Su Dongpo wrote the famous sentence "thousands of miles together", but also bought him, leaving a laughter

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Su Dongpo wrote the famous sentence "thousands of miles together", but also bought him, leaving a laughter

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The birthday of Dongpo wrote a book that was very learning - "Lao Zi", this book is a special note in the "Moral" annotation of the past. Su Shi proposed "sex" to explain the "Tao" of Laozi. Su Shi also said: "Old, Buddha, non-family private saying, self-heaven, and there is a way ... honesty, the world, the guided music, Qi Zhi's punishment. It is not going to be in parallel, I can't see even when the world is, and I don't have the meaning of Zhou Kong ... "Su Shi's research showed the characteristics of the Thought of Confucianism.

Su Shi's "Lao Zi" insights arrived alone, and is very important to Si Dynasty. At the time, the times have had a certain impact on the later generations, which is recognized by the historiography. The evaluation of the subsequent subsection of Su Shi was verified by a scholar study, not a vocabaries.

However, in the book of Su Shi, when he was only a world, his cell brother is famous, and his crocerer is immediately taking the sleeves, and quickly tick it for his brother's masterpiece. At the very pole, I left a smile in the later generation. It seems that I am embarrassed to Mr. Dongpo today. Dongpo is touted for "Lao Zi".

"After the 老子": "Yesterday was sent to the old new solution, read it out, scrapped: Make this book when the Warring States, no business, Han Dai; make this book in Han Then the hole is an old; there is this book in the promotion of the promotion, then the Buddha is not for the second. I don't want to see this strange. "

Dongpo said: Yesterday, I saw the "Lao Zi" sent by the child. This book is very good, let people read it is not ridiculous, screaming and sighing ": If" there is a book when the Warring States " If there is no Shangyi and Han Fei, these two people will be on the historical stage; if there is such a book in Han Dynasty, then Confucius and Laozi will definitely be one; if there is such a book among the promotion, then the Buddha is And Taoism will become a family. Such a book, I have been looking for "I don't want to see this strange", it is so lucky!

Dongli gives the cell brother to the sake of the sorrow, it is simply the evaluation of the miracle of the world. Not How well in Su Shi's "Lao Zi"; but it is too big for the "Typo" too much.

Mr. Dongpo regrets that the brother is too late. It has not been able to rewrite history, let Shangyu, and Han 子 子 以 以;;;;; 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一;;; 家 家 家 家 为 家 为 一 家 一 家 家 家 家 一 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家; 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家; 家 家 家. Mr. Dongpo is really a pity. Since Mr. Dongpo believes that Su Shi's book has such a big magical role, it has not been able to catch up with the history of changing the past. It is only fate; then he may have the opportunity to write his history. However, in the year of Mr. Dongpo, he did not see what the book was written in this book. It affected history, and made history to develop in accordance with the orbits of his design. Not only when Su Shi is in the world, it is the past for more than a hundred years after death, no historical figure is tied with this book, and there is no history is this book. Don't be very disappointed underground underground underground, or very embarrassed. This is still less blowing, and more actual is relatively safe.

In the Wenyu's text, he praised his brother naked nakedly everywhere.

Dongpo said that Su Shi's prose has reached Wang Yang, there is a voice of three sighs, and his lucky is not. "Dongpo is in the" book by superfluousness ", he commented Su Shi's Article, "The son, the words, the words are unable to do, and the physical gas is gorgeous, I can't, although I want to use this self, and the sky is short, I will never remove it, as for this, it is accurately high It is especially valuable. "Get this article, this is a brother, and it is also praised. "The son is behind Qianxian Tang", "the child is written by 作 栖 贤, read, see Waterstone, grass, grass, servant, engraved, 庐 庐 山Focus on the mountain, not for the living guest. "

Mr. Dongpo not only touted his brother, but also when I was blowing my friends, I also made a "Dragon Eighteen Pallet", a sudden shot of the peak, let the future Hope to his back.

In the "two of the book Huang Luzhi Di Poetry", Dongpo is the first Huang Tingjian, which is the first Huang Tingjian, the four bachelor of Sumen: "Read Luzhi Shi, such as Lu Zhonglian, Li Taibai, did not dare to return to the ill!" It's still not addictive, and then said: "Lu Jin's poetry, Grun is high, and the disc will be discounted." Read Huang Tingjian's article, don't have to eat. .

Dongpo is more exposed in one of the "Answers Huang Luzhi": "This person is like a gold and beautiful jade, not people, will be fled, why is I praise?" Oh, you Look at people Huang Luzhi, people like "Jing Jinmei", that is, he wants to be a star, that is not him. "It is supermnied, independent, and the wind riding, with the creamers", this is simply that the dragon in the Fengren in the bird.

When I said that one of the four bachelor of Sumen, "Mountain Tie Yunjun" Qin Guan, Dongpo said: "The world has a reputation?" After the death of Qin Guan, Dongpo sighed: "Some tour is already Although a thousand people, these words can be said to be a capping, and the official is not picky.

The touted power of Dongpo has started to use it when he just came out.

When he was twenty-one, he should try the ceremony. After the examination, he wrote a "Shangmei straightforward book". Although this letter is written to plum, the main intention of Dongpo is to please Ouyang Xiu. Because Opponer is the leader of the world, and Mei Yichen's status is not high. However, the world knows that Ou Mei's two people are not reversed. Therefore, the Dongpo has gone a "curve to save the country" road, giving the people of Mei Yichen "Typo> . Ouyang Xiu. "Wen said that there is Ouyang Gong today, which is ancient Monki, Han Yu. And there is a Mei Gong from the tour, and the top of the above is", "it is ten years. Not to see people, "" There is a big sage, it is also enough. " Dongpo said "Ouyang Gong is like Meng Wei, the same as Han Yu. There is Mei Gong and him, and I discuss it with him." For Europe, Mei is extremely respected. "There is a big sate, to do his students, you will rely on." At the same time, he said that he was an Ou and Mei Daxian. This "Shangmei Taoism" in Dongpo has achieved the expected effect, Europe, Mei Er, and the shackles of Dongpo, and opened the green light for him. After the next generation, I walked on the rivers and lakes, and I study this effort in Dongpo, it is absolutely beneficial.

Dongpo also wrote a letter to the Director of the military supervisor. And Beijing, while the second public is in the two houses. 愚 愚 愚 知 心 道 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 者 涂 涂 涂 涂 者 涂 涂 涂 涂 涂 者 涂 者 者 者 者 者 者 者 者 者 者 者 者欤? The husband can't keep it, and the warpone is not the middle of the saints. It is wishes to see the Taishui, I have to hear a word, enough. ... "This letter is very modest," Han Taihu is a generous elder, I can only stand on the roadside look at your figure. The Taiwanese is not angry, see goodness, this is not ancient Yuxian? " Qi Giwei.

After the study of the school-study exam, Dongpo's technically scientific is to write a letter to the people in contact with all parties. Writing "Shang Fu Youshou" to the rich, "and Ming Gong is the slaughter. Siyu does not try, the soldiers do not try, It is Minggong without greed, and it is not afraid of the loss. Fang Xizhen is also afraid, and the enemy is in crossing the north, China is afraid of, and the word is clear. "Look, the fierce, the West is not afraid There are many large people in the Central Plains, but only "the word" in the public. " This kind of boast is too ignorant. Dongpo will also be proud of a "named the world".

There is still a king. Wang Hao is a horse, he is a princess of the English daughter, this person is a painter. Dongpo's paintings are touted in his painting, dozens of dozens before and after. It is said that Wang Hao's painting can "stroke three hundred years". It is a regret that there is no appreciation of Dongpo, so that there is no foundation to be blown up. Dongpo does do this, nothing more than looks at the title of "驸马".

Dongpo is praised in "Wen and Flying White", "Beautiful, it's more, it's all things, 霏 If it is light, it is rumored to the moon, turn over the roll of the long wind Also, if there is a fluttering of the swing, if it is the dance of the water, it is too far away, and it is never never. " It is simply that Yunshan fog, I am afraid it is even if I am talking about it.

Dongpo is praised in "Book in Chun Chu Chu", "1019 ~ 1087, the word Jun," Nine "is Ya Ya. "Fresh in the Chu" nine "is sipeous. Hi is reading it, it is awkward, and it is sighful: 嗟嗟, this voice is not a long time. Although I want it, who is the listener? ... Zi Jun sat alone, she was in the thousands of loads, chasing the villages, Song Yu, and the people were in the intercautions, and they will continue to fall. "His oldest words and Qu Yuan Yu As a level.

In the article "After the Huang Dao Accessible Tea", "said Huang Daocun's article on tea," The Commission is subtle, all Lu Hong gradually discussed the tea. " In Dongpo's eyes, the Huangdao Shui is a real tea.

Dongpo did not forget "self-praise" in "praise".

In "Self-reviewed", he has such an evaluation of his own article: "Uncenesses such as Wanquan Spring, unobstructed. It is flat, although there is no difficulty day. Objects, not known. The known people are often in the line, often in the case of not, if it is already. "

When Su Dongpo, I used to send a book to Su Xi: "The ancient poets have ancient times. No chasing and the ancients, the ancients, begins in my. I am in the poet, I have a very good. The poem of singularity. The spirit is not much poetry, but its poetry is really good, thin and real. ... I have a poem, and there are more than 10 articles. To their proud, self-calling Ming. "He is a passionate poetry" to chase the ancients, is the first in Dongpo. " There are still some "self-calling" in the early days of Dongpo, and it will be released later, "Yuanming is like me" "Wang Jinfang poetry". "I am in a good thing, I am also." "" Book The oriental East has a poem ".