In 1976, Premier Zhu Laozhen, Chairman Chairman, who was separated from the last time, the last time I met a foreign guest?

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In 1976, Premier Zhu Laozhen, Chairman Chairman, who was separated from the last time, the last time I met a foreign guest?

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In 1976, the three great men in the history of the People's Republic ---- Zhou Enlai Prime Minister, Zhu De Chairman, Chairman Mao passed away. At that time, there were vibrations caused at home and abroad, especially in the hearts of the Chinese people.

Turning about the history of more than 40 years, these three leaders who are deeply loved by the people are almost insisting on the last moment of their lives.

Premier Premier and Chairman Mao had participated in foreign affairs activities in four months before the death of death, and Zhu De Chair met a foreign guest in half a month before the death.

According to historical materials, inventory, the three great people will meet with foreign countries in the last time, in order to remember.

Chairman Mao met Pakistan Prime Minister Ali Budo

In late May 1976, the President Chairman was less than four months.

At this point, China's friendly neighboring Pakistan's visit to China, and made meeting Mao Zedong Chairman.

The Hutto has visited the day after China, waiting for Chairman Mao to meet.

But he is not clear, because the body is not good, there is no delay in the arrangement.

In 1976, Chairman Mao has been fighting with the disease. Because I stayed in bed for a long time, reading the book, causing the muscles such as his legs to shrink, not only from the road, not only the way. If no one helps, it is difficult to stand up. Moreover, severe hypoxia conditions are sometimes halted by pulmonary heart disease.

On May 27, 1976, the Budo will then ask the request for Chairman Mao when he will leave China.

When Chairman Mao got reported, although I just had a sleeping pill, I still didn't hesitate to agree to arrange interview.

So, the 48-year-old Ali Hutcher, accompanied by the Prime Minister Hua Guofeng, please entered the study of Chairman Mao, Zhongnanhai.

In the first two years, Chairman Mao met with Brocus, which is once again meeting.

Chairman Mao is waiting in the study. Because he is standing and inconvenient, he can only sit on the sofa and the broth, handshake.

The owner of the guest is holding hands, Chairman Mao is slightly smiling, which is amiable. He whispered: "How are you?"

Broco quickly replied: "I am fine, thank you!"

Chairman Mao followed: "I am not good, the legs are not good, the speech is not good ...".

The Chairman Mao said: "The President has created great history, and you horing the struggle of the people's revolution."

Chairman Mao listened to the translation of the translation, immediately replied: "There is no more grades." ··· ···

Chairman Mao met with Prime Minister of the Philosophy, and about ten minutes before and so, he met a foreign guest in his last one.

Since then, the Chinese government has released an announcement and announced that "Chairman Mao Zedong will no longer appear in diplomatic occasions."

On September 9, 1976, Chairman Mao was unfortunately died.

At the mourning ceremony held in Pakistan, the Prime Minister Brocuate published a very high evaluation. He said: "The characters like Mao Zedong, in a century, perhaps only one thousand years, they occupied the stage, and wrote historical chapters with genius."

In 1977, Ali Hutou was overthrown in the military's coup. He was imprisoned and was arrested after release. In 1979, he was killed in 1979.

Premier Zhou met with Romanian guests

According to historical materials, after June 1975, due to the pain of cancer, Zhou Enlai Prime Minister's body is extremely thin, and the weight has dropped to less than 40 kg.

In September, in view of the dangerous condition caused by cancer bubble diffusion, the medical group had to stop Zhou Premier Zhou to participate in all foreign affairs activities, and the outdoor walk is not allowed.

But in September 7, Premier Zhou or the serious deterioration of the condition and the discouragement of medical personnel, insisting on meeting the meeting requirements of Romanian guests, decided to meet the Romanian party and government delegation led by Ilie Wildits in the 305 Hospital.

He wants to work to the party and the country's career to fulfill the promise of "鞠躬 瘁, dead and then".

This time I met the last foreign affairs activities of Zhou Enlai premiere, only four months and daytions from him.

On the web, you can see that this meeting has been written in detail at the time of a person who participated in the meeting.

According to a description: At 1 pm 7, when the foreign guest walked into the hospital hall, Premier Zhou has been waiting.

This is the practice of Premier Zhou. In the past, he met a foreign guest every time, he was a preliminary to meet the location to meet the guests.

Although he is seriously ill, he still maintains his consistent diplomatic etiquette and the character.

After shaking hands with the guests, Premier Zhou took a photo with the guests in the trainee hospital.

Premier Zhou once met foreign guests this time, it turned out for ten minutes, and it was actually extended to half an hour.

After landing, Premier Zhou once again conveyed greetings and recalling the good impression and experience of the previous visit to Romania.

When Elie Wildez concern asked Zhou Premier's condition, Premier Zhou said calmly and told the guests: "Marx's 'invitation', I have received it. This is nothing, this is not a human will Transferring natural law. "

Premier Zhou said: "Time is really fast. Just 10 years ago, I went to Bucharest to participate in the funeral ceremony of George Wu, the coat didn't worn, and I walked more than 4 hours. Now, I can tell You can't even walk for 4 minutes! "

At the end of the meeting, Premier Zhou firmly said to Wildez: "The Chinese Communist Party has been cultivated by half a century Mao Zedong thought, there are many talented and capable leaders. Now, the first deputy prime minister has completed responsibility coming."

Premier Zhou told guests, I can't work anymore. Comrade Deng Xiaoping will take the work of the State Council. Comrade Deng Xiaoping is very talented. You can fully believe that Comrade Deng Xiaoping will continue to implement China Party and the internal and external policy. ······

This special meeting, especially Premier Zhou, so that Romania is very moving.

Wildit said on the way back to the hotel: "Zhou Enlai is the great friend of the Romanian people! There are also many of his friends in Romania."

On January 8, 1976, Premier Zhou Dynasty, Romania leaders said when mourning: "Zhou Enlai's death is the huge losses of the Chinese people, and the huge loss of the people of the world!"

In November 1980, Elie Vilditz has carried out official friendly visits in China with the prime minister. In 1986, he was selected as the Chairman of the Central Inspection Committee of the Central Committee. When recalling the meeting of 1975 and Zhou Premier Meeting, I was deeply called "Is it in a very special situation, it is also a unforgettable situation. "", "Is very warm and exciting."

On December 20, 1975, Premier Zhou was about to talk about the person in charge of the central department on the sick waters. This is his last official activity before his life, which has entered the state of life.

Zhu De chairman met with Australian guests

After the death of Zhou Enlai, the Jude Chairman of the Year of the Year felt that the burden on him was heavier. He has said that Chairman Mao is not good, and it is not there. Now, I have to do my best to work hard. "

There is a historical description: 1976 sputter seconds, it is so precious for Zhu De.

Indeed, he seems to know that his time is not much, do not listen to the desperate work of advice.

From February 1976 to July, he died in the beginning of July, in 5 months, Zhu De met with foreign guests 18 times.

At 4:30 pm on June 21, 1976, Zhu De chairman met with Meets with Australian Prime Minister Freze. This is the last time he met a foreign guest.

This time in the Great Hall of the People, the original time was at two o'clock in the afternoon of the 21st, but because the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Florle, the temporary event changed, it met time to change the afternoon at 4:30.

However, the Chairman Zhu De Chair did not get a notice of time change, or in accordance with the original time came to the Great Hall of the People.

According to records, after this morning, Zhu De felt that the body was not very comfortable. The family advised him to rest, don't take the foreign affairs activities. Zhu De shook his head refused to say: "This is the work of the party, how can I not get rid of the body?"

He ate some medicine, and he rushed to the Great Hall of the People. Unexpectedly, because of the change of the time, it is cold in the hot room. 

When I met the foreign guest activities, I went home, Zhu De had a cough, accompanied by low fever. Doctor diagnosis is suffering from a cold.

On the evening of June 25, he had a diarrhea again. On the 26th, the condition was added to the hospital.

A few days later, Zhu De 's health was rapidly deteriorated. There are a variety of complications in early July, and it is very difficult to talk.

However, he didn't listen to the doctor's quiet rest, but it still called the secretary to give him the newspaper editorial on July 1, and read the newspaper and demanded documents. In order to let him take a break, I had to borrow tears. ···.

Zhu De lies in the hospital bed and intermittently said weakly: "I can still do things ... I have to work, revolution, ···."

But by July 5, he didn't even raise his hands.

On the afternoon of July 6, Zhu De Chair took an infinite attachment to the revolutionary cause, and closed his eyes forever.

The Australian Premier Chancellor Malcolm Fraser, who was finally met before his death, exited the polit of the polit of the 1983 election, died at the age of 84 in 2015.

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