"Eight Kings's chaos" is really chaotic

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"Eight Kings's chaos" is really chaotic

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I briefly introduced the history of Jin Dynasty a few days ago, but it was very disappeared, and there were a lot of fun. I personally think that the Jin Dynasty is divided into two episodes. Although the West Dynasty dynasty has a short time, what is interesting is very concentrated. Although the Eastern Dynasty is relatively long, but in addition to the West Jin, in addition to a few times Say that small and small civilians, all of them transferred to the northern minority.

Western Jin's summary can be simply described as: Xi Jin established, Sima Yan Wei said that the emperor → Jianan is power, "The Chaos of the Eight Kings" began → Western Jin Diwu, the clothes of the clothes, the monarch was captured. Some people say that the reason why the Jin Dynasty is short, because Sima's is not a country, although it makes sense, but in the middle of the millennium history, through legal means and the founding emperor of the grassroots, it is a little less, Zhu Yuanzhang, the Ming Dynasty was still qualified. So why is the Jin Dynasty be so messy?

The system, the final analysis, or the system. After Simician Licheng, the family is appointed, which makes these people not only have land, but also recruits to buy horses, departs the party, each is the government, Sima Yan is alive, these places are still afraid, and they immediately lost control after death. In addition, the Jin Dynasty has always been used in the nine pieces of the Cao Wei period. There is also a big problem in the selection of people, often only look at the door, do not look at the people's knowledge, so that some kinds of senior people will do more, and The loyalty of loyalty is buried in the sea. Especially after the "Dienan South", the Eastern Jin Jun of the Jiangnan still has no too much, but it is like Wang Dun, Hui Wen, and the power of the power will hold the political affairs, even in 403 AD, and the son of Wen is once. Deng Xiyu, the history called "Yu Chu".

Furthermore, during the chaos of the eight kings, in order to improve their strength, the parties have placed their efforts to themselves, which makes the outstanding generals of the ethnic minorities, and help the Jin dynasty to play the civil war. What is your strength. Then what is "the chaos of the eight kings", why have such a big power, can become the direct cause of the Western Jin Dynasty.

This eight kings is the eight kings, respectively, the Nanwang Sima Liang, Chu Wang Sima Wei, Zhao Wang Sima Lun, Qi Wang Sima, Changsha Wang Sima, Chengdu Wangshi Ma Ying, the river Wang Shima, Donghai King Sima Yue, "The Chaos of the Eight Kings" is really chaotic. I personally think that the participation is not only these eight princes, and the reason why these eight kings are listed, because these eight people directly hold the enemy, control the emperor, and become the core of the West, Wang Dynasty, Zhao Wang Sima Lun even drove "big Silly "The emperor Sima is sincerely.

It is difficult to understand Sima Yan's so smart person, why do you have a silly son, don't know why you choose this silly son as an emperor, if you have to find a reason, then you can be attributed to this big silly baby has a good mother. And a ugly woman. Mother Yang Yan is a beautiful woman. It was a queen by Sima Yuzun as the queen, but it was difficult to escape the end of the red and almost, afraid of his son, and strongly recommended that his sister Yang Yu is queen, let his son have a son. According to the moment, Sima Yan is sad, seeing his wife's sister is more beautiful, so regardless of all the wife's consequences, Yang Li is the queen. As a little mother and mother of Sima Yu, the mother is still very competent, but not only for Sima sincerity, but also helps his own business, the daughter of Kaifeng Jiaqong's daughter Jia Nang is a wife. This move not only pushes his own destiny to the abyss. Also pulled the national transport of Jin Dynasty into an endless turmoil.

Sima Yan wanted to let Yang Qian, Yang Jun and Yinan Wang Jun, Yang Jun and Yinnan Wang Jun, who wanted to assist Yang Queen, but Yang Jun saw that he was instead, and during the heavy period of Sima, Changed to one of them, the Spring Emperor has been ill, I have to agree. After Sima Yan, Queen Jianan didn't usually use Yang Jun and others to take the leader, just through his own silly husband, and the gang of the people, the mart of the mart, and the Mission of Mission, Mission, Mission, etc. It is closed in Golden City. Since this Sima Liang became the Dynasty, with Wei Yizhen, but Jianan thought of soil, thinking that he did not control the political affairs, let Sima Liang, the old boy fisherman, the heart is really awkward, just Sima Wei said that Sima Qiang was anti-, the emperor had a swear, killing innocent! But the file did not give Sima Wei. Sima Wei is also an angry, no thinking, I will kill the trail. In fact, the Sima Liang at this time also has the opportunity. Chang Zi Liu Zhao advised Sima Liang, let him prepare, but Sima Liang does not listen, feel that he is loyal, the emperor will not give him. Emperor? The emperor is a fool, don't he know? I also think that this old brother is thinking. The ending is clear that Sima Liang is in the way of escaping, and the first king of the Eight Kings is so Over. Janan, this ugly woman is very bad, and it is a Sima Wei. When this bloody youth thought that he had a great job, when he presided over the political affairs, Janan wind said he was correct, and the Sima Wei was packed, and the second king So finished.

Since then, the political affairs is completely held by Jia Nany, it is also very embarrassed, the big road is looking for a handsome guy, killing after crazy, this day has passed eight years, no matter how she plays, the DPRK is still stable. But in 299 AD, because he didn't have a son, she saw that the prince Sima Hao was not cool, starting to make a demon again. I took the opportunity to drunk the Sima, let him copy a good discussion in Jianan's in advance, and put his father. Although Sima is sincere, it is still clear, so it is necessary to kill this son, because Zhang Hua dismsualizes, the martyr prisoner is banned from Jin Yucheng. The third collapse, Zhao Wang, Ma Lun debut! He and Sun Xiu met to take the opportunity to overthrow Jia Nanyan, he was in power, but he was the "licking dog" of Jia Queen, did not dare to act rashly. Sun Xiu got a good idea, called people to release the wind, saying that Prince Sima Hao is about to reset to Janan wind, Sima Lun will come to advise Chen Nanfeng to remove Sima, such as Sima Lun, can say that the chapter will make a chapter to revenge, remove Jia Nang. Later, the development of developments and Sun Xiu, so, Sima Lun not only removed the Prince, but also went to Jianan's ugly woman, simply two. To be honest, this Jia Qian is really sin. It should be, when used almost the same way, the Sima Liang and Sima Wei were used in the same way. At this time, the Temma has reincarnation, and who is all in the sky, come out, it is necessary to return late. .

Sima Lun simply laughed out, it was a new owner of the court. In fact, if he is a smart person, he is a chance to reverse the DPRK, establish a prestige, and the Jin Dynasty still has a chance, but he only Drinking the girl, giving all the Communiases to Sun Xiu, Sun Xiu is not a good person, and the court is smoking. Sima Lan also played at this time, plus a group of fools of the boyfriend, suddenly did the emperor's dream, a single operation, the stupid emperor Mei Wizarded the horse, imprisoned. This is good, causing anger, the first person standing out is the ninth of Huainan, Wang Sheng Ma Yun, Jin Wu Di Simayan, is it straight, seeing not usually used to send a family, secretly cultivating the mandish, ready to overthrow Sima Lun, at this time, Sima Lun is somewhat fear, I want to pull Sima Yun, but Sima Yun is lazy to take care of him, so Sun Xiu and Sima Lun have false Sima Yun, I want to take the opportunity, I know Sima Yun is not vegetarian, With people, they were surrounded by Sima Lun, Qi Dynasty, Sima Lun looked at their house, rumored, hidden, hiding behind the tree. The Chinese book handed that Sima Yun, said with Jin Hui Emperor, sent a "white tiger" to stop the two battles, pay attention, Jin Dynasty has two "", one is "驺 驺"", Used to stop the war; one is "white tiger", used to support one party fight. At this time, the idea of ​​this is to deceive the emperor of Masma, so that he sent people to support Sima Yun, of course, the emperor would not understand these 干 干 干 干,,, 是 是 是 是 幡 幡 马 是 是 是 当 是 幡 ​​当 当 当 是 是 是 当 是 马 是 是 马 是 是 是The "White Tiger" is allowed to be smart and smart, but the mind is good, but the wrong person, when it is the son of Sima Lun, the son of Sima Lun, the son of Sima Lun, and after receiving the order, Sima assqi Volt helping to remove Sima Yun and take a heavy prison. So I took the white tiger to enter Sima Jialing, and the Sima hunned to see the stupid brother, the fans came out, and the volley suddenly took the murderer and killed Sima Yun, giving Sima Lun, is also The emergence of this small person has completely changed the development trajectory of history.

Sima Lan did not learn lesson at this time, and thought that he cow's destiny, still in my own, put the extravagant corruption, it seems that I have forgotten my emperor. So, the second wave of attack was again, at this time, Sima Yun Joint attack Sima Lun jumped out again, and again in the river, Wang Shima, and Chengdu Wang Shiming, the scene of the Sima Lun, the scene is very tragic. The number of casualties in both parties exceed 10,000, Sima Lun and Sun Xiuwei defeated, and Jin Hui Di Sima is sincerely reset. But everyone seems to have forgotten the truth that has no water, because this three kings are not a good person. Under the suggestion of Shu Zhi, Sima Ying, took the initiative to give up all the credits and returned to the city operation, played a high wind and bright. So Sima Hao held the power of the main power, but he did not use the power, but he didn't exclude the illegal dilute, looked at the prince in the dynasty. In order to show his prestige, the emperor's nephew Sima Han is a prince. This is good, it turns out that Sima Ying and Sima Xi in a camp can't watch it, and the "partner" Sima Wei.

I feel that Sima Hao is also a little scared. At this time, I thought that Changsha Wang Sima, who was stationed in Luoyang, was in the internal response of the second king, and sent Dong Ai attack Sima Hao. Just like Sima Wei dictatorship, the two sides fight. Due to the lack of the force of Sima, I took the opportunity to retreat to the emperor city. Interesting things appeared at this time, Sima Yu's stupid buddy, in the crowd to the city wall, Sima Hao in the Huangcheng Foreign Drows Sima Hao, smartly shouted a lot of officials around the emperor, and everyone thought that Sima Yujun, the army of the Huangcheng became the people of Sima, and Sima Hao was also defeated, and he killed Sima Hao. The new owner of the dynasty, Jointly discussed Sima Hao's Sima Ying and Sima Hao also returned.

Some people are power, there is inevitable that people are red, Sima Hao is really the case, see Sima Hao is so beautiful, and you want to die. At this time, the Sichuan people have a rebellion, but the recent Sima Hao is standing by, Sima Hao has to send people long-distance betrayal, but it is detained when the road passes Sima's ground, so the war between the two kings is also inevitable. . Sima Hao is a person who is afraid of, and his generation is high, and it is impossible to do the emperor's successor, and I remembered his "good friend" Sima Ying. Sima Ying, who is booming in Yucheng, has already hungry and is righteous, so the second king began to join Sima Hao. Say that Sima Hao is also a rare big 佬 in this eight kings, not only level, but also deeply, often with the emperor's scorpion, the martyrdom of the two kings, but Sima Hao often personally pro, two-wire fight, long distance, leading to Food and grass is not good, the troops are exhausted. At this time, the Donghai Wang Sima, who served in the DPRK, "Eight Kings" all arrived, he didn't know where to come out, the Sima Hao, who was able to win, colluded with several waste woods in the face, At night, Sima Hao, and let the emperor dismissed all the positions of Sima, imprisoned in Jinyu City. Sima Yue thought that Sima Ying's military army is complete, he quickly welcomed the Imperial City. He found it is not as good as Sima. "Dog leg". Sima Ying entered the court, became the big man at the time, but also the emperor of the emperor, Sima Hao is his "boy friend", so winning the pot full of full, return. Everyone thought that Sima Ying, the high wind, bright, the court, brought different winds, but did not expect Sima Ying more garbage, and lost his expectations. There are also many people in the Dorship, I want to rescue the Sima, who is sleepy in Jinyu City, continue to control the political affairs. Sima, who heard the news, is a cold sweat, it is the mids of Sima, if he comes out, you will die, I want to hurry. After the martyr, but if it is not easy to do, he will listen to the proposal from Huang Mintang Pan Wei, come to the knife to kill, and give Sima Hao to Sima's hand, Zhang Fang is just a butcher, live living Sima Yu with fire, I listened to crying, and the fifth king of the eight kings was also hanging.

Sima Ying felt that Luoyang was boring, he returned his own seal, the city to enjoy life, remote remote control of the DPRK, leaving Sima Yue in Luoyang looked at the emperor. Can Sima Yue be such a honest person? Originally regretted Sima Ying into the city, so I immediately turned his face and crusade Sima Ying. He also learned Sima Hao to go to the city to fight, but it is very unsatisfactory for the protection of the emperor. Many times let this silly buddy is in danger. Sima Ying wants very well. The emperor died of himself. Inheritance, no matter whether it doesn't matter, it is best to shoot a piece of emperor, so that the troops of the Sima Chaoxue are covered, and the porridge is made into a pot of porridge. Sima Yue defeated the East China Sea. Sima Ying histed Sima sincerely in Yucheng, it should be cleaned up now, but there may be rooms, but he is unclear with a local warlord Wang Wei, Wang Wei is just a jointly defeated Sima Yue and some The Xianbei people attacked the city. Sima Ying saw Wang Hao's foreign aid, and he also wanted to begin to gestrate the tribe of the Huns, but failed to succeed, the defeat escaped back to Luoyang, basically it was abolished.

The fisherman is profitable. At this time, Sima Hao controls Luoyang, fortunately, it has become a winner, and it is also worthy of Sima Ying's "Biyou". He quickly abolished the honorary title of his emperor, and wanted to start Sima, but Sima Yue is old. Small sons are very bad, do not leave Sima Hao, the savings. Just like the Maxi hand, Zhang Fang holds Jin Hui Di but Chang'an, in order to grab the control of the emperor, Sima Yue attack Zhang Fang, at this time, Sima Yue and others even attacked the town, reputation, Sima, I was afraid, I thought and Sima's speech, the generals Zhang Fang did not agree, so Sima Wei listened to the words, design and killed Zhang Fang, gave the first level to Sima's, and said sincerity. This type of operation of this kind of self-exci grave can think of it can't be done. Sima Hao will do it, Zhang Fang is the only ace in his camp, Zhang Fang is dead, he basically abolished. Sima Yue took Zhang Fang's head to call four squares, not fighting, Sima Yu is very eye-catching, single ride escape is too white.

I didn't expect Sima Yue, a long-awaited relative that I can't fight with the emperor's eighth rock has become the final winner. What about the Sima Ying? The ending is definitely a dead, but he is a little bit of death. After Sima Ying defeated, Hebei's master of Masters also recognized this boss, and I started to play soldiers. I think Sima Ying itself refused, but the people who were caught in the ducks were there, there is no way, all the way to run. Successfully, but in Yucheng met the famous, the masters and others defeated the escape. At this time, Sima also also gave the emperor to return to the fair flag, attack Sima, Sima Yu, is also afraid, see Sima Ying lives very well in Hebei, I want to pull it again, and make up "base again" Friends "Alliance to dry the Sima, but he doesn't want to be a feeling that the feelings will be repaired. Sima Ying once again lifted it. When I got the town army general, I've got a military in Hebei, with Sima Hao, against Sima, but the force could not be arrived, and the defeat fled. Sima Ying turned to the new wild, Jingzhou thorn history Liu Hong has only died, Sima Guozhen took the opportunity to engage in things, and wanted to put Sima Yingla in the boss, but also did not implement, Guo Wei was killed by Liu Hong's son Liu Wei, and sent The person captures Sima Ying. It turned out that the Chengdu Wang, who had a thousand people, had to leave the wife to give the son, but was paid to Fanyang Wang Sima, in the road. It is only an imprisonment. But after a month, Sima Hao suddenly died, Chang Chang Liu Zi was afraid that Sima Ying was re-attached, and he sent him to death, the sixth king was so embarrassing. Compared with the dead very embarrassing Sima Ying, Sima Hao's death live. After he was defeated by Sima, I can find a place to live well, even if the opportunity to wait for the opportunity to come out again Dongshan again, at this time, Sima's under the bottom of Sima Yu is Situ, and sent his brother Sima to pick Sima.颙 任 任, normal people will think of it, the contradictions of the two come to your place where you live, now I will call you to the official, can you believe? Can Maxi go, do not expect it, Sima Mo will live Sima Yu live on the road. Dead is also a sleeper, but it is not a little bit. So far, only Sist of Sima is still alive, it is still very good, not only masters the power of China, but also dilute the silly emperor, but although there is no significant evidence that Sima is poisoned, but basically can be locked It's he did. After the death, he flescered that Ji Hui Sima Chitsuang was sitting on the throne. Simazing instruments were very normal, and it was very capable. After all, the two will wipe out a different spark, but this spark is in the Jin Dynasty. The larger flame is ignited. It is indeed the Liuyuan Group of Hunu, igniting the fire, and the first half of the Jin Dynasty becomes the history.