In today's 28 monarchial system, the country written in a formal country, only 3

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In today's 28 monarchial system, the country written in a formal country, only 3

2021-11-25 14:50:57 21 ℃

The author writes yesterday, the title is "28 years of the world" only in the world, some have been for hundreds of years, some for decades ", briefly introduce the dynasty of 28 monarchial institutions in today's world, respectively, respectively Yes:

Asian national dynasty:

Japanese Chrysanthemum Dynasty, Wenle Borde Dynasty, Cambodian King Dynasty, Thailand Bangkok Dynasty, Bainan King Dynasty, Jordan Hardham Dynasty, Kuwaitza Bach Dynasty, Bahrain Alhali Fa Dynasty, Qatar Alear The Ni Dynasty, Saudi Arabia Saudi Dynasty, the Aman Said Dynasty, Malaysia Malaysia Dynasty.

European national dynasty:

The British Windsor Dynasty, the Wave Dynasty, Spain, Luxembourg Bowl, Dutch Dynasty, Belgian, Saxony, Belgium, Monaco, Grimal Dynasty, Denmark, Rüxburg, Norway Gricks Fort Dynasty, Sweden Bernardte Dynasty, Liechtenstein, Dunching, Andorg Andal Dynasty, Vatican Pope.

African national dynasty:

The Morocco Alawei Dynasty, the Swazlan Dramini Dynasty, the Lesothosmo Shu Shu dynasty.

Oceania National Dynasty:

Tonga Taofa Ahao Dynasty.

The above is the 28 monarchial system only in today's world, as well as the dynasty of each country.

Today, the UK's dynasty Windsor Dynasty

It is necessary to specifically explain that the three monarchs of Malaysia, Andorla, Vatican are very special. The country is very special. These three have no dynasties. The author said the Malaysian Malaysia Dynasty, the Andorlanta Dynasty, Vatican Pope The Dynasty is homemade. For the readers, there is no distiction of the official. The pope is, so I can't define the dynasties of these three countries. This author has explained yesterday's articles. If the reader has different opinions, although it is proposed, go to research and discuss together.

Every country has a formal national number, usually only referred to as this country, such as Japan is referred to as the official National Number, Brunei is referred to as the official National Number of Brunei Dururaslan, Britain The official National Number Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom, Spain is referred to as the official National Number of Spain, and so on.

So 28 monarchial system, only 3 of the dynasty names in the official national number, the first is Jordan, Hagem Dynasty rule, the official National No. Jordan Hagem Kingdom, the second is Saudi Arabia, Saudi Dynasty The rule, the official national number Saudi Arabia, the third is the Liechtenstein, the Liechtenstein Dynasty rule, the official national number Liechtenstein State.

Dynasty, the dynasty of the dynasty of Jordan

Next, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the three of Liechtenstein written the dynasty name of the dynasty.

Jordan, the official National Number of Jordan Hardham Kingdom, the west of Asia, the territory is more than 89,000 square kilometers, is the coastal country, the population has more than 1 million, the main national Arab, the implementation of the monarch is the head of the country, the Prime Minister is the master of the government. The binary system, the capital Amman is a rich capitalist country. So far, Jordan's dynasty is the King of Hagem Dynasty, the title of the monarch, today King Abdullah II.

Saudi Arabia, the official National Market Saudi Arabia, the western region of Asia, the territory is more than 2.25 million square kilometers, is the coastal country, the population has more than 34 million, the main national Arab, the monarch is the monarch, the monarchic authority, The capital, Riyadh, is a very rich capitalist country. So far, the dynasty of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Dynasty, the king of the monarch, the King of Salesman in the country.

Liechtenstein, the official national list Liechtenstein, the United States, the country, the territory is more than 160 square kilometers, is the inland country, the population has a population of 38,000, the main nationality Liechtenstein, implements the monarch as the head of state, the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister, the capital, the capital, the capital Vaduz, is a highly developed capitalist country. So far, the dynasty of the rumor, the dynasty is the Liechtenstein Dynasty, the monarch title is the name of the Daolong, today's Dayong Asian II.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia

Because Jordan and Saudi Arabia are the Arab countries, they are not only bordered by the territory, but also the culture of culture and a pulse, the author alternates the history of these two countries. Jordan and Saudi Arabia have been the Persi Empire (ie Iran Acki Germany, Saan Dynasty), Arab Empire (ie four Trial Harley Period, Miamaya Dynasty, Apage Dynasty), Ottoman Empire (ie Turkey The Territory of the Ottoman Dynasty, the territory of the Arab Empire, the Arabian Peninsula is deeply affected by Islam until modern, the Ottoman Dynasty Dynasty in the 19th century, the Arab Arabs continue to launch an independent war, including Saudi family, Hashim Family, Rashid family, etc., these families have been fighting for independence and competing for the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey's Osman Dynasty, and there is no time to take care.

Hagem family and Saudi family

In 1891, the Rashid family took the lead in establishing an internal direction kingdom in Riyadh, but in 1902, the Saudi family was defeated by the Saudi family, and the Saudi family was standing in Liyadi. In 1916, the Hagem family established the Kingdom of Han Zhi in the western coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and Han Zhiham Dynasty was established. Due to the king of the king of the interpose, the King of Saudi family, the King of the Saudi, and the King of the Hanzhi, the Hagem family, Ali Hagem, has a strong sense of the Arabian Peninsula, so the interposed kingdom and the Hanzhi kingdom have occurred many times. War, overall record five five.

At the time of the Arabian Peninsula, European strong country was also intensifying the colonial rule, or supporting the political power. After the establishment of the Hanzhi Kingdom, Ali Hagem left the eldest son Hussein Hagem to help himself, sent a second child. Abdul La Hagem and Sanzha Hashm have traveled to Today's Jordan and Iraq.

In 1921, the British Windsor Dynasty put Palestinian as the Jordan River, and the western region was still called Palestine. The eastern part was established, called the Other Jordan, served as a chief, this is the Kingdom of Jordan Hashim. Formerly, the British Windsor Dynasty, the British Windsor Dynasty, established the Kingdom of Iraq, the Iraqi Hagem Dynasty, and Faisar served as the king, called Philli, which is the predecessor of the Republic of Iraq.

Han Zhi Wang Guo and the Kingdom of the Neighborhood

In 1924, the Kingdom of the Han Zhi, who has been fighting with the Kingdom of the Demo, finally destroyed by the kingdom of the internalizes, Ali Hagem and the eldest son Hussein, Hardham, after the death of other countries, the Saudi Dynasty rule The interlocute kingdom is basically unified in the big Arabian Peninsula. In 1932, Iben Saudi changed the country to Saudi Arabian kingdom, called Ibben, so that the Saudi Arabian Saudi Dynasty is officially established, and has been continued to date, it has been 7 kings, and 6 after Iburn I The king is all his son, because he established the throne inheritance system of his brother and the King of Salesman, the Saudi Arabia, the twenty-five son of the King Iben, the King of the Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Saudi Dynasty Today's Kings Salesman I

During the World War II, I didn't say it. In 1946 after World War II, Abdullah Hashim successfully leads Jordan from the British independence, and immediately said the King, called Abdullah, officially established Jordan Hashim. The Dynasty, I established the National No. Jordan Hardm Kingdom in 1950, and has been continued to this day. It has been 4 kings. All of them are the father's son. Du Liyi's Zeng Sun.

Lishuo talks about the Kingdom of Iraq. Phrase successfully leads Iraq from 1932 to the British independence, which has already been said, Jordan and Iraq can be said that the two countries are two private brothers, but Iraq is independent than Jordan, but Destin is more than Jordan. The tragedy is much, in the cause of various factors, Iraq has burst the seven-four revolution in 1958, overthrowing the monarch system, establishing the Iraqi Republic, Kingdom of Iraq, King of Hagem, and King Faisar I have almost all of the revolutionaries and their families can be described as tragedy.

Jordan Hagem Dynasty Today King Abdullah II

Finally, I will talk about Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is only more than 160 square kilometers. It is probably as large as a town, and it is between Switzerland and Austria. It is one of the only two double inland countries in the world. The other is Uzbekistan. The concept of double inland countries is not explained.

Since Liechtenstein is so small, the land is the territory of other countries, the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire have been ruled by this country, followed by the Territory of Austria. In 1608, the Austrian public guinea-borne ladder Liechtenstein family Carl, bought this land, established a new country, official NATR Liechtenstein, because he came from the Liechtenstein family, so he built the dynasty The Liechtenstein Dynasty, the dynasty name and the official national number were the same.

Liechtenstein's location

After the establishment of the Liechtenstein Dynasty, the Liechugled Dynasty was established. It has long been protected from Switzerland in the future, making the Liechtenstein in Switzerland. Long-term exemption from the European War, a smoothly passed a battle and World War I, and the departure of the room has continued. Now it is the first Sixteen Grandfunda III.

Although Liechtenstein is a pocket small country, but it is very rich, it is a highly developed capitalist country. The national is very high in living. It is a very interesting country.

Liechtenstein Dependence Dynasty Dama Dama