Old girl is married for 5 years, and the fiance is delayed, and her mother-in-law uses a trick. He returns to the child

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Old girl is married for 5 years, and the fiance is delayed, and her mother-in-law uses a trick. He returns to the child

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If you mention Lu Xun, you will be amazed to him, after all, this person is a famous literary man in modern Chinese history. He uses his own wisdom and thinking, we have left a lot of classic works for future generations. Of course, Lu Xun's greatest impact on society, reflects in the anti-Japanese war period. In the age of war, he used his own pen to wake up countless Chinese people, giving people incentives. However, today we have to talk about the theme, not the literary talent of Lu Xun, nor his thoughts, but his emotional life.

Lu Xun had a original wife, named Zhu An, but Zhu An is not a beautiful person. On the contrary, she has long been very uncomfortable, not only is thin, her face is long, the forehead, the humeral is a bit outstanding, and there is no god It seems to always be sick, so marry is more difficult.

However, although Zhu An's appearance is not good, her family conditions are very good, and kindness is good, and it is a good wife. Therefore, if she is willing to marry, there are still many options. Therefore, when the 21 year old, Zhu An was married to Mr. Lu Xun with the help of relatives, and at that time, Lu Xun was only 18 years old, and it was still studying.

Zhu An is probably the typical daughter-in-law in the feudal society. It will cook, sew, do not know, and the character is warm, so when there is no door, let Lu Xun's mother like it very much. Therefore, in 1901, Lu Xun's mother did not pass Lu Xun's consent, with Zhu An eight characters and gave them a marriage. However, in this key moment, Lu Xun got a scholarship to go to Japan, so the wedding did not do it. Probably Zhu An is very satisfied with Zhou family, and it is very satisfied with Lu Xun, so he waited for five years.

In 1906, Lu Xun was still studying in Japan, Zhu An was 28 years old, I can't afford it, but Lu Xun did not marry her, which also made two people very anxious. In desperation, Lu Xun's mother began to use a trick to take a trick, lied, and lied Lu Xi back. Lu Xun is naturally very angry, but it is in the imprisonment of filial piety.

However, although the wedding is finished, the gap between the two people is really too far away. Therefore, Lu Xun is drying Zhu An on the side, let her alike a vacancy, and soon after marriage, continue back to Japan to school. In this way, a woman successfully married a man who wanted to marry, but in the end, it was like a bachelor, which was very sigh.

It is not difficult to see that in fact, in many times, "door is correct" is very correct. Of course, the "door is correct" here, and it is not necessarily the material life, more. If two people who are not the same world, they don't even have a common language and common hobbies, how can they become a loving couple?