Inventory of the Ten Classic Battle of the Liberation War: Su Yu occupies half a credit, but still have two regrets?

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Inventory of the Ten Classic Battle of the Liberation War: Su Yu occupies half a credit, but still have two regrets?

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If you ask what war can later Gods?

The answer must be a war of liberation.

In this somewhat helpless but had to fight the battle, many of the Communist Party of the generals I was throwing everything, just to concentrate on the founding of New China's fight.

That Ten classic battle of the war of liberation are what is it?

Why Su Yu occupy half the credit, but when losing the rank of Marshal of the final endowed?

Perhaps the reason these two points is the key!

Su Yu

Today's brief history archives just like to talk about the liberation of ten classic battle of the war, and why not endowed Su Yu Marshal.

First, the Soviet Union in the battle

This is a battle the first time in ten battles, time is July 13, 1946.

The cause of the battle, because after the Japanese surrender, Su Yu with Central China Field Army will return to the North, and the middle ground.

The move brought Chiang Kai-shek feel, the area near the northern Jiangsu Nanjing, huge threat.

So Chiang requirements Chairman Mao let the North, but see Chairman Mao's wild ambition Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Kai-shek and did not agree to the request.

So in order to compete in Northern Chiang Kai-shek, he launched a civil war tore signed by both parties before the "Double Ten Agreement."

Chiang Kai-shek

That being the case, there is no need to stay face!

The first step is to Su Yu ordered central China Field Army Division 1 and 6 divisions of troops, attack Li Moan stationed in Taixing declared Jiabao and the two groups of troops reorganized 83 division.

After the victory, Su Yu was the second step plan, ordered Tao Yong, Wang Bicheng army east, southeast ambush in Rugao, annihilated Li Moan 49 division.

Two games straight sets, Su Yu win!

The third step, Su Yu ordered the Central China Field Army main force hidden in the MSC, so that the vertical pipe 7 with 3,000 people lured Man Wai Li Moan attack.

Falsehoods, although Su Yu Hai gave up, but the fight Li Moan exhausted.

The fourth step, Su Yu found a group near Fort Lee only reorganized 65 division 105 brigade, shortage of troops, the transfer of confusion.

Li Moan

So Su Yu ordered the main attack, direct annihilation Li Moan 9000, Fort Lee won the victory.

The fifth step, take the initiative to enter the Nantong Su Yu, attack small weir and Hayashi between Rugao, Nantong and, after a day and night of fierce fighting, Su Yu won two city.

The sixth step, Su Yu has fought a skirmish in Huangqiao, surrounded success Huangqiao to shaobo direction of reinforcements, although temporarily Huangqiao did not win.

But as the seventh step shaobo stalemate, Su Yu Tao Yong decided to deploy a brigade major offensive to Huangqiao Huangqiao subsequently won.

Then there's Shaobo Huang Baitao caught Dunzou, Shaobo's Battle also come to an end.

Huang Baitao

Seven seven Jie, Su Yu played a military textbook level of myth!

Second, Laiwu campaign

This is a battle of the second battle of the top ten time, time is February 1947.

Laiwu battle took place after the battle Lunan, in order to restore the reputation of Chiang Kai-shek, began a new "battle" plan.

At this time, central and mountain through hardships finally officially merged together, unified the preparation and designation.

So even if Chiang Kai-shek to initiate a battle, Su Yu also relieved a lot, after all Earlier, Su Yu often because of shortage of troops and bothered.

Then, Chiang Kai-shek assembled 310,000 people came to East battlefield, divided into two.

Li Hsien-chou

Road is the European earthquake with eight reorganized divisions, Li Hsien-chou North is in command of three army were attacking from the south Jiaoji line.

To address the situation, Su Yu with the consent of Chairman Mao, Linyi abandoned in favor of secret north Laiwu, Li Hsien-chou wiped out.

Linyi give up, a time to let Chiang Kai-shek and Chen Cheng excited, after all, the important role of Linyi, the Communist Party and the Kuomintang are well aware.

Su Yu took advantage of the military can not extricate themselves mired in Linyi rejoicing, with China quietly wild north, came to Laiwu ambush.

In Li Hsien-chou timid, advance and retreat before and I do not know when, Su Yu directly ordered the main attack, coupled with the Han excel coordinate directly to Li Hsien-chou clean sweep.

Han excel

Laiwu campaign will win the victory!

Third, Southwest Battle

It was a battle of the top ten battle the third time, the time is June 30, 1947.

Southwest campaign is proud of Liu and Deng two heads, one breath destroy the military four divisions, so as Southwest is very exciting battle.

The battle is after Liu and Deng forced the Yellow River, Dabie Mountain Jingdianzhizhan.

On the Shanxi battlefield, the enemy attempted to use the Yellow River natural barrier to prevent Liu and Deng south, but the enemy's main defense forces, reorganized only the fourth pacification zone commander Liu Ruming Ministry of 55,68 division, as well as local security teams, etc. Wait.

Deng Xiaoping, Liu

So Liu and Deng seize this weakness, and immediately forced the Yellow River, and decided to wipe out the enemy in the Southwest region, and then to the Dabie Mountains attack.

Followed by Liu and Deng Qiu Yanggu, Shandong Province, east from the town, to the north of Heze in Shandong Province to set Pu eight lots to break the defense of the Yellow River, Liu Ruming direct attack.

Liu Ruming anxious, hurriedly retreated Heze, Gu Zhutong hastily transferred to three other places in North reorganized divisions from reinforcements.

Then Liu Ruming attempt to Yuncheng as bait to attract Liu and Deng came to the city, and then annihilated.

But Liu and Deng already saw Liu Ruming intentions, direct and defeated the enemy defense line, because then the enemy hesitate lead to three divisions spread out.

Liu Ruming

Two heads of Liu Deng directly pursued, and they directly eaten enemy troops directly in Juye, Yangshan episodes, and opened the southward gate, and obtained the victory of the Southwest of Lu. Fourth, Yichuan Battle

This is a battle in the fourth battle in the Top Ten Battle, and time is February 29, 1948.

In general, the Battle of Chuan is the longest battle in the top ten battles.

Because Peng Dehuai took the northwestern wildfringent battle for nearly a year of hard defense, it finally found the opportunity to transfer to the outsideline.

At the beginning of 1948, Peng Dehuai has developed from the Northwest Water Army to 75,000, so according to the central requirements, transfer to the outsideline, threatening Xi'an, and annihilated Hu Zongnan main force.

Hu Zongnan

Subsequently, Peng Dehu took the Northwest Water Army to carry out nearly 30,000 people of the Kuomintang army, smash Hu Zongnan Group to prevent the Northwest Water Army from attempting to attempt.

In addition, it is strongly possible to fight the battle of the Central Plains War.

Subsequently, Peng Dehuai completed the surrounding of Yichuan. Under the tactics of the Besieged City, Peng Dehuai successfully destroyed the national army 29 army, killed the military commander Liu Wei.

Just 3, 4 days, Peng Dehuai built Yichuan, the Northwestern Field Army transferred from the civil war against the outside.

It can be said that although the preparation time is longer, Peng Lao's commander is fatal, making Yichuan's battle in the classic!

Peng Dehuai

Fifth, Jinzhong Battle

This is a battle in the fifth of the top ten battles, and time is June 11, 1948.

Jinzhong Battle is a top ten classics, because Jinzhong Campaign is from all aspects of mass, speed war, and annihilation, and is a model of liberation war.

Before the Battle of Jinzhong opened, Chairman Mao worked very worried about the success or failure of Jinzhong Campaign.

However, when I was in the past, Xu Xiang forwarded to let Chairman Mao assured, and patted his chest, saying that Yan Xishan is not big, he is fully able to master.

Xu forward

Xu went forward and also gave Chairman Mao very confident.

Sure enough, although Xu went to the body, he still conducted the troops, completed the most amazing battle in the history of war:

Xu is in front of the 100,000 people with 600,000 people in Yan Xishan.

And there are Japanese army in the troops in Yan Xishan, mostly the fine troops, it is very difficult to deal with.

On the past, the 60,000 troops are mostly ordinary soldiers, and even some soldiers have no combat literacy, but Xu is still insisted on "training in the battle" and ate the difficult bones of Yan Xishan.

Two of them were tiger from the mountains, making the two members of Yan Xishan, and the commander of the Wild Wars Army and the deputy commander of the Wild Wars Army sigh.

Yan Xishan

The victory of Jinzhong Battle has made Chairman Mao praised Xu Xiang's military command art.

It can be said that the difficulty of Jinzhong Battle is very big!

Sixth, Yudong Battle

This is a battle in the sixth day of the top ten battles, and time is June 17, 1948.

Yudong Battle, can be said to have proved that Su Yu and Chairman Mao smartly and unpretched!

At first, the central government hopes that Su Yu can come from Yangjiang South, but after more than a month, Su Yu is still in the Central Plains.

Chairman Mao

To this end, Su Yu specially reported to Chairman Mao, and Chairman Mao gave up the original plan and agreed to Su Yu.

Subsequently, Su Yu put the goal in the body of the 5th army of Qiu Qingquan.

But because the terrain and the situation are unfavorable, we are unfavorable, so Su Yu boldly abandon the original plan and turn to the opening of the offense.

After the opening of the opening, Chiang Kai-shek hurriedly let Qiu Qingquan and Liu Yuming will repose the opening.

So Su Yu is boldly abandoned, moved towards the direction of the track, and lure Qiu Qingquan main pursuit.

However, it is not necessary to attack Qiu Qingquan, and the ultimate goal of Su Yu is replaced by the annihilation of the annihilation.

Sure enough, the National Army did not expect Su Yu's plan to make multiple changes.

Qiu Qingquan

The last area is captured, and Qiu Qingquan is also lost, and the Yudong Battle will win.

It can be said that the East Campaign is the first time that the Kuomintang truly felt the actual gap with our army.

Seventh, Jinan Battle

This is a battle in the seventh battle in the top ten battles, and time is September 16, 1948.

Regarding this battle, Chairman Mao once said:

"Jinan battle is so fast, thoroughly, the world is afraid that only two people can't think of it, one is my Mao Zedong, one is Chiang Kai-shek."

The victory of Jinan Battle is not only the prelude of the three battles, but also the most obvious war of the gap between the people!

Xu Shiyou

Before the start of Jinan Battle, Su Yu is a general command, Xu Shiyou serves as the commanding command.

And Su Yu is changed, boldly resists 56% of the force, only 44% of the troops to attack the city, so unique deployment also makes the enemy step.

Nowadays, Su Yu is a determination to give up Wang Yaowu.

In fact, before the Jinan battle beat, Wang Yaowu thought about giving up Jinan, although Jinan's strategic status is very important, Wang Yaowu is very self-known.

At this moment, Wang Yaowu's total force has only 10 million, there are some local troops, and there is no combat power, and the Communist Party is abundant, the force is full, and the stand is full.

Wang Yaowu

So Wang Yaowu came to Nanjing to see Chiang Kai-shek, I hope to give up Jinan and withdraw Xuzhou.

However, Chiang Kai-shek is very unwilling, and also reprimanded Wang Yaowu must hold Jinan and threatened that he will send a reinforcement.

And Su Yu saw it:

Wang Yaowu has no heart, and the siege troops can be less, and the reinforcement force must have a lot, so Su Yu will focus on the impact. This is also the case, Xu Shiyou led the siege troops, boldly double-line, and changed the initial tactics, directly broke Jinan in just a few days.

And Su Yu stopped the reinforcement, let Huang Baiwei and others can only look at it, but there is no way.

Su Yu

The victory of Jinan Battle can be described in brilliant!

Eighth, Liaoshen Battle

This is a battle in the eighth time in the top ten battles, and time is September 12, 1948.

In fact, the launch of the Battle of Liaoshen is more than the Jinan Battle, but the martial arts is long, which is deeply affected by the Jinan Battle, so the eighth.

On September 12, 1948, Lin Biao and Luo Rongzhen took the initiative to attack the Northeast Field Army, Liankhangli, Xingcheng, Yixian and other places, the national army was also divided in Jinzhou, Jinxi and Mountain Customs.

Luo Rongzhen

Then Liao Yaoxiang is ordered to help Jinzhou, but it was blocked in half, so the Northeast Field Army launched Jinzhou, successfully overcome.

Then Lin Biao also shifted Changchun, Changchun's commander of Zheng Guore and all the uprising, reducing unnecessary battles.

Subsequently, the Northeast Wildever in Montenegro and Dahu Mountain, surrounded the 9th army, after guilty, successfully captured Liao Yaoxiang, then liberated Shenyang.

And this, there is also a lot of merits of Wei Li, after all, block Liao Yaoxiang, do not add other fortune, Wei Lihuang is also a great effort.

Of course, this is because Wei Li has been secretly secretly secretly in the beginning of the Liaoshen battle!

Wei Lihuang

Liao Shen Battle, liberated the northeast.

Ninth, Huaihai Battle

This is a battle in the ninth of the top ten battles, and time is November 6, 1948.

It is not exaggerated that Huaihai Battle can be said to be the most classic battle in the top ten battles, no one, this campaign is enough to write into textbooks.

Because the Huaihai Battle is completely on the side of the offensive strategy.

Huaihai Battle is divided into three phases, but I didn't know when I was just walking with a step.

Liu Wei

The first step is to annihilate Huang Baodao Corps.

When Huang Baizhen was evacuated, because the boss Liu Wei's troops were waiting for two days, it was in these two days, directly let Su Yu catch up with Hua Ye, then Huang Baizhen died!

The second step is to annihilate Huang Wei Cun.

After Liu Deng biting the Huang Wei Corps, Liu Deng did not eat the Huang Wei Team, so Su Yu sent Chen Shi, with the three intenses of the force to reinforce Liu Deng Dachun, then the yellowville was captured under multiple pressures.

Huang Wei

The third step is to annihilate the Du Ming Ming.

In fact, in fact, Su Yu wants to adopt political offensive to attack Du Ming, but in Chiang Kai-shek's power, Du Yuming can only choose breakout, so Su Yu has only fully engaged, and I won the Du Mingming.

The details are not much described, but the meaning of the Huaihai battle victory is much more recognized.

After the end of the Huaihai Battle, Chairman Mao also sent himself:

"A pot of jagged rice, hard is to eat by you, and Su Yu is the representative of the Huaihai Battle this pot."

Du Yu Ming

Tenth, the battle of Pingjin

This is a tenth battle in the Top Ten Battle, time is November 29, 1948.

This battle is the last battle of the top ten classic battles in the War of Liberation, and it is also the work of Guanshan, three battles!

In this battle, Lin Biao led the Northeast Field Army and the North China Military Region to surround Fu Zuoyi in Beiping, Tianjin, Zhangjiakou and other regions.

In fact, in general, Fu Weiyi is not too difficult to play, and even say that Fu Zang did not make strong resistance.

Fortunately, the last casualty is compared to other war, it is not particularly tragic.

Fu Zoo

After 64 days, Lin Biao, Luo Rongzhen, Nie Rongzhen, Liu Yawou directed approximately 1 million troops, etc., and directly liberated North Ping, Tianjin and other North China.

Of course, this is less than Fu Xiangyi's deep priority and his daughter Fu Dongju's discourse, otherwise, Beiping is not so fast to liberate.

As a battle of closing, it is possible to be a peaceful solution, and there is not much casualties. It is already a very good ending!

It is also from this moment, the Chinese nation has written a new history chapter!

Throughout the Ten Classic Battle of the Liberation War:

Peng Dehuai, Lin Biao, Luo Rongzhen, Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping, Xu Xiang, Chen Yi, Su Yu ... Waiting for the main commander, it has paid unparalleled hard efforts!

Su Yu, Chen Yi

I believe that everyone also seen a little, that is, in the top ten battles, Su Yu excluses its five!

And this is not counting the same wonderful Meng Liangzhen, Lu'an Battle and the Battle of the North North.

So I believe that many people have a little doubts:

Why did Su Yu succeeded excellence in the Liberation War, but did not become a marshal?

At the same time, I believe that everyone has heard of a story, that is, before the rank in 1955, Chairman Mao once hoped that Su Yu was a master, but Su Yuqian deficiency, did not agree.

In fact, this wonderful story may just be created by friends who like Su Yu.

In fact, there is no historical record in history, and Chairman Mao hopes that Su Yu is asked by Marshal.

Chairman Mao

In fact, the Su Yu's war is excellence, why didn't it become a marshal? There are two points!

The first point is that the Queen 's Qualifications are not enough; the second point is not enough for the anti-Japanese period.

In fact, after adaptation from the Eighth Route Army, the status of the top ten Marshals in my country can see that the list of the top ten Marshal is almost coming.

Su Yu family

In the Red Army period, Su Yu was just the soldiers under Ye Tao, temporarily sold in an anti-Japanese period, although with the New Fourth Army, it also played a wonderful war such as Gaoyou Campaign.

But compare other marshal, Su Yushason.

But God is beautiful, in the Liberation War, give us a god of the Chinese people from the sky!

In the Liberation War, Su Yu broke out all strengths and command art. All the battles, the strategies, are all amazing people.

Lin Biao

Even Lin Biao also praised Su Yu:

"Take the god!"

Although Su Yu did not become a master of marsh because of the qualifications, I believe that Su Yu didn't care, but the military wealth to the later generation is the most important thing!

I hope everyone should not forget, in addition to the generals in the top ten battles, there are many a lot of generals and brave warriors, without their frontline fight, pointing to the sand field, and there will be later new China!

It is easy to stand up, but it is difficult to stand up.

Have these revolutionary predecessors, is our blessing, is China's blessings!