There is no a lot of war in history, there is no big war, and there are also a few people.

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There is no a lot of war in history, there is no big war, and there are also a few people.

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The Romance of the Three Kingdoms played the role of "publicity" during the Three Kingdoms, and the future generations learned the three countries during the three countries. In history, the Three Kingdoms period is a big split period, but only the situation at the time is three-legged. It is worth mentioning that many princes have appeared in the last year of the Eastern Han Dynasty, but they are settled one by one.

After the war of Chibi, a three-sufficient situation was formed. Since then, Wei Shun Wu has begun to hegemony. No matter which kind of vassal state, I want to be a world world. In the Three Kingdoms, there were three major battles, which were the Battle of Chibi, the war of the Yiling and Guandu. The three war has a fundamental impact on the situation in the Three Kingdoms.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, there have been a lot of exciting description, so the description of the novel is very exciting. Many descriptions are to make people still remember. For example, the battle of Changtongpo in the novel. The battle of Changpico in the novel countless, in this war, the Mrs. Hua and Liu Zen were hiered by Cao Jun, and the Mrs. Yu took himself.

Liu Zen was saved by Zhao Yun, and after Xia Houjie was scared by Zhang Fei, and the horse was dead. That is to say, in the novel, the ending of the long-slung battle is miserable, most of the generals are injured or killed in this war. So, in the real history, what is the battle of Changtongpo? In September, Jian'an, September, Cao Cao, Nan Zheng.

In the face of Cao Cao's coming, I thought I would have a war. As a result, Jingzhou Mu Liu Yu has more than 10,000, and she has chosen nothing. Liu Wei is the son of Liu Tuo. After Liu Yu surrendered, he did not choose to tell Liu Bei. Liu Bei does not know about this. Later, Liu Bei learned that Liu Wei did not fight, so he chose to escape.

It can be said that Liu Bei has brought people to ran, and Liu Bei has ran to Jiangling. Even after arriving at the Jiangling, Liu Bei is still a balance. At this time, Cao Cao and Liu Bei have been gone many years. At this time, Cao Cao began to pursue Liu Bei. Not only that, Cao Cao led the tiger leopard ride in the world. You know, the tiger leopard ride is almost the battle.

In the face of Cao Cao's tiger leopard, Liu Bei must be stunned. After all, Tiger Leopard is the fastest troops in the Three Kingdoms. Their combat power is comparable to "trapping", "Bai Ma Yi from", "Bai Ma Yi", "Bai Mai", "Bai Yu", "White Soldiers", etc. Nowadays, after Liu Bei fled, Cao Cao began to play up. According to reason, there is no mechanical equipment when ancient times.

In such cases, Cao Cao's march will not be too fast, even if Liu Bei is chasing in the capital, the speed will not be too fast. Even people can do not rest, but horses are not. But I can't think of it, Liu Bei has raised Cao Cao's determination. Cao Cao is a day and night, three hundred miles over a day, and the results are chasing Liu Bei.

Cao Cao chased the place of Liu Bei was the long slope. It is worth mentioning that in history, there is a horse in the Han Dynasty. More importantly, the emergence of Ma Hao has changed the situation of war. The reason why the Xiongnu defeated the Huns during the Western Han Dynasty, because the soldiers in the battlefield have the equipment against the Huns.

Liu Bei saw the tiger leopard ride, it must be stunned. Liu Bei saw the tiger leopard ride, but Cao Cao won't go. At that time, Cao Cao saw the people who led Liu Bei, as well as the family and others, and add tens of thousands of people. It is even more powerful that Liu Bei is not only a people, and there are thousands of heavy cars and hundreds of thousands of livestock.

How did this Cao Cao at the time? In the face of such a situation, even the tiger leopard ride is powerless. Cao Cao had to touch the fish. For a time, Liu Bei fled the team. Since then, Liu Bei can't be war. At that time, the situation was a mess, and the military and civilian were not divided. At the critical moment, Zhang Fei retired the tiger leopard ride. Thereafter, there was a matter of Zhao Yun saved Liu Zen.

It is worth mentioning that Zhao Yun saved Liu Zen did not have seven into seven. Zhao Yun was able to escape from the siege of Tiger Leopard, and also with Liu Zen and a beautiful woman. Now it seems that Zhao Yun's combat power must be unquestionable. According to the situation at the time, Cao Cao and Liu Bei did not have a war. When the people led by Liu Bei, the military and civilian did not have to be distinguished.

In this case, even the tiger leopard ride is also clear, it is the enemy of the LII's people or Liu Bei. In this battle, Zhang Fei's strength appeared. Zhang Fei took a tiger leopard ride, which made Zhao Yun at the time had the opportunity to rescue Liu Zen. In other words, the enemy of Zhang Fei is not blown out, but there is a regular history.