The eldest son of Stalin was captured, and the German and Soviet Union exchanged the captured Marshal Pass, why did he disagreed?

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The eldest son of Stalin was captured, and the German and Soviet Union exchanged the captured Marshal Pass, why did he disagreed?

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More than 70 years ago, a global war suddenly broke out, and the world's major powers were stunned. Among them, the War between Sude's two countries is most intense. The Soviet Union took the power of a country, and the Germans who were uneven, and saved the entire Europe.

At the time of the situation, the Second World War I have been in the past few decades, and even the Soviet Union has already become history. But when I talk about the history, there is a person who is absolutely not open, that is, Stalin. This is a controversial Soviet Union "Ci".

He Rusu said that he made a genocide sin, saying that he was slaughtered the party's internal comrades, and even firing his body from the crystal, smashing his statue within the Soviet Union, and smasted all its achievements. At the Soviet Union under Heruthaff, Stalin became a critical object.

But this is such a person, in the war, his eldest son Yakov is prisoned, when Hitler proposed to exchange the prisoner of the prisoner of prisoners with Jacob, Stalin refused, eventually leading to Yakov's death . The "unfringe" in the mouth of Herewufu, why do you make such a decision? Does he really don't want to change your son?

First, the prisoner of the German Marshal

In 1943, in the city of Stalin, a department store in the ruins, a telegraph drip dripped. This is a telegram from Berlin, Germany. Writing in the telegram, the heads know that the soldiers are very hard and determine all the programs of all officers of the 6th Army.

The General Commander of the 6th Army was also awarded the army of the army, became the peak of the Germans. But after receiving this telegram, Butlus did not have any happy expressions, but it was a face, because he knew that this means that Hitler gave up them, and won't have the arrival of the army.

Under the violent attack of the Soviet army, the Paulus who has just hanged the rank of the Marshal, was captured on the next day, and the 6th Army leader was also annihilated. Butus became the history of the Second World War, the first German Marshal.

I thought that the year, Butus is a wind, leading the largest group army in the East Trojan, the main force of the main force of the main force to fight all countries, and attacking the city, there is nothing, and it is a battle. Before the Sude war, he took the lead in developing the "Barbarosa Plan" in an all-round invasion of the Soviet Union, and in the subsequent rate, the Soviet Festival defeated the Soviet Festival.

However, when the German army is overwhelming in Moscow, when the inch is inadvertent, Hitel is turning the target in Stalin Gller. Numerous German listened to the number, pounced there, Putlus and the 6th Army were no exception.

At the beginning, the Germans have won the victory, but the Soviet people will never give up Stalin Grene, the more it beat more, the more it is difficult. Even at the peak moment, the Germans almost bombarded the entire Sward Gller, and accounted for a large half city, but this did not mean that the Germans were victorious.

When Balaus led the 6th Legion to the moment of Stalin Gller, the failure ending has been destined, because the Soviet army prepared a road war in here, so that the Germans suffered heavy losses. It is in the environment of this grass, the Baishi's troops have decreased day a day, and eventually only helplessly captured.

However, at this time, it was originally thought that Bausi to go to the Soviet end desk. Because Hitler is very sad for his captured, it is also designed to give it four days for their heroic battle.

Most importantly, the Soviet Union has been captured by the Germans soon, Hitler has made this important person to exchange the conditions for Bust. Who is this important person? Why will Hitler take him out to exchange Paulus?

Second, Yakov, being captured

Only two sons in his life, the eldest son named Yakov, which was the important figure by the German captive. During the childhood of Yakov, Stalin has stood in the Power of the Soviet Union, but he never hosted by Stalin, but strictly demand himself, from the father to mention any requirements, even in order to avoid it, and take the initiative to move away from Moscow.

When I enrolled in Yakov, the school demanded that the parents' professions, Jackov just simply wrote civil servants, rather than the Soviet leaders. Even the schools above, are just a Puchong-Tong's railway worker college.

In Yakov's self-cognition, he is not more noble than others, but is just a Pin Tong's worker. But with the changes in the situation in the world, he must also assume responsibility. In 1937, Jakov's proposal in Stalin applied to the Military Academy of Fu Longzhi and became a member of the Soviet army.

In 1941, Germany came, and Jacob fell to the front line. As a "high-quality", Yakov was left in the command of the military college, but he insisted on the front line and fighting with the soldiers.

But unfortunately, the German offensive is too rapid, and Yakov's troops have not adhered to the whole army, and he is also in this battle, and he was captured by the Germans and disappeared. However, in Butus was prisoned, the news was released in Germany, and I would like to take the Soviet leader's eldest son, in exchange for the Baishi, who has just promoted the rank of Marshal.

Hitler is convinced that Stalin attaches great importance to this eldest son and will definitely promise himself. And Butus has no big use for Stalin, nothing more than the hand, it will be. However, Hitler thought failed, Stalin did not agree with this condition.

After receiving the conditions received by Hitler through diplomatic channels, Stalin did not hesitate, and they returned, and they would never use a marshal to exchange a soldier. In front of the national interest, Stalin did not use Yakov as his own son, but a soldier in the Soviet Union. For this decision of Stalin, many people expressed very admiring. Stalin founded that the significance of prisoners of prisoners were very significant from the considering of national interests. This will form a huge blow to the German morale, which is conducive to the development of the War of the National War. . In this special moment, Paulus is just his son, but it is just a son.

However, this does not mean that Dalin doesn't like this eldest son. On the contrary, after Jacob is captured, Stalin took action in the first time, and sent a dead player to rescue.

Third, Stalin's rescue plan

After Yakov was captured, the German broadcasted the world through the radio to the world, but in order to stabilize the military, Stalin signed orders to the whole army in the first time, indicating that all the Soviet troops captured by the Germans They are all treason, the Germans are rumored, Yakov is not captive at all.

Immediately, Stalin formed an action team, secretly collected Yakov's detention information, attempted to rescue Yakov in the Soviet territory. But this action eventually encountered a failure. Because the action plan was leaked, the German army learned the news from the Soviet army in advance, transfer Yakov to others.

After this action, Stalin was very angry. He suspected that Yakov's wife revealed this rescue plan to Germany, so he ordered him to arrest. Until a few years, Stalin believes that this daughter-in-law did not betray his son, which put it out.

Shortly after the first action failed, Stalin has organized a number of rescue plans, but in the end, the failure ended, Yakov will lose the trace. Decadentation, Germany decided to the interrogation files at the concentration camp, which allowed us to live a life after the captivity of Jacob.

We learned that before the Butus incident, Yakov actually won a quite good life in the German concentration, Hitler hopes to grasp this "ace", in the crucial moments, Dalin. But Hitler learned that Stalin refused to exchange Butus, it was considered that Yakov had lost its utilization value, and he had a miserable abuse.

The Germans came up with a very vicious way, they slowly cut off Jakov's fingers and limbs with weak currents, and slowly "linger". Yakov is dead in this abuse, suffering. More vicious is that the Germans also took these cruel pictures and finally sent to Stalin, letting them see the death of their son.

Stalin as the national leader of the Soviet Union, he needs to consider too much. He agreed to Hitler's condition, put the bust of the Soviet people in the Soviet people, then let the frontline soldiers chill, let the people of the Soviet Union confidence. But if you don't agree, then your son will die, this is how to choose.

In the end, Stalin chose the country. He knows that countless Soviet people have sent their children on the battlefield. For the victory of the Soviet Union, they will sacrifice in the battlefield, and their feelings of their children are like themselves. Therefore, He is absolutely can't make fun of the life of these children, and the Soviet people will joking. This is why Stalin does not agree to exchange, because the national interests of the Soviet Union, in his heart, far more emotion.

Text / Le Yu

Reference: "Just hanging on the Zhang Shuai Renaissance", Xu Shusen