Tang Gaozong why didn't my son do not need to use Wu Zetian?History books are not dare to record, indeed high

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Tang Gaozong why didn't my son do not need to use Wu Zetian?History books are not dare to record, indeed high

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In 675 AD, Tang Gaozong officially issued a championship to the empire, with the Queen Wuzhu Tiansheng, replaced him to handle national affairs, which leads to the future Wu Zi Tian called the emperor. As a big event in history, why do Tang Gaozong want to give up his son, but further support Wu Zetian? From then on, after each visual appearance, then there is no size, there is no size, all have the same. The world is power, I am in the middle school. 黜陟, killing, done in his holding, the emperor arches. Chinese and foreign saying "[1] This has been opened in the primary model of Wu Zeto.

Wu Zetian portrait

Is Dang Gaozong not a vest? If it is not why Zhaowu is a national government? What is the emperor of Li Zhi that Wu Zetian?

Every time, Historiology, Tang Gaozong Li Zhi, is a "Gao Zong Pen" [2] or "faint", the "faint" is said to have a transparent treatment for its personal impact on the entire Tang Dynasty, which seems to be both Sites and seems to be authoritative. However, history is a real situation is complex, and it is in many aspects. To this end, I want to fully and clearly see that I am able to redeem the emperor, I have to know clearly about Tang Gaozong individuals.

As Li Shimin's ninth Li Zhi, why did Li Shimin's fourteen sons have been confirmed as a prince? The three sons raised by the Queen of Changshun were the eldest son Li Chengqi, and the four sons Wei Wang Li Tai, Jiuzi Jin Wang Li Zhi. Li Chengtai "good sound, slow tour is turning", and the legs are unfavorable, Li Shimin does not like him. Four children Li Taishan literary, and there are writings, Li Shimin likes him very much, "I have been in the prince" [3] So Li Tei began to step up, thus triggered with his brother Li Chengmao's struggle, "each tree clique".

Tang Gaozong Li Zhi Portrait

In the seventeen years (643), Li Chengmuan was abolished as a prostitute, and Li Shimin, who personally launched "Xuanwumen's incident", finally thought that if Li Chengtai or Li Chenggan, even Jiuzi Li Zhi can't live, But if Li Zhi is a prince, then "Thai Communist Party is also safe." As a father of Li Shimin, from the perspective of all his son, finally chose gentle Li Zhi as a prince. "With the elders, Xuanling, Li Ji, etc. Since then, Li Shimin spends a lot of effort to train Li Zhi to strengthen Li Zhi's personal abilities. "Taizong every look, often on the side, the viewing of the blog, or a letter of reference, the Taizong number is called the good." [5] even Li Shimin personally professively profess the experience. For twenty-two years, Li Shimin made a "emperor" twelve "to give the prince", and said to him: "Slim to govern the country, prepare it, once you don't want to, don't say it." And seriously warned Li Zhi "" It is too late to defend the speed, the country is also lost, it is difficult, and you can't hesitate! "[6]

Tang Taizong Li Shimin portrait

After the Base, Li Zhi is very diligent. Li Shimin is in the third day, while Li Zhi is in the day. He said: "You have a big place, and the sun sunset, he is standing." [7] Due to excessive diligence, the group will feel that there is no need, "" The slaughter is playing in the world, please look at the next day. " Li Zhi is hobby, diligent in political affairs. Yonghui First Year (650), Li Zhi called the group of ministers said: "At the beginning, there is no convenient thing to be in the people, and you will be more sealed." Since then, a large number of local officials "asked the people to suffer, and Its politics. "[8] Under the governance of Li Zhi, the rapid movement of the prosperity of the prosperity," the government of Yonghui, the people of the people, and the perspective of the gap. "Li Zhi has been diligent. In the third year of Deng, Li Shimin's three sons Wu Wang and Gaoyang princess, the martial arts, the horses, and Xue Wanhe and others set up friends. After Li Zhi discovered, he immediately slammed the grandchildren, and finally Love, Xue Wanzhen died, so that his brother and Gao Yang princess were exhausted. It can be seen in handling major crisis matters, Li Zhi is equivalent to strong iron wrist. In addition, Li Zhi fully extends and develops Li Shimin's policy, and promotes the average field system, so that the national strength continues to be strong. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Li Zhi solved the Western Zhenhe, "Since the north, no one for more than 30 years."

The largest territory of the Tang Dynasty during the period of Li Zhi

Since then, he began to use the soldiers, "a North Line main attack, the South Line policy, and the use of nearly 500,000 strokes," BC, Li Zhi's army finally broke the Gao Jindu City, completed from Sui Emperor, Sui Emperor and Li Shimin have not completed historical tasks in 70 years, Datang's largest territory is implemented in Li Zhi. Various signs indicate that Li Zhi is not only a weak Lord, but is a big one.

Why did Tang Gaozong want to take a national government in Wudu? I only don't want to do Tooh Emperor, repeat the tragic route of Grandfather Li Yuan.

Six years (655), Li Zhi did not care about the opposition of the old ministers, and resolutely resolutely the queen, Chaffen is the queen. In this regard, the prime minister is opposed, and it is believed that "the Queen is from the famous family, first charters." [9] Clearly proposing Wu Zetian not established as the queen, except for her, "said the priority, the knowledge", The emperor himself is not brilliant. "After the world, how is it?" Yan Yiliang put forward a discount, if you have to change the Queen, there is a woman in the world, "Why Hoh Wu's?" See Li The governance attitude is firm, and the old printed is called the head. Li Zhi is anger, the order is taking out, and the Changshun is not advised to say it. The next day, Li Zhi Zun asked Li Ji to see, reply: "This is a matter of your home, don't ask outsiders." Grandchildren

So, "It is the Queen", and the prime minister is a Tanzhou Tanzhou, and the Tang Gaozong is an emperor who is not subject to any group control. In November of this year, Li Zhi officially broke Wu Zetian is a queen, therefore, there is a popular view, think that it is completely opened to Wu Zetian days, and Li Zhi has become a shackle. Or in accordance with the "New Tang Book" calligraphy "Gao Zong self-proclaimed, how many striped winds, hundreds of people, the time ordered, often referred to, by participating in the national government. After both national governments, it is both special and political, The number of books in the world, the service is a heart, and the high spring and autumn is high, bitterness, and then affordable, unpacking. "In fact, Li Zhi is called Wu Zetian to deal with government affairs, all for their will. Due to Wu Zetian, "all the best", the two political insights are consistent. "Old Tang Book" is obviously more authoritative for related event records relative to "New Tang Book". Although Wu Zetian has been accepted, there is still a major event, still processed by Li Zhi. From the five years later, Wu Zetian as the queen, when he was commissioned by Li Zhi, it also had the power, but this is only granted by Li Zhi.

The surface is that the high-quality body does have a serious condition. Yu Gaozong needs. "[10] Gaozong's main situation is the actual situation, and Wu Zetian is mostly its" sage to help ", but if he believes that he is a big mistake.

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If Li Zhi, "Regent", Li Zhi heard that Zhang Wenzhao, who was prime minister, was at home, and his court had a big event. Li Zhi asked Zhu Zi: "Not?" If you have negotiated it, I approved the consent. [11] These have shown that the territorial power of the court is mastered by Gao Zong, and Wu Zetian is instead of his disposal. Even before Li Zhi was dead before dealing with national political affairs. He went four four days before the death of the world, prepared to personally returned to the door, announced that the madness can not go to the horse, so he called the people to read before the temple. Li Ji, Li Zhi, the sergeant: "People in the people?" It's still Changan, and there is no hate. "That night, died of Luoyang Palace's true point of view, and enjoy 56 years old. [12] The above historical statement, the so-called "two holy" patterns after Lin De in the first year, neither Wu Zetian special rights, nor "two holy" common decisions, but Gao Zong Li Zhi personally grasped foreign-related matters and major internal affairs. Wu Zetian is delegated to the high-quality principal and has to deal with some government affairs.

Li Zhiomo

Fundamentally, Tang Gaozong Li Zhi chooses Wu Zetian agent to dispose of government affairs, and it is not good to avoid his son to take the throne before his life. Li Zhi is a taste of "Tai Shanghuang". Push Wu Zetian to the front desk, once his own physical rehabilitation, can still go to the stage, this is the design of Li Zhi's maximum control. Li Zhi is in the past 34 years, not a weak, and the opposite is that through Wu Zetian, realize the strong layout of his own rehabilitation. In addition to physical weakness, most of them will put their energy on the country. In terms of knowledge, he is quite cultivated, except for diligence, longer than calligraphy, and even in some ways to "know" than Li Shimin. At the end of the chaise, Li Shimin is fascinated with Dan Pharmacy, Hi Wings. For this reason, there are many people who claim to be long-lived. Li Shimin "is quite letter, deeply praised, so that the leader is born." After Li Zhi, there is such a People come, Li Zhi is blaming: "Since ancient times with gods! Qin Shihuang, Han Wudi, is exhausted, the death of the people, the death of the people, there is no death, today is all!" Said that Li Li A person who is stunned.

What is Wu Zetian to achieve the emperor? In addition to Li Zhi's early experience, the inflation ambition is definitely the key.

Power is like an opium, once it is sticky, it is difficult to put down. For women Wushang, this feeling of power addictive is more profound. Although it is only a hand of Tang Gaozong to deal with government affairs, but relying on smelling capabilities and constantly enhancing the ability to deal with government affairs and controlling the situation. After Li Zhi died, the power was naturally mastered by Wu Zetian. After his son's Zhongzong succeeded, it was completely a squat, just two months of the throne, was abolished by Wu Zetian, and Ruizong, which started Wu Zetian's "praise".

Wu Zetian travel

Wu Zetian is the most definitely the world, it is the level of governing the country. In the fifty years of her rule, the Dan Dynasty population was nearly doubled during Li Shimin, and there was no large-scale peasant uprising in 50 years; this is a collar of the political level. Economic prosperity, layout to expand to the Persian Bay. Cultural prosperity, talents, including the prime ministers of Kaiyuan Shengshi, are cultivated by Wu Zetian. Secondly, Wu Zetian has attracted fierce opposition after taking the Tang Dynasty, especially Li Jingye, and quite a super literary, Luo Bin, who is excited, Wu Wen, the world, the world shake, is widely spread. Luo Bin Wang scared her "smashing the spring palace", is "smoldering the traitor of the sleeves," the "killing devil", "killing demon", "smashing artifact", "3] during the Wu Zetian During the time, far near the people The Queen is welcome, and even think that she is a huge "Tianshu" in Luoyang, in Luoyang, with the merits of Wu Zetian. [14] Milial Dynasty

After she died, Tang Zhongzong held a grand national burial to Wu Zetian. Guozi Secretary official wrote her "Shen Subiki", "Huixin Springs", "Forget", "," Hongye Da Xun ". [15] Overall, after this, the entire Tang Dynasty is a certain attitude toward the Tang Dynasty. Song Taizu Zhao Wei has been discussed specialized on the monarchic chaos of the past. When I was involved in Wu Zetian, he said: "The day, a woman's ear, although the punishment, but not killing Di Renjie, so can enjoy the country, good This is also. "It can be seen at the time, the word of mouth of Wu Zetian is also a good point, and the evaluation is also very high. After the Northern Song Dynasty, the reputation of Wu Zetian began to be comprehensively negated. Black him should not have the rules of the queen, let him participate in politics, "to the world, the 贻 邦 家." From this, Li Zhi has a "faint" crime, according to their reasons A true emperor, how can a woman give women? Therefore, Wu Zetian's regent and its emperor have become a unique landscape in Chinese history.


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