The same is the old comrades, why is Li Yunlong treat Ding Wei and treats Kong Kong attitude?

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The same is the old comrades, why is Li Yunlong treat Ding Wei and treats Kong Kong attitude?

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Abstract: "Liang Jian", the Jinxi North Iron Triangle

In the "bright sword", the Jinxi North Iron triangle, the same is the old comrades, why Li Yunlong always squats, but the passenger is gas in Ding Wei?

The relationship between people, sometimes there will be some kind of gas field to carry out inexplicable regulation, although modern society advocate human equality, but in fact, interpersonal relationships will always have the main second division, the difference is only The strength difference, without that absolute equality, which is approximately related to the individual's personality.

Specifically to the Jinxi North Iron Triangle, Li Yunlong in the original novels and TV is the protagonist. Ding Wei Kongjie is in a supportive position, but the relationship between the three people, in fact, Ding Wei is mainly, Ding Wei is the most strong, and Kongjie is the most weak. Li Yunlong and Kong Jie have always been embarrassed to Ding Wei. On the surface of Kongjie, it is a mood of the mountain. I have a big loss. I owe the Li Yunlong's human condition, and then I will be weak than Li Yunlong, in fact, not this. In the relationship between the three people, Ding Wei Linjie includes Cheng Zi Zi's entry, Li Yunlong is their deputy leader. It is Li Yunlong to teach Li Yunlong, but from the whole drama, Li Yunlong teaches Kongjie, don't look at Kongjie The character is the service, and Ding Wei is obviously very personal. Li Yunlong can be strong with the deputy team leader, and Kong Jie will also obey, but Ding Wei must not do it, so it takes more ways to pay more, it is very simple. , Li Yunlong has a good life, but he can't eat Ding Wei.

According to the lack of life of the iron triangle, Ding Wei is a strategy, Li Yunlong is a tactical, and Kong Jie is just a 悍. The problem is when it is critical, Ding Wei, Li Yunlong, is also worth it. If you need a wisdom, Kong Jie is not as good as two. Rid up to the strategic level, Li Yunlong lacks Ding Wei's strategic venement, and tactics, Li Yunlong is the protagonist, TV series also mainly shows him, but Ding Wei is not bad, regardless of strategy or tactics.

The original novels and TV series must be found to show the spirit of the bright sword, so I will show this kind of content, in fact, Li Yunlong's graduation papers, in fact, Li Yunlong already has the idea of ​​engaging in special combat troops, and makes this graduation thesis more suitable. Ding Wei doesn't have to say, the big strategic layout, the national level, the later military deployment is the strategic plan of Ding Wei. After the founding of the country, Ding Wei likes to wear a bourgeois image. This kind of thing Li Yunlong, Kong Jie must not do it, others have to do it, but also to find it like Duan Peng, but Ding Wei is so Dry, they are not blame, knowing that Ding Wei has its own purpose. Li Yunlong can't read the remarks of his old man. However, Ding Wei can understand and discuss with Mr. Tian, ​​Li Yunlong, dares to fierce his own old man, but there is no opinion on Ding Wei's same speech, and is Ding Wei. Also say these words, he begins to think about these views from the heart.

Three people's endings, also explain that when the problem is really facing their own people, Kong Jie has no thinking ability, completely obeying the upper, buts, Ding Wei is the only brave standing and telling the truth, and the results are dealt, Li Yunlong did not dare to stand up, but at this time he has already recognized that he is not as good as Ding Wei, and also recognizes Ding Wei's point of view, so in that mistake, it can not escape a robbery.

However, if the words come back, Li Yunlong is embarrassed to say, saying that it is polite, except for the teacher, you are welcome. The so-called polite is also relatively, seeing this topic, when you look at "Bright Sword", I have been paying attention to it, it is really like this.

If you have nothing to do, Li Yunlong is really a bit compared to Lin Jie. Although Kong Jie and Ding Wei are more than Li Yunlong, the analogist, in Li Yunlong's eyes are new soldiers. Moreover, Ding Wei is more late than Hojie. But the actual situation is not the case.

The reason is that Kong Jie is a bore of the two, and Ding Wei can have no title of Ding 2. Kong Jie Dingwei, Li Yunlong, Ding Wei is the general of the most strategic vision, the large-scale command is the most powerful, Li Yunlong is just suitable for leading the leadership, Kong Jie, he participated in the anti-US assistance, this is enough NS.

Ding Wei's ability, eyes, insight can be said that from the beginning, as early as the Red Army, it has been revealed when he is a big arm. Therefore, even Li Yunlong, which is already a slap, has to look at it, and this subtle feeling will continue. Later, the three were headed by the head. Li Yunlong was because of the regular discipline, a few times, so they were chased by Hojie Ding Wei. However, Kong Jie can always be a child, there is almost no record of discipline, Ding Wei's qualifications are shallow than him, but it can sit in flatness with him. This also shows Ding Wei's experience from one side.

In the strategy, Ding Wei's ability is obviously more than Li Yunlong and Kong Jie, which is already an uncomfortable fact. In tactics, Ding Wei is not bad. The most typical is Li Yunlong attacking Ping An County, Kong Jie and Ding Wei have encountered problems that stop the Japanese army, compared to, Kong Jie is a hard, take out the home. Although it is enjoyable, it will not be small at the same time. And Ding Wei was very eager to find the Japanese attack at the beginning, and immediately realized that the enemy is more urgent, the more necessary, but also avoiding the troops, but decisively ordered all the bridges in the blow area, the biggest Density Bray, relying on the small force to rely on the advantageous terrain to block, it is mainly not fully prevented from promoting the Japanese army, this goal is not realistic, so he is very strategically adopted to delay the Japanese military propulsion. In this way, both minimal casualties have been reduced, and it has played the effect of the resistance. At the same time, he dares to blow off all bridges, and it is also very hard. Therefore, Ding Wei has both strategic vision, and tactical means, it is indeed a talent. Li Yunlong is also aware of goods, naturally fighting a bit more respect for such a person, so he gave him a good impression that Ding Wei is more polite.

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