Which characters are the strongest overlord of five strengths?Which overlord is the first hero in the world?

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Which characters are the strongest overlord of five strengths?Which overlord is the first hero in the world?

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In ancient many heroes, there are a lot of characters called overlord, and there are many characters. From martial arts, strength and record, Liangshan Heroes, Xiaotong, is a unforgany person. After all, the overlord is to show a sense of hegemony. From the record, strength, character and martial arts need a domineering, in many legendary characters, there have been five legendary overlord, they have left a lot of wonderful stories. . So who is these five overlord?

First place: Xi Chu Bawang Pixun

The end of the year of Qin Dynasty, with 30,000 defeat of 200,000 elite Qin Jun's brave record. He has become an invincible hero of a thousand people, and the chapter of the hundred battle martial arts high can be counted in the world, compared to Xiang Yu said that there is a gap and dozens of turn will be lost. Quaterni, the characters of the British Crown Three Army are not opponents, and the first big will be Fan Wei in Liu Bang, and there is also a level of gaps in martial arts. The power of the Qian Ding is shocked by the group. His overlord gun law has also been continued by the later generations, incorporating many famous martial arts in Wujia guns, Liuhe gun law.

Compared with Li Yuanba, Li Yuanba, Li Yuanba, Li Yuanbao, Xiang Yu's strength should be inferior, but this does not affect his first image in the public's mind, the first courage of the ages is not him. Because there is a title Xi Chu King in his old age in his record. Overlord has become an invincible sign. In the many listeners of the world, as long as there is a fighter name, you can become the people of the Three Army.

Second: Remaining the world

Gao Jia will become the first courage of Yue Jiajun. It is mainly known as the record of the gun and picks the iron pulley. In contrast, the other two endless legendary characters must be inferior, they are Codi's rebirth Yang Ji Zhou and Yulong Chengdu will have another mountain. Although the three people could not meet more, they came from the outer number of the three, and the high pets of the tyrants were still stronger than Yang Ji Zhou and Yu Wen Chengdu. After all, his high-gun law is also practicing, plus his skills, and high pets have also reached the level of overlord in martial arts and strength.

The third place: Xiaofan Wang Teice

Sun Ce in the Three Kingdoms is the hero of the famous earth. His martial arts is not the best in the Three Kingdoms, but the first-class strength can take a long time in many two-three fire warfare. After the father Sun Qian, the Sun's family took the Jiangdong's large base industry under his lead, and the battle of the famous name was truly borrowed with Shen Li, and he defeated Liu Wei and fans. Siki, since then, he got the title of the little overlord. It should be said that Sun Ce's strength can not reach the first three countries, but from the record, martial arts and strength, although it is more than the West Chu Bawang, but with his fighter, he has also made Jiangdong Xiaofang.

The fourth place: Xiaobao Wang

It is not a powerful figure during the Sui and Tang Dynasties, but he also has some of the overlord's shadow. He took several worships in Waigang Village, and later he and Qin Qiong, Cheng Jin, etc. Shandong Yijun has been together, and he has made one of the Wagang five tigers. It truly let him highlight the battle is a new civil ceremony. In the face of the 11th eight-horse war, the new ceremony, claim With the brave with him more than 20 rounds, they have become the most powerful strength of his life. From the strength and record, the name of the king is still a distance, but he is just right, reckless and brave character, but it is very similar to the tyrant style, the little king is like Xichu, so the reason for the character Under the decision.

Fifth: Xiaobao Shi Yandeng

The mother Iron Mei, who is called, is a famous fierce, with a steel fork, and she is the only person who can catch the three gagers. Under the teachings of the mother, he also became a bilky juvenile hero. His gun method is not too good, but it is also a championship. The gun picking Malham Wars Panghua's record highlights the strength of people. After the Yunliang City, he still bite his teeth and insisted on fighting, and Yue Deng is also becoming a giler and bravely became a small babit.