Zhang Zuolin recalled Huanggu, after dinner, Zhang once said: Eating is not fragrant, it is good at home.

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Zhang Zuolin recalled Huanggu, after dinner, Zhang once said: Eating is not fragrant, it is good at home.

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At 8:00 on June 3, 1928, the four sedans came out from the south-South Sea Siimena and went straight to the front door train station. In the fleet, the second sedan is particularly conspicuous. This is a yellow steel bulletproof car. It is not someone else in the car. However, at this time, Zhang Zuolin's brow is locked, the heart is heavy, and the arrogant and secretary of the same car don't dare to talk, the atmosphere is very depressed.

"Big Marshal" Zhang Zuolin, is facing the situation in inside and outside, and his regime in Beijing has rushing.

The Northern Venus Army is all the way, and the army has been defeated in the battlefield; the Japanese authorities are also struggling to Zhang Zuolin, forcing him to withdraw from North China to achieve the invading situation. Zhang Zuolin is like a sleepy beast, and Zhang Zuolin has been going to see the trend. It has helpless to give up Beijing, withdraws off, today is the days of the trains to evacuate.

In the front door station, Zhang Zuolin boarded a veteran. A total of 22 sections of the car, Zhang Zuolin's compartment in the middle, this is a float that Cixi has been sitting in the Cixi, the car is firm and wide, and the interior decoration is gorgeous and the floor is a gorgeous carpet.

Returning to Feng Tian with Zhang Zuolin, in addition to a part of the master of the staff and the guards, there are six ladies, and the three young masses have increased. The four-year chef is also served for Zhang Zuolin. On this train, his dining car is close to Zhang Zuolin's car. In addition to him, there is also a chef Zhao Lianyi, Gao Qi, and be responsible for Zhang Zuolin's diet on the train. .

This time, the atmosphere of the Fengtian is very tense, and all the people's hearts have a little uneasy.

Zhang Zuolin inspected the honor guard

Just before the start of their departure, Beijing Marshal House suddenly received a secret approach to Qi En Ming, the commander of the Paradermine: Japanese Guardian team is martial law in the railway of Huangguzhen, travel suspicious, please ask the handsome to prepare.

At the part, he said to Zhang Zuolin and said: "If you are old to change into a car or a plane to return to the sky, avoid the Japanese, so safely." Zhang Zuolin shook his head and said, "This is a small child, it is really fine, you can have a suspicious problem. I have to take the train back to Fengtian this time, I can't let others say that I am a bear bag."

Under the insistence of Zhang Zuolin, the specialization is started according to the original plan, and it is rushing to Feng Tian.

In fact, Zhang Zuolin has been constantly constantly with Japanese in recent time. On the evening of May 17, Zhang Zuolin has just happened a fierce conflict with the Japanese embassy of China.

That night, Fang Ze came to worship Zhang Zuolin. At that time, Zhang Zuolin was playing cards, and saw the Japanese environment, and the guests had to leave. Zhang Zuolin retained them and said: "I have nothing to talk about with Fang Ze. I will come back later, you are waiting for me."

However, Zhang Zuolin and Fang Ze have entered the living room, but it didn't come out for a long time. About three hours later, only listening to Zhang Zhilin's gas rushing to the Japanese bully, it immediately rushed out of the living room, and the talks did not scatter. Later, people only knew that the Japanese Member proposed to Zhang Zuolin to ask Zhang Zuolin's request, forced to go to Lin, but also threatened: "Zhang Zongchang killed dozens of Japanese overseas Chinese in Jinan, you should be responsible for it. "This series of power, finally let Zhang Zuolin are furious.

Three cave bridges of Guan Dongjun's pre-buried explosives

Because the Japanese relationship is stiff, and received the secret of Qi En Ming, the guards are very nervous along the way, worried about some people's event. However, Zhang Zuolin himself did not think about it, he did not believe that other warlords were harmful to his abilities, and they didn't believe that the Japanese will tear their faces, so that there is nothing benefit to Japanese. But he didn't know, at this time, the strong hardship of Kandie has already hit the Japanese government, secretly placed explosives on his will, and wanted to remove this "chess piece".

When the special column is fast to the mountain customs, the kitchen dining car begins to prepare dinner. Pak Toyota and the chef Chang Zhao Lianyi carefully cooked, a total of 6 dishes: pork, pork stewed beans, mustard, fried meat, dry fried yellow flower fish, spinach cooking shrimp, hot chicken, plus a small cabbage soup, staple food It is rice and sorghum rice. Everyone didn't expect that this meal became Zhang Zuolin's last dinner.

After dinner, Pu Toyota went into Zhang Zuolin's car to clean up the cutlery. He heard Liu Mai to say: "It looks like tomorrow, you can get home, and then go home again." Zhang Zuolin is at the moment when drinking water. He said to Six Mrs.: "It is not fragrant on the train, and it is not easy to sleep, and it is good at home."

The train rushed to Feng Tian, ​​until the mountain customs entered the "Feng Department" site, the passengers harened to put some, and fortunately, they will be safe. At this time, some people began to go to sleep on the sleeper, and Zhang Zuolin smoked with the Quntian, who took the car from the mountain customs, and then smoked with Mode Hui, Liu Zhe played Ma will, and the atmosphere was relatively easy.

Zhang Zuolin and Wu Junsheng

The next day, when the train opened to the Huangguun Station, the Passing Military Commander Qi Enmingpeng, Zhang Zuolin also smiled and said to him: "Do you send secrets from Beijing, is it a doubt?" A few minutes of train will rely on the station, and Pu Toyota and other chefs in the dining car have begun to pack the bag. Everyone thinks it will get off in a few minutes.

Unexpectedly, the special column just opened into the three-hole bridge, listening to the huge loud life, the Guan Dongjun's paragraph river is a pre-buried explosive, detonated. The dramatic explosion blows a three-hole bridge, and the rail is fried curved, and Zhang Zuolin's compartment will only have a chassis. Wu Junli headed into a big iron nail, died on the spot, Zhang Zuolin was blown up three pieces, the throat rupture; the chef is Park Toyota is also awkward. When Park Toyota woke up, I found that I have been sent to Northeast Hospital. He learned that he learned that there was no death on the dining car, and Zhang Dasai was only slightly injured. Wu Duojun and Chen Manzi gave Zhang Zuolin were killed, and Mrs. Six was only slightly injured. The staff of all directions, and the staff of the various halls will have no casualties.

Zhang Zuolin's car only

A few days later, Park Toyota returned to the handsome house. He listens to everyone, when the explosion occurred, the handsome carriage just entered the bridge hole, and the front of the acoustic trucks had entered Feng Tiannan Station, and the explosion happened at the last moment of the itinerary.

Park Toyota didn't know. At this time, Zhang Zuolin has killed due to injury, and the five ladies who hosted households were in danger, and secrets were not mourned. They only wait for Zhang Xueliang to return. In order to paralyze the Japanese, the big handsome house was arranged in the five ladies, and the lights were bright, everything was as usual.

In the eyes of the chef Park Toyota, Zhang Zuolin was only slightly injured, and there was no problem. The kitchen is still in parsing every day, as usual, gives Zhang Zuolin, every meal is handsome, you can eat some birds, noodles and eggs. The doctors are also visiting the handsome house every day. Compared with peace, the big handshake has no different.

Until Zhang Xueliang secretly returned to Fengtian after more than ten days, Zhang Zuolin's death was officially released.

Sixth la carte

Since then, Zhang Zuolin's spirit has been parked in the Western Restaurant in the hands of the handsome, and sent a special person. After the father's cemetery was prepared, then began to be buried.

In November 1928, Zhang Xueliang sent a staff member, a secretary, with two Feng Shui to the suburbs of Fengtian, gave Zhang Zuolin to the tombs. Mr. two Feng Shui went through the surroundings of Fengtian, and finally, in the Gaeh Camp village in Dongli, the East China, I chose a mountain post to Yang.

After the place is looking for, Zhang Xueliang is not at ease, personally and in Fengshi, Five Matthell, Zhang Zuolin's ally. In May 1929, they came to the Gaoti Camp Village. This is a mountain post that is highlighted in the north, the sun is bright, the mountains are swearing, the east, the West, and the south are surrounded by the sparkling Weihe water. Everyone is very satisfied.

After the peers agreed, the Mausoleum of Zhang Zuolin was determined here. After the land is selected, the next step is to send people to build a cemetery. This person is not only loyal to honest, but also has feelings of Zhangjia. After another consideration, Zhang Xueliang decided to let the East Third Provincial Officer Silver Number Office Peng Xingting will be responsible for this matter.

Zhang Zuolin's funeral

Peng Wanrong, Peng Xiangting, Have yourself a child in the early years, Peng Xiangting has been deeply trusted by Zhang Zuolin, in the Northern Northern Army "Military Treatment", and later he was promoted by Zhang Zuolin as a general silver number of the East Third Provincial Government. Forgetting, Peng Jia and Zhang Jia also have a father and son two generations of friendship, Peng Xiangting quickly agreed to Zhang Xueliang's request.

Soon, Peng Xingting has set up the Shuai Tomb Project in the house of Fengtian, and the three provinces of Fengtian, Jilin, Heilongjiang, and the budget of 1 million yuan, which is Zhang Zuolin. From May 1929 to the summer of 1931, after two years of intense construction, the cemetery was basically completed. The entire mausoleum covers an area of ​​about 135,000 square meters. There is a stone carving of Han Baiyu, and the stone carving of China, and the Tomb of the East Gate has also built a 120-level step, and it is also in line with Zhang Zuolin's identity of "National Head" when Zhang Zuolin.

After the original plan of Zhang Xueliang was completely completed in November, he buried Zhang Zuolin, but did not expect "Ninth Eight Eighteen Incidents" outbreak, and see the cemetery to be completed.

After the Japanese occupied the Fengtian, they also sent troops to occupy the handsome House, and they transferred the Zhang Zhu Lin, who was temporarily stopped in the Handan Garden, and was parked to the small East Magnolin Temple. Peng Xingting, who was responsible for Tuning, was anxious and guilty, and always felt that he had to be with Zhang Xueliang's heavy care and Zhang Caushu in the sky. He doesn't care about his family, saying that he is not willing to leave Shenyang, always want to stay in Fengtian to find a chance to be buried Zhang Zuolin.

Until 1937, Peng Xingting finally found opportunities. He and Zhang Zuo, pulled the Manchurian Prime Minister Zhang Jinghui to discuss, with the help of Zhang Jinghui, after the Japanese agreed, finally buried Zhang Zuolin in Huma Fang in Mishan County. Failure to burn Daxie in Yuan Shuoming, became a regret of Peng Xiangting.


After the 19918, Zhang Xueliang has been working in Beijing. The staff in Feng Tianshi also faced the problem, and the chef Park Fengtian and Zhao Lianyi have left the handsome hall together, but still stayed in Northeast. They have been working together for seven years, with tacit understanding, private feelings, respect each other, trust each other.

Zhao Lianzhen invited Park Toyota to go to Harbin, but the family members did not want him to stay away from home. At the same time, 500 oceans needed to open the hotel, Park Toyota can't get it, so the cooperation has to work. Zhao Liandi is responsible for the responsibility of Park Toyota, and personally sent him to Fengji Hotel in Fengtian. In the past 30, the unemployment rate in Feng Tian was very high, and it was not easy to have a place where gone. Under the guarantees of Zhao Lianyi, Park Toyota stayed in this hotel.

Since then, Park Toyota has worked in a few hotels in Fengtian.The year officially retired.Be