"Fruit Dare Wang" Peng Jiaxing: Digger tens of thousands of eyes are watching me, you say what I should do

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"Fruit Dare Wang" Peng Jiaxing: Digger tens of thousands of eyes are watching me, you say what I should do

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The chaos of the Burma northern region have always hosted the hearts of the Chinese.

As a result, the Burmese Site has a historical origin that is unsatisfactory; the war is like the war, and it is likely to have the people in the border areas of Yunnan.

Whether it is Dangang or a trick, it is our ear, and their lead, everyone is like a thunder.

(1) Wind cloud meeting, the world of the world

Peng Jiaxing is the growing rude, his ancestor is from Sichuan Hoi County, which is this historical origin, so that Peng Jiaxiang has never been able to forget the national identity of the body.

Peng Jia people came to do the courage to do, "the leader" "Picking and selling the coin", a few times, and the woman who greeted the potentian, gradually became a "leader".

Since then, Peng's family has been brilliant, and there is also a fortunate, in the Burmese cultivation for more than a century, and has never left this land.

Peng Jiaxing took into the training class opened by Yangjia, whokyen in Beijing. At that time, he was a big man, and the students were later, such as Luo Xinghan, Kunsha and so on.

The teacher who gave them a leaf will be the loss of the Kuomintang, so Peng Jiaxing accepted the military training of comparative systems.

It is quite ironic that Pengjiao has brought the team to help the People's Liberation Army, encirclement to the National Party Residual Forces on the Burma Border, and teachers and students meet in the battlefield.

Later, Yang Jia gradually lost in many of the rebellions in many departments, and the people of other people in the Burmese were difficult to survive.

In history, Myanmar has repeatedly set off a wave of waves.

After the Yang Tuo is desolate, the Burmese authorities are more embossed.

For example, Peng Jiaxing said: "It is a big tribute to the country, we must peace, we must be free, we must take yourself."

This Peng Jiaxing is very angry. He doesn't understand why Myanada has to press them, but also account for it.

So he raised the big flag of the uprising, but the conditions were extremely limited, no weapons in his hand, and there was no source of supply.

Luo Xinghan and Yang Zhenye have put on the Myanmar government army, and Qi Qi will open the Pengjiao.

Peng Jiaxun resolution Add to the Myanmar Communist Party. In 1968, he established the Myanmar PLA. It is necessary to drive out other forces, all from the fruit dare to go out. Since then, the fruit dare Wang Peng's family officially mounted the historical stage.

Peng Jiaxi took the courage to have a decorated military power in one hand, and it was said that it was a "land emperor" in the local area.

With the continuous accumulation of capital, the regime is expanding, Peng Jiaxing has begun to have a new pursuit.

First, open Myanmar North Peace; Second, Anti-Drugs, and Third, promote the economic development.

In 1989, the deccession league leader led by Pengjiao, and took the lead in achieving peace agreements with the Myanmar military government, expressed their willingness to understand. Under his appearance, other armed forces in the Burma also launched an agreement with the government.

In Pengjiao's view, he opened the peace of the peace in Myanmar, and he brought the peace of 20 years.

After the war was calm, Peng Jiaxiang began to start anti-drug.

It is to know that most of the "Golden Triangle" zone in the northern northern region, whether it is the people or warlords, are planted and sold to sell drugs.

Peng Jiaxing is strictly forbidden to plant poppy plants, advocating crops and custries to replace drugs.

Peng Jiaxing clearly, if you want to completely eradicate drugs, you must make everyone's life wealth.

He began to implement economic openness policies, let the courage to have "Burma Northern Macao".

In this year, Peng Jiaxing will always say proudly: "Danger is a high alpine area. It can be said to be a poor two white. After 1989 to 2009, it has established a high-rise building and the economic development is very good."

(2) The martyrs will be strong, and they are strong.

When Peng Jia said, it was born with his own treatment, and a gun in 2009 was disturbed by his dream.

Over time, the Myanmar authorities ended over the years, and truly controlled the Burmese, and also put on the agenda.

In 2008, the Myanmar authorities adopted a new constitution to strengthen national cohesiveness and national unity capabilities, ensuring that the military government can promote their leading national and democratic processes.

Since then, the military government and Pengjiao have been in contact with Pengjiao, hoping to make the fare of the Delicious military to edit the Burmese army, meaning that Peng Jiaxing will lose the army.

The guns have fallen out of the political power, there is no gun, no people, is the north of the north becomes the fish on the knife, why is it autonomous?

Under Pengjiao's several spent, the Myanmar's military government has no patience.

On August 8, 2009, the Myanmar Army borrowed the "discovery of drug factories" as it was carried out.

According to the previous anti-war agreement, the Burmese military cannot enter the courage, and they make this move, it is obviously in violation of the agreement.

Moreover, a circle was found and the drug did not have been discovered.

Want to add sin, why did you have any words? The Myanmar authorities claim that the suspects of smuggling of the army have been continually applied to Pengjiao.

The house leaks live in the night rain, the 78-year-old Peng Jiaxing was sold under the old department.

Bai Cheng was born with Pengjiao, and he was intimate, but he suddenly announced on August 25 that he was a gift chairman and announced a new list of leaders.

On top of the list, it is the relatives of the white, and the officials who have a festival with Pengjiao.

Obviously, the white composition wants to borrow this trick and eradicate Pengjiao.

Next, more than 1,000 people colluded, the big army is compressed. The Pengjiao, which is internal, except for escape, don't choose.

Of course, he didn't escape his own, but there were more than 1,000 soldiers and tens of thousands of people.

This matter is the turning point of Pengjiao's personal destiny. It is also a turning point of the fate. He took a guardian, all the way to the Sark River.

The age is not forgiving, this movement of this road will make Peng Jiaxiang intertwined, but he did not have him in addition to escape.

He fled to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, just started to live abnormal, so in his friends all over the world, they have been accepted.

He has never given up his dreams. He kept in contact with other independent arms of Burma, and after contacting Kachin, he decided to return to Myanmar in 2012.

He lives in a chamber of your friends, through the phone, remotely commands the normal operation of the decorative army.

Although Peng Jiao's hair has already spent white, although he has already handed over the army's command to his son, he is still very kind, always like the affairs of the affairs.

(3) Lian Po is old, can still meals?

Just when everyone thought that Peng Jiao snorted to hide, when he made Yugong, he returned to people's vision on his birthday banquet.

I saw that he is still in the spirit, and the idea is still very clear. Originally Peng Jiaxing is just thinking of a family, eating a little, but he has never thought that everyone is coming.

They arrived, gave Pengjiao's endless encouragement.

"I can't eat it in 85, and I can't drink much, but the fruit is tens of thousands of eyes, I am staring at me in my eyes. What should I do?"

In 2015, when he was interviewed by Phoenix, Peng Jiaxing in front of the camera said this, there is no helplessness.

The eyes he refer to, is the prayer of the people, how many people want Pengjiao, lead himself, and take home.

Nowadays, those who have dare to dare to eat, hidden in a village in the Burmese Mountain, they named the village: Fuxing Village.

As Peng Jiaxing said: "People say that the world's largest nation is our Chinese nation. Of course, we are now flowing outside, is a homeless situation. Just like a mother, there is no aunt. "

Peng Jiaxun is to do, that is, when this group does not have a father, a father, with them, with them, a world of heaven.

To this end, Pengjiao has been working hard. In 2014 and 2015, the Burmese authorities were disturbed by Kacho independent arms organization.

They won't know at the time, and the team that had already been defeated by themselves (Golden Army), also.

The Gongguan Alliance and the Kachin Independent army fight side by side, and the endless anger, all the tongue, and sprayed in the Burmese government army.

The organizers behind the Gongguan Allied Forces are Peng Jiaxing and his son Peng Deren.

In recent years, under the help of Kachin Independence Army, Peng Jiaxing's Gong's Careless Alliance has gradually recovered the vitality. Its organizations began to continue to absorb young people. Without the injection of fresh blood, it means that there is hope.

They have plans to carry out day-day training in the mountains, just for a purpose: take back the budget home.

The League Army will be on August 29th, this is the day of the causing flee, as a shameful day, the salary, just for the last battle.

Looking at this scene Peng Jiaxun is very unusually, he said: "Although I am a peace, I can watch these little life, I am very pleased with the tiger. It is that you let me return to the old child, and I have returned to the battlefield. "

The old Peng family is still working hard for his wishes.

He said: "If I surrendened, I can't eat, I can't wear, what I want now, I want to eat, I want my people to be flat, I want my people to live in peace, In a harmonious social environment. "

However, the desire of Pengjiao may be difficult to achieve. Because, it is no longer the result of him.

Since 2009, the Burmese authorities have risen to the country, began to promote Myanmar education, to increase the national identity of the people, Peng Jiaxing and his reeds here, are being lost at time.