughts and management of the National Army through the "US Constitution" and the Pastor of the United States. This is the root cause of the US military system.

On July 4, 1776, the release of the Independent Declaration marks the official independence of the United States. In addition to announced that the UK is thoroughly "cutting" in politics, its core political spirit is the social contractual title and the sovereignty of the enlightenment.

Above the above picture _ Independent Declaration (one of the US Documents)

For example, the US "Independent Declaration" mentioned: Everyone is equal, and the Creator gives them an imperfealous right, including the right to life, freedom and the right to happiness. This is the reflection of the "Talent Human Rights" of Enlightenment. "Independent Declaration" advocates "Democracy" and "Freedom" and "Rule of Law", under the influence of the "Independent Declaration" spirit and enlightenment, the United States has gradually established a relatively improved three Discrete system. To ensure its so-called "democracy" "freedom" and "rule of law" implementation.

With the establishment of the three-power discrete system, the United States established a relatively perfect civil system system, implementing the system of civil servants and civil servants. Joint Meeting of the United States of the United States only has decision-making rights and has no independent military commander. The mobilization and command of all US military is completed by the highest commander - the civil elected civil servants, the President of the civil servant is both the head of state and the head of the government, and the three army commander.

Above_The American Constitution Original First

Because the civil servant masters the absolute command and leadership of the army, it will also control the US military. The US military must be loyal to the country, obey the "US Constitution". The United States is a Christian country, in order to further control the brains of the officers and soldiers, the US military has a pastor, and these pastors start from the Christianity of American culture, and naturally represent the unified management of military officers and men's thoughts.

All in all, the tradition of the civil engineering, and the unified control and management of the military officers and men's thoughts, so that the US military has achieved unified management of the national army without the political commissar.

Above_Sovation Red Army in World War II

Second, the Soviet Red Army and the US military completely different "happiness history", and the special national conditions of the Soviet Union, political culture, determined that the Soviet Union must rely on the control of the army to achieve comprehensive control of the army.

The History of the Soviet Red Army and the US military will find that the Soviet Red Army and the US military's happiness history is completely different.

There is no "historical bag" in the history of the US military, and his predecessor is the armed militia for North American rebellion of the British colonial rule. With the "Independent Declaration" and the relatively perfect Western civilian government, the United States relying on the strong operational capacity of the Government Government in the United States, the United States rely on the power of the US military.

The US military has a stark contrast to the formation of the history of the Historical burden. The Soviet Red Army's hair is a relatively heavy historical burden. On November 7, 1917, the Red Guard Leading the Bolshvik Party held an armed uprising, overthrowing the rule of Russian bourgeois regime, established a socialist country - Soviet, Soviet, Russia, the world's first proletarian dictatorship.

Above the picture _ October Revolution (November 7, 1917 Russia Soviet Armed Uprising)

In the early days of Soviet Russia, it did not belong to its own formal armed for its own formal armed forces, Soviet Naval teams and workers. With the revert to the Russian old government, many old Russian military officers and soldiers have come to Bolshevik from the considering of "mixed rice".

With the number of old Russian officers and soldiers, the Sovan government announced the establishment of the Rural Red Army as Soviet Red Army as Soviet Red Army in January 1918, a new People's Army, which is the main body of the old Russian military officers and soldiers - Suzhou (Soviet) The Red Army of the Workers' Peasants was formally established. Many of the Soviet Union will come from the Sauda army, such as Bujoni and Zhukov.

Above_Liver Davedovi Torilltsky (November 7, 1879 - August 21, 1940)

At the end of the gun, this people's army put into defending the Funding Soviet Russia. For the "Father of the Red Army", Lenin's comrades Torlotsky, this is a struggle with the old Russian military officers and men, but it also has a fatal problem: First, the old Russian military operation discipline is not powerful. During the First World War, once the old Russian army was surrounded by the Germans, there was no way to return, and the Russian military officers and soldiers who were captured by the German captives often.

Second, under the old Russian military tactics, its combat tactics and the mainstraft of the world in the world - the British army and the French army differed. Once this old Russian army put into defending the Battle of Soviet Russia, and the antiagrams of the country's interference army launched the fire, its ending is difficult to win. More importantly, these old Russian military officers and soldiers who participated in the Red Army were not firm. In case the battlefield, this is extremely fatal for Soviet Russia.

In summary, it is the "historical burden" of the Soviet Red Army with the old Russian military officers and men, so that the Soviet government must achieve absolute control of the army through a new system. This system is the political commissar. Since the establishment of a political appraisal system in Trotsky, the Red Army composed of the old Russian military officers and men in the strict management of the political committee reflects amazing combat power in the battle of the Division of the West National Interference.

Above on October 9, 1942, Stalin released the establishment of a complete unified command system and canceled the Red Army Military Commission, and revoke the double-age system of the political committee and the commander

After the war, the Soviet Union took the road to peace. The national ideology of the Soviet Union is the national ideology of Marxism-Leninism, and Marchaism has a relatively clear requirement for the proletariat political parties and armed forces, which makes the Soviet party and the government to control the army, and achieve the absolute leadership of the army with the political commissar. Realizing the proletarian dictatorship is not overthrow by hostile forces, this is totally different from the national conditions of the United States.

After the broke out of the Sude War, Stalin canceled the political commissar system. However, as the Soviet army defeated on the battlefield, Stalin resumed the political commissar system. In the Battle of Stalin Gller, Stalin ordered the political commissar to have the officers who have been withdrawn.

Above_Su Jun 18 Infine Square 4th Infine Master's 220th Infantry Government Committee Olexis Ye Liancho

In the specific actual combat, the Su Junzheng is a first-director, such as the Soviet 4th Infantry Master's political commissar is the representative image of the Su Junzhi Committee. The political commissar named Ye Liancho personally leads the warrior to launch a charge. Finally, he sacrificed.

In Brits, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, Gu Ming commander and soldiers and several times the German army launched, and under the unity of Fuming, all officers and men became a strong battle collective, they were surrounded by the Germans. The swear is resistant, and finally most of them have sacrificed.

A German general called Rolls acknowledged in the memoir, the Russian army (Su Jun) is still resistant when there is no hope, which is the political commissar to play the surface. Stalin Gller's road war and the resistance of Brest Sessu Army confirmed the judgment of the German general.

Author: military commander Correction / editor: Lili


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