Hong Kong Radio has been destroyed, Zhou Enlai has prepared "prostitute", and the Kuomintang decipherous expert: it's too difficult

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Hong Kong Radio has been destroyed, Zhou Enlai has prepared "prostitute", and the Kuomintang decipherous expert: it's too difficult

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In 1928, after the failure of the CPC, the CPC Central Committee had to fully transfer to the underground work. If you continue to work in Shanghai, concealment becomes the top priority, how to better conceal, master radio communication technology is undoubtedly important.

On June 18, 1928, Zhou Enlai proposed to introduce the Soviet radio technology in Moscow, and received the support of the Communist International. To this end, Zhou Enlai selected 6 people such as Mao Zhi, participated in the international radio training class, and learning radio communication. technology.

Shortly after starting hours, Zhou Enlai personally visited Chinese students who studied radio and told them: "You have to study, domestic urgently need radio communications talents."

After returning to China, Zhou Enlai, who presided over the Central Special Work, immediately carried out the related work of radio station communication, and we all set up a total of 3 books in China in November 1927.

General Breakfast (1) is responsible for setting up agency, layout, etc.; Information Science (Second Section) is responsible for collecting information, establishing intelligence networks, category is Chen Wei; defending department (three) is responsible for defending the agency, suppressing traitors.

In fact, since then, the Central Specials has the fourth subject. That is in October 1928, Zhou Enlai established the radio communication department, appointed Li Qiang as the fourth Academic Chief, which visited the radio communication.

Under the conditions of the time, you want to build a secret radio communication channel, how easy it is easy, and there is a lack of technology, two lack of equipment.

Zhou Enlai sent Zhang Shenchuan to entered the Radiocity School established by the Kuomintang, learning radio skills, after learning in May 1929, staying in the school to continue learning, during which the secret code is secretly acquired.

At the same time, under the leadership of Zhou Enlai, the Central Special Central Committee began to make its own transceiver. After a long effort, by December 1929, the CCP established a radio station in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and developed Phase support reporter, debugging, January 1930, Shanghai Radio and Hong Kong Radio successfully realized radio communication.

This is the first time the CCP used the radio password, which is very important. According to Zhang Chuanchuan, the password used in Shanghai and Hong Kong was preparatory, quite complex.

However, after this communication, the CPC Hong Kong Radio is quickly cracked by the Hong Kong authorities.

So, why is Zhang Chuan's password being gently deciphered? This is to say a brief history of radio development in my country.

China's earliest telegraph system has been formed in 1871, in order to adapt to imperialism's aggression against China, on June 3, 1871, Danish Dabei Telecommunications Company has supported the telegraph water line from Japan with the support of the Sand Russian government. Shanghai, set up telegram offices, and began notification.

The income of telegraph technology, very quickly received in Shanghai's welcoming businessman, but at that time, the telegram was an emblem. It was a Morse code. It only corresponds to Latin letters and Arabic numbers, and there is no Chinese characters. .

However, this is in China. For most Chinese, there is no Chinese character, it is impossible to use, and it is not convenient for some foreigners to transfer China's information.

In such cases, Waquity, Waquity, French diplomat, in China selected 6899 Chinese characters, and arranged in the first order of the "Kangxi Dictionary" by a four-digit corresponding to a Chinese word, invented the first part. Chinese Code "Telegraph New Book".

Later, Zheng Guan, who studied Chinese and Western scholars, was prepared "Telegraph" on the basis of the "Telegraph New Book", which is more in line with the needs of the Chinese people, more grounding, and then gradually become China's traffic code (明) blue. .

During the During the Kuomintang, the departments are also based on the use of the telegraph, which is also based on the basic codebook that only the transformation of the transit is held.

On the preparation of the password, it is basically a method of reference to the clear code, using four digits to correspond to Chinese characters, and the difference from the codes is only in the order of order.

For example, the number corresponding to the "I" word is "1234", "in" The number corresponding to the word is "2345", "Waiting", the number corresponding to "3456", "You" word correspondence is "4567".

If you give electricity, you want to express "I am waiting for you", then "1234-2345-3456-4567" such a set of numbers, people who receive the electric code are translated according to the corresponding numbers, "I am Waiting for you "these four words.

The advantage of this cryptographic system is that it is simple to prepare, which is also convenient to use, and it is the most widely used.

However, such a password has a fatal disadvantage that it is to pass the message with a fixed number to pass the message.

Once the enemy cracked some Chinese characters in the password, then the password of the telegram is easily deciphering by analyzing the telegram content, thereby completing the interpretation of the telegram.

In 1895, when the War of Japan, Japan has been decipherted by this approach to the password used by the Qing Dynasty, and the Embassy in Japan and the domestic secrets of China.

Later, Li Hongzhang was decipherted with domestic telegraphs during the Japanese negotiation. Although Li Hongzhang was responsible for negotiating, but in fact, there was no decision, and everything would be requested to the Qing court. As a result, all the price codes opened by the Qing court were informed by Japan. . Then, Japan fully occupies the initiative in the negotiation, completely taken Li Hongzhang's mentality, and every time you try the bottom line of the government, you will gain a big victory in the negotiation.

It should be said that this is a failed negotiation that is generated by the telegraph password, and the lessons are not necessarily not possible.

However, after the Qing Dynasty was overturned, it was entered to the Northern Warlord March, but no one attaches great importance to the compass.

The reason, the warridges are all political polls, the rule is short, so they have not established their own cryptographic systems. Even after the National Government completed the formal unity, it is only keen to build their own password deciphering team. Ignore the cryptographic technology.

Zhang Shuichuan is a technology studying in the Kuomintang Radiocity School. He prepared the password has not been separated from the prior electrical technology. use.

It should be said that this radio password has no substantial changes with the traditional codes, and then with the experience of the struggle for radio staff, it has been cracked in the radio set up in Hong Kong.

The so-called, eating a meal, a long time, after this lesson, the CCP has more focused on the preparation of a new set of radio passwords.

In fact, because the revolutionary struggle at the time is too sinister, once the telegram password is decipherous, the ushered possibly the disaster in the top.

On the other hand, with the development of the land revolution, the armed struggle in all parts of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, when the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was in Shanghai, urgent need to contact all over the Soviet area, without radio communication, it is relying on traffic donor to carry a method of writing letters To communicate information.

However, the traffic lines from the central Soviet Union to the Shanghai Party Central Committee are not so rapid, and it is often necessary to arrive for a long time. There is a serious deficiencies in security and efficiency.

Even if the short-distance communication between the Red Army can only pass the marks, flag, fireworks, etc., need to be passed on.

This backward communication method is increasingly difficult to adapt to the development of revolutionary struggle. Soon after the Hong Kong Radio, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China reported this traditional communication method on October 6, 1930: "In military Too convenient, too much delay. "

Therefore, whether the Party Central Committee and the Soviet Union are also urgently needed to establish their own radio communication networks in the Soviet Union's troops.

In such a case, Holding Zhou Enlai of the Central Special Work, in the busy work, started the Communist Party's radio communication business.

In terms of compiled passwords, Zhou Enlai submitted the code, summoned the total collective wisdom, personally, finally prepared a password, and the first senior password of the CCP, because Zhou Enlai is "Wuhao", this password It is called "prostitute".

This package system provides reliable security for the core confidential safety of the Chinese Communist Party and its leadership in the Revolutionary War.

However, after the password, the Central Soviet area lacks the radio, on December 30, 1930, the red one army has achieved Longgang Brigad, seized a radio station of the National Party Army, and captured their wireless class, however Since the Red Army warrior was too angry, I didn't know the meaning of the radio. I think it can give the enemy "ventilation", and put the radio.

Later, I learned that this is a radio station, so I sent this damaged radio to the Red Hyun Military Command Station.

Mao Zedong, Zhu Deyu command: "In the future, there will be things that have been paid in the battlefield. If you don't know how you can't destroy, you must pay close to the ground."

On January 3, 1931, the Red First Army seized a radio station in the Dongzhao battle. After learning the Red Army in the Central Soviet Union, Zhou Enlai immediately learned the Radiocombo communication technology, Zeng three, etc. When people go to the Central Soviet area, they have begun to establish a radio communication between the Party Central Committee and the Central Soviet Union.

However, since the radio power in the central Soviet area is not enough, this action failed to succeed.

Despite this, Mao Zedong and Zhu De are very valued for this "one semi-radio", and just participated in the Red Army, Liu Wei and other radiotes received the enthusiasm of Mao Zedong and Zhu De.

Mao Zedong encouraged them to say: "Welcome to the Red Army, radio is still a new technology, you have learned this door, it is very difficult ... You have to use these techniques for workers, farmers, I hope you will be well sold Establish a wireless communication effort. "

On January 6, after Wang Wei and Liu Yu inspected the machine, successfully used the hand-shake generator to generate electricity, turn on the power, the radio received the news from the Kuomintang Central Agency, this is the Red Army first using radio to receive news, marking the Red Army The birth of a radio reconnaissance station.

In March that year, the central government decided to serve the Secretary of the Central Organization Ren.

When Ren Yun, I passed the arrangement of Central Special Traffic Science, first took the ship to Hong Kong, then turned to Shantou, and then changed the small bus to Tai Po, then entered the Zhizu District, arrived in Ningdu Qingtang, from Mid-April. It can be seen that the traffic is difficult. In order to protect the "prosthetic", put your own makeup into a pastor, then put "prostitute" into the Bible, and finally send "prostitute" to the Central Soviet area, and the Red Army is in the process of fighting the Kuomintang military. A radio was seized, and this radio power is up to 100 watts.

Soon, the Central Soviet area uses this password and high-power radio and the central government set in Shanghai, and has established a radio communication link between two locations.

The first telegram issued by the Central Soviet area is to use "prostitute". The content is "safe arrival in the Safe". After receiving the electric code, the CPC Shanghai Radio received the electric code, Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao translated, "Pride" officially started And gradually promote to the whole party and the whole army.

Soon, the content of the main telegraphs of the leadership and communication contacts are available in the radio contacts between leaderships and command organs at all levels.

In response to Zhou Enlai, "Promotion", Chiang Kai-shek has ordered to decipheriate experts within the Kuomintang: I have to decide "prostinal" at any price.

If you can decipher the "primate", it means that the party Central Committee and the Red Army are completely under the monitoring of the Kuomintang army.

There will be a brave man, and it is known as the Huang Sera of the Kuomintang password decipherous expert. After the brain juice, it has not been cracked. After the liver and brain, it can only be said: "(密) translation The completion of the completion of the complex method, and hundreds of tens of times will change the size of the secret in the form. "

Although the Huang Ji said very academic, the core content is a little: "Promine" is too difficult, he is not deciphered at all.

In fact, it is not difficult for those who use "prosthetic". Zhou Enlai teaches Mrs. Chen Yingying when I church.

70 years have passed, Chen Ying recalls "密", still remembering still, she said: "Because Zhou Enlai's clever talents, he compiled the password, but it is very difficult to decipher. For a long time, the Kuomintang There is no way to break, until today, our password is still in the core part of 'prostinal', in other words, time has been in the past for more than 70 years, it is still not exhausted. "

It should be said that the password is the core part of the machine to communicate. It has always been the key to radio technology reconnaissance and confidential struggle. From this perspective, there is no password that can't be deciphered, but "prostitute" has not been cracking for many years. It can continue to use, have to say a miracle of concealed front struggle.

So, how is "a prostitute" to run, and the Deciphering expert of the Kuomintang has not broken?

In the password decipherment, there is a common rule of decipherment. It is looking for repetition. When it is not possible to decipher, the partition is collected together, and then look for the law through repeated code.

And once a secret "prosthet" is not repeated, I have said that the Tong Xiaopeng, who has been engaged in the opportunity to work around Zhou Enlai, said: "Our password is the earliest of Zhou Enlai invented, called a prostitute The password we use is not repeated. "

The interpretation of Luo Qing, who has a long-term participation of intelligence opportunities for the concealed front, is: "Zhou Enlai invented the password, there is mathematics inside. The password is mathematics and text."

Why can "prostinal" do not repeat? What is Luo Qing's "Mathematics"?

When I started, "prostitute" is just a simple password, which is the password used after the Central Soviet area, which is a "bottom" plus "chaotic" password.

Simply understand, this is like some of the payment tools, in addition to the payment password, in addition to payment password, there is a "verification code" sent by SMS, although the payment password is fixed, but the verification code is immediately. The two passwords play at the same time, it is successful.

Of course, "prostitute" must be complicated. Specifically, the so-called "bottom" is similar to the same single table instead of the following, and "chaos" is a table, a number of randomized numbers.

Then add the "algorithm" as "add-off method" to encrypt, it is impossible to decrypt.

For an alteration, join the previous we example "I am waiting for you"'s electric code is "1234-2345-3456-4567", if there is a set of garbled "9876-8765-7654-6543", after the addition, When it is sent, it is "0000-0000-0000-0000".

The rules of the Kuomintang's decipherment saw a bunch of "0", it is estimated that the brain is bombed, who has seen such an electric code?

The principle of the code before the prime minus is the same word. "1234" is the "I", and after "prostitute", you don't crack the garbled, even if you crack the garbled, you don't know how the algorithm is. Doing adding or subtracting, this is always changed, and later, "garbled" is also replaced.

Therefore, even if the Kuomintang is hard to cracize "bottom", no matter how it is not "chaotic", it is even more than what is "algorithm".

I don't give you the opportunity to check "1234", simply "prostitute" does not give the opponent's opportunity to analyze, so "prostitute" is never repeated.This is the magic of "prostitute", Zhou Enlai created this password system to play a special role in the victory of the Chinese revolution, making the Chinese Communist Participation in the fight against the enemy's radio struggle, and until the Liberation War, the KuomintangExperts did not decipher "prosthetics".