Find a unreliable lover, can you have more miserable?

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Find a unreliable lover, can you have more miserable?

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Zhao Wei


In 137 BC, Wang Zhao, who is south, and his grandson Zhao Wei directly.

Does Zhao Wei have no son?

Of course, there is a grandson who has no son.

Because Zhao Wei is too alive, I live 103 years old. His son Zhao Zhong is still angry, first go to respect.

Before Zhao Yu, struggling to tell Zhao Wei's grandson:

[There is no rudeness of the day. 】

The emperor who said in Zhao Wei is the Han Wudi Liu Che.

Zhao Wei nodded: I know, the emperor of the Han Dynasty is my big brother, there is something to find big brother.


Zhao Wei, this person, the character is a bit weak, which is the kind of it looks well.

In 135 BC, the seats under Zhao Yu ass have no warmth, and the neighbors of the King Zou Zou came to harass him.

Zhao Wei has a bit panic, hurry to Liu Che, the big brother, South Yue and Yutao are your younger brother, now Lao Zou came to me, you manage it.

Liu Huan saw the report was very touched: Xiao Zhao's baby, there is a big brother in my heart, I have to manage.

So I sent Wang Hui and Han An Guo Docked two ways to Zhao Zai Station.

I haven't waited for it to the place, and the harmonious in the country is in the country.

Wang Qi and Han An Guo's public fee tour, and the beauty returned.


But the Emperor of Han Dynasty, Liu Che, didn't want to count this.

Han Wudi

Liu Chuan suddenly wanted to intervene in the south, so it's hard to have this excuse, whitelo was wasted?

I sent people to Zhao Yu Chuan: Brother, you see the big brother to help you so big, you don't say it, please ask your brother, drink a sake?

The big brother has a message, go.

Zhao Wei's luggage is all installed, and the minister of the hand stopped him: You want to clearly, can you come back?

Zhao Wei thinks too, happily, don't let me deduct me?

But the big brother is talking, don't you reply? Isn't that a big brother?

After the delay, Zhao Wei decided to let Prince Zhao Yingqi -

I am not suitable for my body, let Prince represent me, thank you, big brother, don't blame.

Zhao Yingqi is Zhao Wei's eldest son.

Zhao Ying is also clear in his heart, it is possible to go back.

Can you still do it?


One is a boring, a big brother, these two people can't help.


When I arrived in Chang'an, Zhao Yingqi found that things were not as pessimistic.

Liu Che did not do what made him feel unacceptable, but he made him a good job.

Don't think that Sutu is the police officer of the emperor, can there be a scorpion to show off?

To be honest, this work is really not who wants to do it.

Lao Liu's Liu Fei is Jiangdu, who once cried and asked to pick up his title, just in order to want to be a Sudu.

Later, there was another Yan Wang Liu Dan, and also reported to Liu Chiang to give up the place to Changan to be a sugar, and did not achieve it.

You think about it, Zhao Yingqi as a hostage, when the Su Wei, Liu He is more rare.

For a long time, Liu Han felt a bit sorry. This good friend from the south.

People are also young people, have children, have children, because of their own words, alone is staying in Chang'an.

Is it not lonely? Don't you need a person to comfort?

Thinking of this, Liu Chee decided to give his own brothers to find a daughter-in-law.

As for my wife children, wait, who knows that he can still go back in this life?

Soon, I found a girl who surnamed (Jiu).

I don't know if this girl is Liu She selection, or Zhao Yingqi looks at him, but there is a very real problem that this girl has a boyfriend.


The boyfriend, a boyfriend, called Anguo, after the name.

On the ancestors of the Yang Season of the Anguo, it is a dazzling of the Gao Zu Liu Bang's birth to death revolution.

After the day, she was later sealed as An Guojun, and the next descendants were taken by Anguo.

However, even if the rest of the Anguo is red, it is a brilliant future, and now the family is Liu Che.

If you don't want to be unwilling, you can also have your thighs?

I don't know what the girl is attitude, but it is not important. Free love is a fart in that era.

Soon, the girl became a wife of Zhao Yingqi, and also gave Zhao Yingqi two sons.

A called Zhao Xing, a name called Zhao.

If there is no matter what happens, Zhao Yingqi may also follow the daughter in the daughter in Chang'an and two sons.

One blink of an eye, the past was over.

This year, the South Vietnama sent people to send Liu Chee and Zhao Yingqi.

In the letter said that Zhao Wei has been ill, I hope that the Prince Zhao Yingqi will go back.

Liu Che Esseng Qi Qi: Go back, I have time to write to me!

Zhao Yingqi did not delay, and immediately took the road with two sons to go home.


Seeing the new family members brought back from Zhao Yingqi, no one thinks there is something wrong.

As a priest, one person is always taken care of by a thousand miles, it will be good, come back, and there is a master bone.

In the second year, Zhao Wei was dead, Zhao Ying became the king of South Yue.

Just, no one thought that Zhao Ying Qixang did a thing that made everyone stunned.

Zhao Yingqi wrote a letter to the big brother Liu He, and it has been made a request:

Please ask the big brother to allow me to seal the king, Zhao Xing is prince. Everyone in the South Vietnam is shocked: What do you mean? The 樛 樛 is then entered, she is a king? Your genuine old woman is waiting for you at home twelve years.

Ok, this is your housework, we don't care, but why do you stand Zhao Xing?

You have forgotten that you still have a big son called Zhao Jiande?

It is a rule of life.

The South Vietnamese Wenwu Baiguan did not know, Zhao Yingqi did this, in fact, it is weak to the boss. They have never been to Changan, but Zhao Yingqi stayed in Chang'an for twelve years. It took the eyes of Weiqing Huo to see how the Huns cried.

Liu Che is a powerful master. He is now just don't start to pack yourself.

Instead of waiting for him, it is not as good as he first, and I listen to you, I hope you can remember our friendship.


Power games will make people forget their feelings.

Liu Che is no longer the furhead young.

However, Liu Han is concentrating on dealing with the Huns, and then he feels that Zhao Yingqi stayed in him twelve years. Should not flush flowers with himself, first this.

The south of the Southern and Han Dynasties have maintained nine years.

After nine years, the Huns have basically been disabled.

Liu Che E finally decided to describe the old (hand) of the old boy.

However, let Liu Tie not think that he just sent people to inform him to quickly surrender, who knows that Zhao Yingqi doesn't know if it is afraid, actually dead.

Liu Che is still a little sad.

Liu Shima sent a team to the south, the name is to hang, and the actual task is to urge the successful Zhao Xing to start the insiders, and after the south, the south will be treated in accordance with the princes of the Han Dynasty.

To put it bluntly, there is no south in the future, you are all working in the big man.

In order to be able to help Zhao Xing, Liu Huan also sent Wakayu Road Bud to bring people in Guiyang, and you can stay in Panyu (South Vietnate City).


At this time, the entire South Yue is also in a stunned atmosphere.

Zhao Xing is young, so the actual Power is that 樛 (already too late).

For this, the South Yue people still feel inseparable: this woman comes from the north, who knows what I think in my heart?

In fact, their worries are not unreasonable, and the 樛 is too interesting to this Lingnan small country. She is not forgotten is the bustling of Chang'an.

Perhaps, there is still her first love.

Therefore, she is full of hope for the startup.

When Liu Che sent the special envoy to Panyu, I personally met them.

Then, I saw the special embarrassment in the morning.

Twenty years, I can still see his feelings when you are young ...

The next thing is that Tianlei hooks the fire, everything you can think of, all happened.

Of course, this is recorded.

Sima Qian said:

[The Chinese people also, taste the Ji Ji Tong in Anguo. It makes itothermal. 】


The Sima Qianqian did not see it in your own eyes, but he dared to write this way, definitely, many people know.

After the arrival of the pair, I learned that everyone knows their things.

More and more sounds of her unfavorable.

But there is no matter what you do.

What she is now in a heart is to have successfully attached successfully, put out the right, and then fly with his dear old brother.

She kepts to see the ministers of China and gave them a variety of benefits of returning to the motherland:

In the future, you all have the same treatment as the princes, open the border line, you can go free to go, you want to go to Changan to visit and visit it.

And submitted this program to Liu Che.

Can Liu Che Esti is not satisfied with the programs of the 樛 樛 否 否 否 否:::::::::::::

In the future, the south should be dominated by Han Dynasties.

After the 樛 樛 and Zhao Xing didn't stay in the South, Chang'an in the north;

The rest is dealt with.

I was very happy after the arrogance, and it seems that I have seen myself and love my future.

However, it is a bit too early after the arrival, because many people don't agree.

Among them, the country is headed by Lu Jia.

Lu Jia is an old man in the south. After three Dynasties, the husband's hometown is full of Buling South, and Lu Jia's boy is a princess. The girl married is prince.

In the South, in addition to Zhaojia, it is Lu Jia.

Therefore, Lu Jia's argument against the 樛 樛 behind.

Of course, I also know that my stumbling block is Lu Jia, this old guy, does not remove him, all my thoughts are mirror flowers.

Lu Jia's old fox, you told him "Liao Zhai" obviously useless, can only come hard. 10

At the critical time, I have an idea in the Anguo rare - in the Royal Palace, I invite everyone to come, so Lu Jia will not have suspicion, then find the chance to kill him at the banquet.

The history book has also recorded this "Hongmen Banquet":

The south is facing south, opposite is his son Zhao Xing; the east of the East, Lu Jia, etc.

Do you see this is not a situation in playing mahjong?

At the very least, the atmosphere of just started is really harmonious from the surface.

However, Lu Jia has been vigilant - from the beginning of the income of the Queen, he knew that the second game was not to chat with this bureau.

Therefore, the palace is outside his brother with a team of people waiting for news. The wine has passed three patrols, and the Queen gets up to Lu Jiazhi, and smiles:

[Southern the South, the country is also the advantage of the country, and what is it? 】

Although the face is a sweet laugh, everyone can listen to the chills like ice.

This is a signal, this signal is only able to understand the seasons of the Anko.

According to the pre-experience, this time the Royal Season will pull out the knife to Lu Jia, the matter is over.

It's too late to finish, but it's amazing to find a little moving.

When I went back to myself, I went to see my love, I found that the Anguo rare in the "Sitting posture in the Han Dynasty) his wine, and Surse trembled.

After the 樛 樛 suddenly understood at that moment: This is not a man.

If he dares to say "no" to Liu Hin, he can have a waste of the world.

Now that the key moments are at the critical moment, Nitter is still?

Do you take you the strength of your **?

When Lu Jia, I also felt something wrong, I stood up.

Where can I let him go behind him: stinky man, you don't dare to do it, the old lady does.

Disappointed with men, let her burst unlimited energy.

I have seen it too late to play deep in the palace drama. I have never seen any too late personally be killed.

After the arrival of the guards, he grabbed a spear, struggling to Lu Jia.

I want to have a blood splash on the spot ...

The son of the 樛 樛, the king Zhao Xing stopped her.

Zhao Xing shot the real reason for the blocking of Zhao Xing, I don't know what.

The biggest possibility is to see the old feelings of the mother and the Anguo ranks.

When I was too old, I looked at my son, and I looked around and knew that this is over.

Throw a spear, long sigh ...


Taking Lu Jia, knowing that he has become a nail in the eyes, if there is no action, sooner or later, it is going to be succeeded by this woman.

At this time, the situation is very dangerous for 樛 樛, because Lu Jia planted three generations in the dynasty, everywhere is his person.

Although it is too too late, she has been tall and yelling in the ranking of the Anguo, who is willing to believe her?

So, the only one that can help her to reverse the situation.

As long as the situation in the Anguo rarely reports here, Liu Chuan is impossible to pay attention to it. It is necessary to know that Lu Bode is ready to meet the not far.

OK ~

The Anguo rave season is not only true reports, but with Liu Chuan, it is necessary to say, a small Lü Jia, can't play big waves, you can get it, please rest assured.

Liu Che is also believed in the ghosts of the young seasons in the Australian, just sent a Zhuang Guanzhuang to the South.

Zhuang ginseng after picking up this task a bit: boss, are you going to accept a member? If so, do you do so many people? If not, that is, it is necessary to force intervention, then this is a little bit too little?

Liu Hin was not happy: There is a report in the report of the afterno, and the South Vietnamese is just a little unhappy, it is a lot of Lu Jia's jump, is there not enough two thousand people? You dare not go to me.

A self-confidence called Han Qiuqiu standing out: two thousand people, too, the king is a person, give me two hundred people.

Liu Han likes to listen to such a righteous language: courage, two thousand people still want, and send you a helper.

This assistant is not someone else, is the younger brother, 樛 乐. The news sent by the Han army passed to Panyu, Lu Jia immediately called to the South Yue military and civilians.

The people in the south have been washed by Lu Jia. I know that I will not only go to sleep every day. I have to give Nanyue this land to the north. They follow Lu Jia to enter the palace.

There are only a few guards brought by the young quarter of the palace.

The result is no suspense, and the Queen, the young season of Anguo, Zhao Xing, King, was killed.

After the arrival of the death, I didn't expect that this year's first love lover, it is still not bright after twenty years, but death.


Lu Jia was, at this time, he would be a king, and it is estimated that no one is opposed.

But Lu Jia is a smart person. He knows that he is in the upper, Liu Chi people come to pack yourself and play.

Therefore, he found Zhao Yingqi's big son Zhao Jiande, let him become the fifth King of South Yue.

Han Qianqiu does not know that there is a change in the sky in the south, and it is still very intensive.

Along the way, Lu Jia deliberately made Han Qiqiu a few small winners, and Han Qiqiu is more incredible, and the long drive is straight, and I have been going to Panyu City. Lu Jia's ambush, all army.

Han Qianqiu and Yuling War.

Liu Han received this news and she was shocked to understand that he was mistaken by the baui of the Anguo.

Han Qianqiu's son, Han Yan, was sealed as Cheng An Hou, and the son of Yi Le was sealed as Longqihou.

The son of the ranks of the Anko ... Liu Che Lian did not mention.

It seems that it is bad. Two thousand corpses buried in Lingnan.

Is Liu He meeting?

This just gives him a great excuse to open the battle to the south.

Yuan Ding five years (the first 112) autumn, the five-way army took the south.

Liu Huan is the iron, and it is necessary to play the south.

In the first winter of Yuan Ding, Lu Bode, the first road, reached Panyu City, Lu Jiahe Zhao Jiande, ready to escape, did not leave.

South Yue, dead.