Is there a benefit of a minority in the South?From the Eastern Han to Tang Dynasty, let the Yellow River have been safe for 600 years!

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Is there a benefit of a minority in the South?From the Eastern Han to Tang Dynasty, let the Yellow River have been safe for 600 years!

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Huang River

As the frequency of the second largest river in China, the Yellow River is far more than the Yangtze River, since ancient times, people have been exploring the factors of the Yellow River, and how to prevent the Yellow River. Middle School History Textures have such a story, that is, the Yellow River in the Eastern Han Dynasty has once again a large range and high intensity, and thanks to Wang Jingzhi water, the Huanghe has a hundred years. Wang Jingzhi has indeed played a lot of role in governance, but it is necessary to stabilize the Yellow River in hundreds of years in a person's head. I am afraid it is too distant.

First, frequent Yellow River water

The Yellow River has always been regarded as a "mother river", giving birth to China's Central Plains civilization, but the Huang River has induced countless times in history, and the safety of life and property of ordinary people has also caused difficult to estimate. Hazard. There is countless in the historical literature. In particular, since the Western Han Dynasty, the Yellow River is more serious. During the Western Han Dynasty, the Yellow River has undergone 16 water, and the total time is more than 15 years. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Yellow River once again broke out of severe water, Han Ming Di sent Water Conservancy experts Wang Jing to the flooding area to cure water, is the early days of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and the number of people in the Yellow River has decreased sharply until the Tang Dynasty was established, and the water suffering once again became a major problem with the headache of the court.

Yellow River

In the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the early years, in the past 600 years, the Yellow River is in a relatively stable state, so many historians and climates, geographicists want to explore the Huang River suddenly changed in these few hundred years. It is so "quiet".

As early as the Southern Song Dynasty, the famous scholar Ye had thought that the rest of the Yellow River is in the future of Wang Jingzhi, and this point of view has been inherited and elucidated by this point of view. Scholars in the Qing Dynasty, Hui Xiu, Liu Wei and the famous Water Conservancy expert Li Wei, also believed that Wang Jingzhi is crucial.

Until the founding of the People's Republic of China Natural factors in the occurrence of water are changed, and therefore a large extent reduced the frequency of the Yellow River. Although Tan Qi's article is often challenged in the subsequent decades, no matter what to say, his article has created a new direction, making people realize that the Huang River is in an aging period, not simply because of Wang Jingzhi.

Mr. Tan

Second, the transformation of agricultural methods

If you use a sentence to summarize Tan's discussion center for the Nanghe's stable discovery center, it is an important change in the production method of the Yellow River in the Yellow River during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Compared with the Yangtze River with a greater water flow, the lower reaches of the Yellow River often has a close relationship with the geographical conditions in the middle of the Yellow River. It is well known that the mountains in the Yellow River flow through the Loess Plateau, and the Loess Plateau has serious soil loss. Therefore, the river in the middle of the Yellow River is deposited in a large number of sediments, and the terrain of the river is raised. At that time, there was no modern drainage system, so the river road in the middle The downstream will definitely happen.

Loess Plateau

In this case, it is necessary to explore whether the lower reaches of the Yellow River will have serious water, and the roots are not downstream, but the natural situation in the middle of the Yellow River. During the Western Han Dynasty, there would happen in the Han Dynasty in the Han Dynasty. In fact, it is closely related to the "guardian side" policy in this period. The large number of mainland people go to the northwestern frontier, so that the population of the Loess Plateau has surged, and the cultivated area is large Scope expansion, grassland, forests have been opened into cultivated land, so the sediment is placed in the middle of the Yellow River, causing multiple water in the downstream of the Yellow River.

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, due to the less war with northern nomads, the guardian county policy also gradually relaxed, and in contrast, the Eastern Han Dynasty, in the Wei Dynasty, and many nomads entered the northwest border, they used animal husbandry The main lifestyle, so that the reduction in grassland and forests, the reduction in cultivated land and the increase in forest, and the increase in sediment is reduced, soil erosion is significantly improved, so the ecological environment in the lower Yellow River has been greatly changed, and the water is reduced.

Yong Tongguan shooting

Of course, the above mentioned views are not the only way to explain the water suffering after the Eastern Han Dynasty. In other words, many explanations can only be based on the historical texts at the time due to lack of natural conditions such as ancient weather, land. This makes it difficult to become a consensus. Since the above point of view, there has been many scholars to fix or supplement on this basis. Some people think that the soil loss in the middle of the Yellow River will lead to downstream water, but the two are not directly obvious causal relationships, so it is difficult to convincing the two. Moreover, the production of the nomads in the northwest is also affecting nature, and will lead to soil erosion, which in turn triggers the downstream water.

Yellow River is serious

Third, the people who have rumored the Yellow River

Before talking about more explanation, it is necessary to simply say the role of Wang Jingzhi water. As a small water conservancy, Wang Jing realized the importance of the river and whether the river is in the importance of the river. Therefore, the water control measures he focusing on is to clean up the river, and the most likely to make the river, so that the water storage capacity of the river is huge. At the same time, Wang Jing also attaches great importance to the stability of the river embankment. After he is cured, he has often reinforced it, and the river embeid will become more stable. Yellow River Di Dam

On the basis of Tan, the later scholar will take more factors into account, so that the interpretation is continuously expanded. Some people will transfer their research to the lower reaches of the Yellow River. They think that there have been many phenomena in the downstream river in the Eastern Han Dynasty, which is largely diversified from the huge water flow from the middle. Some people say that compared with the Western Han Dynasty, the climate after the Eastern Han Dynasty is relatively cold and dry, less precipitation, and the flow of the Yellow River has become small, which will also make the Yellow River water. Of course, no researchers believe that the reduction in the Yellow River is due to single factors, the facts are true, as the extent and frequency of China's second largest river, the Yellow River, depending on several different factors. Therefore, the various factors discussed above may, may integrate it, is the reason why the Yellow River has less water from the East Han.

Beautiful Yellow River

Wen Shijun

Wang Jingzhi has always been considered an important factor in the reduction in the Yellow River in the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty. However, with the continuous in-depth of historical research, especially the pioneering and development of historical geography, different disciplines have been engaged in cooperation, through the meteorological analysis of historical materials, the Eastern Han Dynasty to the early years of the Eastern Yellow River Availability, the promotion factors, have More explanation. Although what is the factor so far is the most fundamental condition for the reduction in the Yellow River, still can't be clear, but try to find a unique factor for complex issues, this itself is a mistake.


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