The emperor invited the name to eat meat but didn't give chopsticks. The famous chopsticks took the double chopsticks, but threw the life.

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The emperor invited the name to eat meat but didn't give chopsticks. The famous chopsticks took the double chopsticks, but threw the life.

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In the long river of history, military will play an irreplaceable role as an important part of the country. The ancient times, countless literati have the Zhima Shan, the ambition of the country, but unfortunately they have no military law, and I can't play the role of the battlefield. Therefore, there is different sources since ancient Chinese military division.

Zhou Yafa portrait

Speaking of the famous generals in history, not enumerating. But if it comes to the famous martial arts in the Han Dynasty, Zhou Yafu is definitely a person who can't be can't, but his name is not only because of what is done, more is still about his cause.

One day before 143 AD, Han Jing Emperor Liu Qi is here a feast, preparing the aroma of the beef, and the old wine treasured for many years, and I plan to ban a guest. Who is worth such a love? He is Zhou Vaf.

In this banquet, singing and dancing is flat, the atmosphere is peaceful, but today is different from the past, and the 14-year-old Prince Liu Che is also present. After the instructions of the Jing Emperor's banquet, Zhou Vaf found that the meat in front of him was still a large piece, and did not have been cut, but there was no chopsticks.

So he looked back at an official who was responsible for the banquet, and the look was revealed and wandered to the chopsticks. At this time, Jing Emperor smiled coldly and said: "This is not a matter of this sentence." This sentence naturally reveals dissatisfaction with him.

After Listen, it is not unknown, so why I want chopsticks to recruit the ridicule of the emperor. The prince in the banquet looks at the old will, and he doesn't understand why his father will do this.

I have a slight resentment and fear of Zhou Af, I have to give a gift to the emperor, and take a hat and turn around. At this time, Jing Emperor is indignant, rebuking: "This is not less than the main cage!"

Zhou Yafu made a famous door, and the ancestors have also been treated with the court. He is proficient in the law. At 174 BC, he has stationed in the fine willow, which is the southwest of Xianyang today, ordered the Huns. Liu Heng, Han Wenmi, has also personally visited him.

He wears a dress, and the spirit of the military is in the military, let him be very touched. After the door, the group is surprised. Emperor said: "It's awkward, this is also." At the end, he also took his son, Feng Zhou Yafu as a car ride, if the world arrived, let him fight.

In order to eliminate the threats of the princes of the princes, Han Jing Emperor adopted the opinions of the ministers, and she cut the ground, but it attracted the joint chaos of the seven countries. At a time, the world is chaotic.

At this time, Zhou Yafu was in danger. With the identity of his own, he was betrayed, his chest has the main force of this rebel army, and he wo the road behind them, and the road to the grain was contained. In this way, the seven countries naturally lost, Zhou Yafu got a great victory.

After betraying this big event, Jing Emperor is very happy, appointing him to make a prime minister. Zhou Yafi, who is a prime minister, is a hundred officials, assisting the emperor to govern the world. Due to the long-lived military door, the personality is free to be a little straightforward, can you have a conflict in different kings?

In the court, there are many opinions of Jingmidi and Zhou Yafu, in short, the emperor wants to do what, Most of Zhou Vaf will be refuted. As the day is long, the Junchen has a partner, at this time, Zhou Yafu is not going to go to the DPRK, and Jing Di thinks this is a good opportunity, intended to remove this repeatedly hit its own prime minister.

But he is still not relieved to Zhou Aff, he will have abnormalities, so he will set a banquet. It is planned to try him. Zhou Vaf, who is unknone, does not understand the emperor's meaning, completely letting the emperor gave him a heart.

Jing Emperor originally wanted to let him know, there is no chopsticks to express him, don't eat meat, it is not, it is indirectly telling him "I am the country of this country, and everything is to be treated by me." But he did not understand this meaning, and finally saved himself.

When Zhou Vistan bought 500 sets of armored armor for him, Jing Di took this difficult, let him get he prison. In the face of jailer interview, Zhou Av has always fallen, silent. The jailer finally concluded "even if there is no anti-heart in the world, it will remember the underground after death", which makes him a must, fight for hunger, and finally vomit blood.

In the face of his death, Sima Qian once evaluated in "Historical Record": "If you don't learn, you are not sure." If you have to establish a lifelong learning concept, he is good at governance of the army. But don't know how to deal with the relationship between the monarch, and finally bring a bad ending to yourself.