Inner Jude period, why is the Iranian economy growth?

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Inner Jude period, why is the Iranian economy growth?

2021-11-25 14:51:14 5 ℃

[History] In the history of Iran, President, Jajadard is a powerful existence. It is a poor, but it is a strong priest family to become a president.

After going to stage, whether it is in the country or in international, it has set off huge waves, so that the evaluation of it is two-polarization.

However, for a president, the economic development is the biggest people's livelihood, it is undeniable that the President Iranjard is the slowest during the period, this is why? You may not think.

Neadajad is now the most highly evaluated group is the most underlying poor people, and this group is most supported in Najad.

But Najard also criticized, that is, Iranian middle class and the upper class class. The biggest critical point is the economic data during the inner Jade.

According to a lot of Western media, in Davaunjani period, the Haramian period, there is also the eight-year time in the Ruhany, and the Iranian economy has slowed down, half of which is even more reversed. of.

Therefore, Iran's unemployment rate is high, and inflation, the depreciation of currency is very serious, and it is difficult to solve it now.

It is because of this, so in Iran, the middle class has a very low evaluation of Nadajad, mentioning that Nenetbead is very angry.

So many people may have to ask, why is the Neguda period, the Iranian economy grows the slowest, and even returns? In fact, the reason is mainly three points.

First, violate the market law.

Najadiane is a bit of criticism is its financial revenue, reflecting on the table of the people.

Especially for the support of poor people, directly divide the money, this actually breaks the competition of the market, so that many poor people will no longer struggle, and more points, it actually leads to insufficient productivity, inflation.

As Venezuela, Venezuela is because Chavez is much done, so that the people don't think it, and finally Venezuela is a mess.

Second, the hit of the West.

The Neadajad period is the most stringent period of Western strikes and the most stringent time, leading to the import and export of Iran. Especially in foreign trade, oil and other industries, the hits are great.

This is actually very realistic, and the Iranian economy is directly reversed, so that it is negative growth. Although it is not as bad as Iraq, the Western joint sanctions makes the Iranian economy.

Third, investment in military and nuclear weapons.

Neadajad is most criticized to invest in military and nuclear weapons. This accounts for a large financial resources, especially expanding military sizes, investing in nuclear weapons.

This makes the funds that have been put into social production, which makes the investment and production power in Iran have affected domestic investment and production power.

So the result is that the shortage of materials, the basic infrastructure is difficult to improve. It can be seen that Iran only has the poor people to support Nenejad, and other people oppose Ener Jude, this is the truth.

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