Hohhot Name: Old Street, Old Street, Xinhua West Road, Huimin District

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Hohhot Name: Old Street, Old Street, Xinhua West Road, Huimin District

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Xinhua West Road Sub-district Office: The office is in the east of Xilin Gol North Road, west to the east side of the garden, Nanqi Xinhua Street, north to Daqing Road. Jurisdiction over 15 neighborhood committees. In 1958, it is called Xinhua People's Commune. In 1962 and the steel people's commune, named Xinhua West Road Office.

North Street: Street. Nanqi Xinhua Street, north to the west of the station. Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical College, Ho City Power Supply Bureau, herders' pleasure, iron second mid-term unit stationed in this street. Formerly known as Weshong Bridge, the way is formed after liberation. Due to the connection with the South Street, it was renamed North Street in 1975.

Dampass: Street. Southern Xinhua Street, north to Nanma Road. After the liberation, it was located in front of the Mongolian Preparation of the Monetary Motor Group, named the war preparation in 1975.

South Road: Street. The east of Xilin Gol North Road, west to Tongtao North Street. Hoh City Fifth Middle School, the municipal agricultural machinery company stationed. Because the road is in the South of the train station, there is a name South Road.

Xinhuaqiao North Street: Street. Southern Steel Road, north to Guangming Road. This street is located in Xinhuaqiao North, Gasteen Xinhuaqiao North Street.

Binhe Road: Street. The south of the Northern Gate, north to Daqing Road. Develop and form it after liberation. Therefore, the road is tacted to the river, so the famous Binhe Road.

Building Lane: Lane. The east is from the war, west to the North Street North Street. The lane is built in 1931. The family members of the residents of the residents accounted for most, so naming the building lane.

Tonghe Lane: Lane. Tongtao North Street, West to Binhe Road. Inner Mongolia Peking Opera Group. The lane is connected to the North Street of Tongtao, and the West Lane River Road is here.

Building West Lane: Lane. South from the North Street, west to the Binhe Road. Be named by the West Lane West.

Donghong Bridge Station Lane: Lane. Nanyue Building Lane, north to Nanma Road. There is Donghong Bridge Station in the lane, and in 1982, it named the site name.

Donghong Bridge Lane: Lane. Nanyue Building Lane, north to Nanma Road. In the end of the Qing Dao, there is a wooden bridge here, so the bridge is a position, called the Lane as Donghong Bridge Lane.

Fire Lane: Lane. Eastern Xinhuaqiao North Street, west to Sihexing Lane. There is a fire brigade in the lane, so it is named fire in 1982.

Sihexing Lane: Lane. South from steel Road, Guangming Road to the north. It is the family of railway workers. Qing Dynasty, this lane Zhang, Wu, Hao, while four business partnership to "four-hing" firm appointed as Lane name.

Emerging Lane: Lane. Xinhua North Street Bridge east, west Courtyard Hing Lane. The lane is a lane, Xinhua bridge connecting North and Snap-hing in 1982 named the new lane.

Source: "gazetteer Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Hohhot Volume)" in May 1985. Huang Xiang finishing in November 2021