Why is the establishment of the Song Dynasty? "

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Why is the establishment of the Song Dynasty? "

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In the first month of the first month of the 19960, B., Zhao Wei, was amnesia, change the year, and the country is Song. Since then, the Song Dynasty since this country was continued. Then, Ouyang Xiu's "five generations history" has so he says that Liang and Han Dynasty use "death". When the book is "destroyed", as for week, the big book "is inferior, Song Xing". Su Dongpo said: "Hey! I am in the Song Dynasty, it should be in the eyes of Tianshun!" It can be seen in the eyes of different people in different times, and this big concise represents different significance, but throwing these, Zhao Wei The significant impact of my country's historical development is unsteady.

Generally, we read a historical novel, very worried, because the history of the regular novel will be distorted due to storyline, and the result is likely to mislead readers. It is worth the appreciation that "the big Song Dynasty" is not the same, it is written in accordance with the historical main rail, and others are just imagined from the characters, although many kinds of speech in the society, and many people It is believed that Zhao Wei's right to make the right to planned his own plan, and everyone sent a yellow robe in his body. However, the truth is now, we can't find it, you can only try to take historiography.

"The big Song Dynasty: Heavy Huang Rong" is the first series, the space is not long, only Chen Qiaoie has changed and Zhao Wei called the emperor to prepare for two things, Chen Qiari changed this Bao Yun's incident, although it is already It is familiar, but through the author's imagination and the description of the artistic description, Zhao Wei and the characters around them are extremely full, and the ministers have been in addition to the two difficulties; worried about the wife and children of Zhao Wei; for their respective purposes, planning and implementation The soldiers who changed from Chen Qiaojie; and the front of the neighbly did not succeeded the blood, the scenery of the scene was present in front of the readers, as if they were watching a historical block, both gentle, and full of blood. The author is very essential in each scene to use color to cut out the unique artistic conception, so that the readers can instantly immerse it, and the true taste of the story of the story. Although Zhao Wei has completed a replacement of a dynasty in history, the author told us that the whole process is extremely helpless and heavy, and there are too heavy things on the yellow robes.

Volume 2 introduced Zhao Wei's Qingmeizhu Maji more enriched Zhao Wei's character image, not only because the new role should face the full face of inside and outside, but also rescue the family's upper and lower relationships, and the origin of Qingmeizhu Horse also adds a child. . In such a context, Han Minxin and Zhao Mi's feelings will go to He Fang, and Li Wei will happen to the collision and let us wait and see!

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