The Huns are not Chinese. It is a historical rumor. It is a conspiracy, the Huns must be Chinese.

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The Huns are not Chinese. It is a historical rumor. It is a conspiracy, the Huns must be Chinese.

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Tip: The Huns are Chinese, at least two mides for us: First, the Chinese nationalism, the Chinese nation is the Han nationality, but it is definitely not only Han nationality, and China's northern grassland nation has never been in the pulse. The Huns are Chinese, tell us that the Chinese nation is China's national nationality; the second is the national splitism, accompanied by this mice, the Han Wudi aggravation, the Huns are Chinese, can let the national splitism lose theoretical foundation, not looking for Go to the historical basis, lose the market, there is no tolerance, telling them that China's northern is China, since ancient China!

The Huns are not Chinese. It is a historical rumor. It is a conspiracy, the Huns must be Chinese. "Historical Records · Xiongnu" original text: Xiongnu, his ancestral summer, the seedlings, 淳 维.

Who is 维? This is also a business in "Historical Records": he is a child of Xia Hao and a child.

Xia Zhen (? - 1600 BC), surname, summer, famous, one, one, 谥 桀. He is the child of the 16th generation of the summer dynasty, and the last monarch of Xia Dynasty is a famous tyrant in history. In 52 years (the prediction of Xia Shang Zhou Deco Project is predicted for 1652 BC), 1600 BC, is all in the Soft (now Luoyang, Henan).

Xia Zhenwu Shuangquan, but it is unreasonable, and there is no way. Shang Decheng in the name of Yin M. West). After being chased by the soup, it was exhibited in the Nanchao, and the summer dowfred. Ded in the South Nest after several years.

After the death of Xia Xia, his son smoked the people of Xia Xuan as he had, and this is of course the mother of 维. In order to avoid the trocar, the family is getting a victory, and you will avoid the land of the south, and the mountains, 猃狁, porridge polymerization, turning into grazing, the generations of generations, this is the origin of the Huns.

Most of these historical records come from "Historical Records", as well as the Historical Officer and the Warring States Period of the Spring and Autumn Period, the "Bamboo Book Year", as well as the geographic books of the Tang Dynasty. "Historical Records": Xia Zhenzhi Zuo River Ji, right Tailong, Yizhen in its south, Yang intestines in northern; also, the emperor, the petroleum, is 桀. "Bamboo Book Year": Too Kangju, 羿 羿 亦, 桀 桀. "Including": The Siki City is also in the southwest of Luozhou, Southwest China, and the cover is also.

In addition, there is also a person called Yu Wei, he is the founder of the Xiongnu regime.

This is very interesting, just like the Huns established a regime in the Central Plains, it has been called "summer". He Lie Bis rebels, thinking that the Xiongnu is the descendant of Xia Hai, the state of the country, including and the Huns Some "blood" Li Yuanyi also called his regime as big summer, and it is a matter of identity.

"Histori" said: "Self-timer, the head is a thousand years old, when the big time is small, don't scattered, but the world is not allowed to have a second. However, it is the most powerful, the Xiongnu is the strongest, even the best from the North And the south and China are hostile, and the world's official number is to remember the cloud. "That is: Their wealth cannot be arranged in turn. But when I arrived, I was the most powerful, so that the Northern Yi people took their own rule, and China became an enemy in the South China. Since then, the name of their world, the state of the country can be recorded.

This means is obvious:

The Xiongnu is unclear because of a small period of time, and the author has a difficulty of writing. This also made us have made this conclusion today: the "Huns" in the traditional historiography is the pronunciation of the "Northern National" in the pre-Qin period. Sima Qian's Xiongnu is not the first to dominate the core rule tribe of the Huns (the narrow sense of the Huns), but the vast family after the country, should be the "General Yun Xiongnu". That is to say, the Xiongnu is a nation and a political power. As a nation's Huns should have a relationship with Qiwei. It is the core rule tribe of the Xiongnu regime, and under this core tribe, there should be a lot of small tribes. They must be different nations, but they have been known as the Huns.

Let's take a look at "Historical Records" about the description of the Huns:

Xia Taoye, and the public Liu lost his official, which became the West, and Yu Yu. There were three hundred years old, and the Diqi king's father, and the father was died, and the people were in love with the father, and Zhou. Thereafter, there were hundreds of age, Zhou Xibo survived. After ten years old, Wu Wang was cut and camp, reunited, put it, put it in the north, Luo Zhi North, and in the time of the tribute, and live "waste". There were two hundred years old, the turnariness, while Mu Wang Vie, won the four white wolves.

Since then, the waste is not. So Zhouyi made a punishment. After Mu Wang, there were two hundred years old. Shen Houger and the dog got a total of Zhou Qi Wang in Lushan, he took the coenzing of Week, and he was between the shackles, and invaded China. Qin Yugong saved the week, so Zhou Ping was going to the migration. When it is, Qin Yugong is squatting, and it is a prince. It was five years after sixty years, and the mountains were more vast, and they were talents and battles in the suburbs. After forty-four years, the mountainsaw is swallowed. Yan Yan is eager to Qi, Qi Gong's publication of the mountains and mountains. After the twenty years, there is a year, and the Di Di Luo, the Zhou Yudang, and the king rushed to Zheng Zhiyi.

At the beginning, Zhou Wang wants to drive Zheng, so after marking Di Di, I was tried to Zheng Zheng. After that, after Di Di, Di is grievance, and after the king, the mother is brought, there is a son, who wants to stand, so after paying with Di, the sub-belt is within, Khan Di, Yu Di , Broken Week, and standing tape as the emperor. So Di Di or from Lu Wei, east to Wei, and invading the country. China's disease, the poet's song "狄 是 应", "thin rush, as for the original", "出 彭 彭, 城 方". Zhou Xiang Wang is both in the past four years, but it is so embarrassed to Jin. Jin Wen's initial, want to repair the hegemony, Naixing teachers caught up, the squat, the Welcome to the king, lived in the 雒 雒. Value translation:

When Xia Dynasty politics declined, public Liu lost his joy, changed the customs of Xiqixi, and built it in the land. For more than three hundred years later, the Di people attacked Zhou Tai Wang, and the father escaped to the foot of the people, and the people of the land came to the Mountain, creating a city, creating a week. He has been over more than 100 years later, Zhou Xibo Ji Chang crusade. In the next more than ten years, Zhou Wu Wang crusade, and camped the Rocky, returning to the Beijing, 京 京, 北 夷 到 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北 北"


". After more than two hundred years, Zhou Dynasty politically declined, Zhou Mu Wang crushed the big troops, won four white wolves and four white deer.

Since then, the people of the waste of the waste are no longer coming to Jinjing. So Zhou Dynasty made a regulation of "甫". After more than two hundred years later, Wang Wang has a hatred with Shen Hou because of the sake of being awkward. Shen Hou's anger, I attacked the dogs and killed Zhou You, and the dog won the focus of the Zhou Dynasty, lived between Water and Water, violated the Central Plains. At this time, Qin Weihui saved the Zhou Dynasty, so Zhou Ping left the 酆 酆, 京, moved to Luo. At this moment, Qin Wei's public attack and got to live, and began to be sealed as a prince. In this sixty-five years, the mountains crossed Yan Guo to attack Qi, Qi Ri Mingshan in the Qi Guocheng diplomat. After forty-four years, the mountains attacked Yan Guo. Yan Guo is in a hurry, and Qi Gong is in the north and the north, and the mountains have escaped. For more than 20 years later, Di came to Luo, attacking Zhou Yudang, and Wang Wang fled to Zheng Guo's pan.

Initially, Zhou Wei thought about Zheng Guo, so he married

Di Di's girl

After the king, the soldiers of Tie Di were engaged in Zheng Guo. Soon, the king was scrapped after Di, Di was resentful; after the king's mother called Hui Hui, there was a son called a son, and he wanted to stand as a king. After the benefits, the sub-belt was inside, and opened for the Di Di City gate, so Di Di can enter the city, defeat the Zhou Jun, drive away Zhou Yuxi, and the son with the sky. Some of the people in Di Di lived in Lu Wei, and the eastern part arrived in Wei Guo, infringed the people of abuse, and hated them, so the authors of the "Book of Songs" poem "Combat Di Di", "crusade , Arrived at the original "," dispatching military vehicles, the horse "," in the north ". Zhou Zhao took four years left, so sent to Jin State. At that time, Jin Weigong just turned to ruling. If you want to create a hegemony, we also sent troops and expelled Di Di, kill the son, and met Zhou Yuxu, live in Luo.

This paragraph can tell us such a truth:

Before our country truly formed, the Central Plains northern and northern nations have been in playing killing, the escape or exile of the Central Plains and the Sino-Play of the Central Plains, which have always been "assimilated" with a few ethnic groups. Moreover, in this description, we saw the wedding marriage of Zhou Dynasty and the ethnic minority, even the Qi Di's girl made a Queen of Zhou Dynasty.

After a country, the mother is the world, this important concept, we think that the mother is the mother of the feudal society, the queen is the mothermm. "East Zhou Lie Guo Zhi" said that the emperor is the emperor, like the father of the people. The Queen nature is the mother of the people, the number of gifts is required, and the moisual people, the first day of the mother.

Zhou people regard the Women's Woman as the king, it is really a big hand, too gas farm, which should become the iconic incident of ancient Chinese national integration, let us know what is more known to the Chinese nation.

At the same time, we should see that after the moment, in the moment of opening the city gate, the Hungaro enters the Central Plains area, China's history is more beginning to start. The Guo Yan is in the northern part of Henan Province, and the western part of Handan City and Shandong Province, Shandong Province. Or more or less have a national fusion.

Of course, we should also see that from then on, there is a revenge between the Central Plains and the northern ethnic minorities, and the Huns are therefore excluded from the "foreigners".

Here, we need to explain the historical nouns mentioned in "Historical Record":

Wild clothes, one of the ancient "five clothes". It is said that it is from 2,000 to 2,500 miles away from Jingshi. It also refers to the remote area. What is "five service"? "Mandarin · Zhou language" records, Zhou Mu Wang, the sacrifice father once clarified that "five clothes" said: "The first king's system, Bang Nade, Bang, Hou Weibin, Yizhen, 狄 狄Service. Day sacrifice, moon, season, long tribute, final king, first king training, "Specific, 即, 即," "," Hou Shu "," Bentals "(Han Shu as" Yu Yu ")," essential "," waste service ", is" five service. " This is our country - "five service" countries.

"Historical Records · Five Emotion": 之 功 大 大 大, 山 山 山 山 山 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州 州Fang five thousand miles, as for the waste. Nanssing, Beita, Xiqi, Qi Zhi, Dragonfly, 氐,, Bei Mountain, hair, interest, Dong Long, Birds, Summer Dai Dai Emperor. So, Yu Naixing, the joy of the nine tricks, the vicinity, Feng Huang toxiang.

It means: the biggest credit of, turned on the nine mountains, rectified Jiu Dawei, dredging the nine river, defining nine states. All states have special products to enroll, and there is no regulations. The field of five thousand miles is all in the area of ​​the side. The south appeases the delivery, Beita, the West, the Dizhu, the rumor, the mountains, the northern mountains, hair, interest, and the long, birds. Within the four seas, I feel the merits of Di Di. So Yucheng Jiuyu's music, so that the singular treasures of all parties have been sent to China, and the Phoenix also came to dance.

The field of five thousand miles is all in the area of ​​the side. This is our China.

"Historical Records, Huxun": When it is, Qin Jin is a strong country. Jin Wen is born, lives between Hexi, Luo, No. 曰 曰 赤, white. Qin Mu public is good, the West is all in Qin, so I am from the west and wishes, I will have the north, the northern, the northern, Liangshan, Wei, Paint.之. And the Jinbei has Lin Hu, the building is annoyed, and Yan Bei has Donghu, and the mountains. Every dispersion of Zhavtriglet, has a long history, and often, it will be a hundred, but Mo can be a.


At that time, Qin, Jin is a strong country. Jin Weigong rushed to Di Di, lived in Hexi's water, Luo Water, called Red Di, Bai Di. Qin Mu Gong got the help of the homework, so that the eight countries were obeyed from Qin State, so they went to the west of the west and western, and the mysterium, Yan, Yan, and the north of the paint. , Meaningful channels, big 荔, Wushu, Yan Yan. There is Lin Hu, the north of Jinguo, the land, and the northern part of Yan Guo and the mountains. Every self-dispersed in the Valley, there are their own king, often together, there are hundreds of royal tribes, but they can't unify each other.

Who did the unified country and the nation? Of course, Qin Huang Hanwu.

And the Huns are Chinese, telling us such a historical or fact, and took a unified Chinese north, and established a powerful Xiongnu political power. The most east of the territory of the Turkey is the Liaohe River Basin. Ling (now Parmier Plateau), Nanda Qin Great Wall, Bei Beibei Bergal Lake, with an area of ​​about 6 million square kilometers.

After the Qin Shihuang unified in the Central Plains, Han Di is warned for this 6 million square kilometers, which in turn laid the foundation of modern China.