At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the woman's richest, Diwu Qi, why didn't you even have a grave?

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At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the woman's richest, Diwu Qi, why didn't you even have a grave?

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One year, a "year of spending month is round" brushing the screen, a dead husband, a woman who has never had a child leads a forthcoming family to the new life, and has created a huge commercial empire after this. When the Cixi had a wiper, the boarding is very happy, and the Empress Cixi is very happy. If she recognizes her daughter, and this person is Zhou Ying, the end of the Qing Dynasty.

Women's knuckle means

Zhou Ying was born in Sanyan County, Shaanxi Province, and the family is also a big giants, but the generation of his father is already in the middle of the house, no way, Zhou Ying can only live with my brother.

What is the singer, the brother's business is also limited, and the force of Jiu Niu Erhu is also unable to revitalize the family. In order to survive, they only give Zhou Ying to marry.

Zhou Ying and Wu hiring in the TV series are known in the street, but life does not have so much coincidence. Zhou Jiahe Wu family has marriage between itself, and Wu hiring itself and Zhou Ying has "doll relatives", so the relationship between the two is not so twisted.

However, fate has been blowing this woman, because Zhou Ying's wedding game is a "sick" at the time, from a small body weakness, and that they are unwilling to accept Zhou Ying, but many wedding with people heard Wu after hiring this name I don't want to marry my daughter.

At that time, Zhou's family had really been picked, so Zhou Ying only had a marriage in Wujia:

Let's help Wu Jia Yu Xi, perhaps it will make Wu hiring the condition a little better;

There is a good reputation outside the front, at least Wu hiring is also getting married.

For Zhou Ying, her life ending is from she married into Wu family. The day is destined. Wu hiring a weak disease is possible to pass at any time, and the ancient people are most important to women, this means Zhou Ying will keep a lifetime after this.

However, this blow is too fast, just in the tenth day of Zhou Ying married Wu Jia, Wu hired dead, because the Wujiadong Department did not have other piles, revitalizing Wu Jia family's heavy affairs falling here. Weak women's body.

Although this woman is in the first half of the life, she does have a non-general talent in terms of business. At that time, the Wu Jiadongyuan has hidden, but she is hard to build a commercial empire, and what she rely on what means?

One of the most important is integrity: the most important businessman is integrity, and Wujia's industry has involved food, tea, and the cloth is involved, and these entity industry is most important? Quality, every food that she sent to buyers needs to be detailed, found to have sand; for tea, she must taste it in person, to distinguish the new tea of ​​tea.

It is also a place where Zhou Ying is very powerful. For a company, maybe you can do it, but you must use people, and this is what Zhou Ying can strive to be strong. After Zhou Ying entered the Master Wujiadong Hospital, many of them were really talented in business, and she carefully handed the family business to these hands under the hand, Zhou Ying's four major presses Luo Tian Zeng, Yang Mao Ting, Wang Zaoxu, Wang Jiannong They are all merchants, and he is also relying on these people to the country.

In 1900, the Eight-Bedian coalition forces invaded Beijing and Cixi, the Mother of Cixi was forced to escape, which was that Zhou Ying took the initiative to help defeat, and donated 100,000 silver sons, so that Cixi was touched, directly Ying is a righteous woman.

Why is Zhou Ying dead?

Zhou Ying took the Wujiadong Institute to the peak, but Zhou Ying had a huge flaw at the time: there was no child. Although she brought Wu Jia to the peak, this is always unacceptable to the ancients.

And the ancients attached great importance to the family concept, so he was to find a heir at the time of the family, and the name of this person is the son of Zhou Ying, and this person is Wu Huayi.

Compared with the cute little colleagues in the play, Zhou Ying's relationship between history and Wu Huai's relationship is not good.

At that time, Wu Hua was a leader in the family youth, and Zhou Ying took Wu family to the peak, but it was a generation of women, so Wu Huai made a difference in Zhou Ying after she took over the family part of the business. The contradiction between the two is also not adjustable.

In the end, the two between the two have, the officials at the time, the officials of Zhou Ying is Diji, the daughter, the daughter, the daughter, and Wu Hua, although it is a bit, but Zhou Ying is hitting the world, what big wind big waves I have seen that the ending between the two is Wu Hua, who has admitted to Zhou Ying.

However, because of this matter, Zhou Ying and Wu Huayun's Liang Zi are coming, and it is also buried after she after she is "dead without burial".

In 1910, only 42-year-old Zhou Ying died. Because she was born, she was a lot of people who gave her before.

However, due to the previous and Wu Hui's case, there is a difference in Wujia, so after Zhou Ying's death, Wu Jia took Zhou Ying no child, refused to bury her in Wujiagong, but directly found a wasteland, It is no longer found that the Tomb of Top Today.

Zhou Ying took a large piece of Jiang Mountain for Wu Jia, but finally, he fell a "landless place to die" and had to feel the fate.