Seeing Sima Commonly, the Jiu Xingshan buried by the emperor is in the state or in Ning Yuan.

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Seeing Sima Commonly, the Jiu Xingshan buried by the emperor is in the state or in Ning Yuan.

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There is a nine suspect in the county in Guangxi, Hunan Ningyuan County. The second county said that the emperor was buried in his county (Note: Ningyuan Jiupu "," more than the "doubt" word of Quanzhou, there is a "mountain" word, there is said "嶷" is connected to "doubt".)

"Zhengzhou Zhi" is built in Jiu Shushang Mountain in the whole state. "The State" records in the Yuechang Mountain on the hill of the northwestern mountains in the state. "Quanzhou" also contains: "Book" (Note: Shangshu): May South Tour As Nan Yue. "Home": 嗣 帝 五, 陟 陟 died in the wild, and buried. "Shan Hai Jing" "Book" is cloud. However (after) Tai Shi Premine: Collapse the wild wild, buried in Jiangnan, the nasus is zero. "" "" "" "Zhengzhou" The whole state is called Lingling in ancient times, it is the land of the Lingling, because the Emperor "and buried". It turned out to be the whole state of the Emperor's visit to the wild. Nine suspect in the state.

All states are in place and name: Nine suspect mountains in the northwest mountains of the county, belong to Yue Chengling. According to legend, I have known the South Tour of the Emperor. This Jiu Sishan has extended from the county, and westwarded to the resource county. Southeastward extended to five towns such as Longshui, Wan, Shawu, Salt Water, which is a long mountain range. The name of Jiu Xiu Mountain is the first in the mountains of nine mountain ridges in the country of Jiusi River in the country. The first sentence of this "Kowloon's Home", the biography is the end of the emperor, so it is called Tianziling in the second county in the whole state and the resources, commonly known as the Jiulong Mountain, nine ridges.

Ningyuan "Jiupu Mountain" is buryd from Ningyuan Jiuzhan Mountain. "Jiupo Mountain" (Ming Wanli version) records: "Jiuyama, in the county south 60 miles," Han Zhi "Note: Jiu doubizes in the south of the south." Han Ji "Note: Should be buried, the burial, the sorrows, today in the Lingling Watch. "Guo Wei" Shan Hai Jing "note:" It is similar to the mountains, so it is sourse. "

Ningyuan Jiubei Mountain is in place and name: Jiupan Mountain in Ningyuan County, belongs to Mengling. According to legend, Jiu Hushan has been famous in the South Tour of the Emperor. Because there is from the territory, the emperor, female English, Lin, Shicheng, Stone House, Zhu Ming, Yu Shi, Guilin Nine peaks, and peak peaks are difficult to distinguish, so name.

From the above situation, the whole state said that the emperor was buried in his county, and Ningyuan said that the Emperor of the Emperor was buried in its county, and the second county said that it was a funeral.

That problem is coming, because the emperor will only have one place, it is impossible to funeral.

The emperor is buried in the whole state, or is Ningyuan Jiuyama?

Let's take a look at how the Master's Mall is argued.

Sima Qian Yun: Emperor "Purchased the Emperor of the Emperor, the South Tour, collapsed in the wild wild, buried in Jiangnan nine doubts, is Zero Mausoleum." ("Histori · Five Emperor") The Emperor's 39 years, the South Tour, collapsed in the wild ", the author has been in the" San Dynasty to reach the three seedlings "and" the Emperor of the Sang Dynasty " This article is described in the article, no more details.

Then let's explore the "Samarian's" Jiangnan Jiu Dou is the origin "of the ancient place of the Lingling, which is the land of the Lingling, and know where the emperor is buried?

Sima Qian mentioned three place names in the conclusions of "branch of Jiangnan nine doubts, it is the Mausoleum": Jiangnan, Jiu suspect, zero tomb.

What is "Jiangnan"?

Check "Jiangnan", generally explained that it is known as "Historical Records · Fifth Emperor Biji", Jiangnan is in the south of the Yangtze River, and its southern border has reached the Nighting line, this is a vast area.

What is "nick"?

Check "Nice" is intended to become a hill.

What is "Zero Mausoleum"?

Check "Zero Mausoleum", and the Lingling is named after the burial. "Historical Records · Five Emperor" contains: "South Tour, collapse in the wild, buried in Jiangnan nine doubts, is Zero Mausoleum". The Lingling mentioned here is actually the Mausoleum.

Then check "Is" two words. "Yes" is "this", "is" "Yes". "Yes" explains "this is".

Through the above interpretation, we know that Sima Qian said that the Emperor of Samashi is buried in Jiangnan, it is Zero Mausoleum. "It is a nine suspect in the Jiangnan region. This is the origin of the Liling Place. . The Lingling name is named by the emperor, the Nature is named, and the zero tomb is actually the Mausoleum.

Since Sima Qian disputes the origin of the Lingling Place name, the Emperor is "buried in Jiangnan nine doubts, it is Zero Mausoleum." The Emperor of the Emperor will be in the Lingling.

Where is the Lingling as a building name?

Hunan "Yongzhou Historical Map" record: "Qin Shihuang twenty-six years (the top 221) Implement county-gun system, set Changsha County, placed in Lingling County." "Quanzhou County" major evil: "Qin Shihuang twenty-six years (221 BC 221 Year), in the county, the county is located, and it belongs to Changsha County. The county is found in the southwest of the county. "

It can be seen that Qin Shihuang implements the county system after unifying China, and the Lingling is the earliest place in Guangxi. (Note: All states in Ming Hongwu (1394) from Hunan Hunan Hunan

The historical status of Qin Shihuang is quite important in this Lingling County in the state county. On the ancient Xianggui corridor of the county government, along the river bank of the Xiangjiang River, Qin Youwei, Han Hao, is the main channel of the army of the army. "Han Shu • Yi Wenzhi" has a "Zero Tagging Letter", is difficult Qin Xiang Li S. "Said that the 213th of BC advised Qin Shihuang to burn the book, Qin Shihuang adopted Li Si's suggestion, and zero The Ling order letter is opposed, and it is a debate against Li Qin. It can be seen from the "Qin Zhanling Orders'", " When Qin Shihuang was still in the fourth east patrol 210 in BC, Li Zi Hu Hai, Zuo Xiang Li Si, Zhongha House made Zhao high. In Yunmei (now in the north and south of Hubei Province), Nanwang Jiu Sheng Mountain is full of Emperor: "37 years of ugly, the beginning of the emperor." "November, to the cloud dream, hope to sacrifice Suspicious mountain. "(" Historical Records, Qin Shijie))

From Qin Shihuang Nanwang Ling County, there is a record of the Emperor of the Emperor of the Emperor of the Nakami, and the Qin Shihuang is named after the construction of Qin County in the whole state. It is to commemorate the nine doubts of the Emperor of Lingling County. The Emperor of the mountain.

In the Western Han Dynasty, the Emperor Han Dynasty set up "county" administrative agency in the name of "Zero Mausoleum" in the whole state of the Emperor. "Han Shu · Geography": "Zero Tin County, Han Wu Emperor Yuan Ding". One of the "State" Volumes of the Qing Dynasty, one of the elements, along the Leather: "" 禹 贡 ": All (state) is the sect of Jingzhou, the 12th animal husbandry, the Spring and Autumn Chu, Qin, Changsha County, Han武 帝 元 鼎 年 年 郡 ". "Quanzhou County" A major evil: Han Wudi in the Western Han Ding Ding six years (111 BC) set up Lingling County in full state. "Quanzhou County" construction section: "Western Han Ding Ding six years (111 BC), in the northeastern part of the county, there is a hovered slope in Mattan Village, Yongsheng Township, Northeast of the county. At the time, county North and south coincidescent, Xiangyang second counties. In the same year, there is also a Lingling County, ... Yuyang, Zeroming two counties are Lingling County. "

Han Wudi also once south to the nationwide position, the emperor: Yuan Yu five years (106 BC), Han Wudi, "Sinnan patrol, as for the Tang, Wang Yu Yu," (" Han Shu, Wu Diji ")

From the Dangdou Mountain, the Han Dynasty, Wang Ling County, the Dynasty, the Diji of the Emperor of the Emperor, and the Han Dynasty was named after the construction of Han County, the whole state, and in order to commemorate the Emperor of the Lingling County. The Emperor of Jiu Shi Mountain.

When the new Dynasty Wang Hao, the Ming County was renamed nastroire. To the Eastern Han Guangwu Emperor Building Wood New Year (25 years - 55), from the county, retro, the county, the county, the dragon (Note: Hanguang Emperor 25 years is the Lingling is too late, "in the county four years, even "There is initiated from Quanzhou County to the county in Quanling (now Hunan Yongzhou Zhishan), but the Lingxian Governance Office is still in the state (" "" Guizhou County "big events). At this time, Ling County is in the Yongzhou's Chic Mountain, and the Lingling County is in the county in Qianyang County (the whole year of the whole state). Until the Umihuang Ten Years (590 years), the Waste County of the Waste County was implemented, and the Yangyang and the Lingling were scrapped, and Xiangyuan County was placed. Lingxian has 810 years in the state.

It can be seen that "Zero Ming" is because of the emperor "collapse of the wild, it is buried in Jiangnan. .

Nowadays, some experts in Hunan said that "the burial nine doubts are the zero tomb" is "宁 宁 嶷 嶷 为", the reason is that Qin Shihuang has greatly widened in the Lingling County established in the whole state. Ningyuan County is also within the jurisdiction of Lingling County. For example: Yongzhou Daily Former Deputy Socialist Tang Bai Rong (net name "Yongzhou Memory") "" Zero Mausoleum "This ancient name, Guangxi Zhengzhou and Hunan Lingling people who are the most qualified inheritance? ", In its text:" Zero Ling has to be famous in the ancient times of Ji Shui. "Water is bet" 'Nutong (now Ningyuan County Cold Water Town) South out of the Nine Sushu ", in the ancient' 'Is GM,' Yake is another 'zero water'. Because Emperor buries in the source of (), Ming Ling is named by water, tapped "Zero Ling '."

Mr. Tang Bo Rong is the origin of the name of the Lingling said: "Zero Ling has to be famous in the ancient tributary ancient" "Nalt is cold water" "" Nalt '",' is universal, ' The water 'is another' zero water '"" Emperor buried in the source of (), the list is named by water, tapped "Zero Ling'."

And the author only saw Sima Qian's "Historical Record", "I was buried in Jiangnan, it was Zero Mausoleum." Without accessing to the ancient times or ancient literature, Mr. Tang Bai Rong said in the above-mentioned lading name. Record.

It may be because the author is limited, the author wants to ask Mr. Tang Bo Rong, you are from the ancient times or ancient literature, please tell me, I really want to learn.

If you can't provide the source of the trusted history, it can only believe that Sima Qian's "Emperor is buried in the nask is zero."

Tang Bai Rong also said: "Qin Shihuang twenty-six years (221 BC), in Changsha County, starting the Lingling County, the name of the 'Zero Ling' as the name of the administrative zone, starting from this time. At that time, the county is governed Today, the Southwest of Qizhou County (about 39 kilometers from the county town), and the region of the jurisdiction of the Lingling County is also very broad, including the entire state of today, including Guangxi Jiyang, Xing'an, Guilin and Hunan Zeromae, cold water beach, Fuyang, Daoxian, Ningyuan, etc., called 'Zero Mausolein'. Mr. Tang Bai Rong said in the Qin Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty, and the Tilial County, the county, and jurisded Ningyuan, Ning Yuan. The county is called "Zero Mausoleum".

If Dao Bai Rong said, the Qin Dynasty's Lingling County has gone to this Ningyuan County. It is the conclusion of the Emperor of Sima Qian's "Jiangnan Nine Suspected. It is the conclusion" of the Tombs. It is the emperor of the emperor.

The historical material that the author is reviewed is the Lingling County, which Qin Shihuang is set in Qin State County, and its jurisdiction does not include today Ningyuan County.

According to Hunan "Yongzhou Historical Map", "Qin Shihuang is in the twenty-sixth year (the top 221), the county system is implemented, and Changsha County is located, and Zero Town (Note: Quanzhou County). Wang Yingding Jiangnan, Zhidu Pang Zhi Please set the Yingdao County (Today), won the quotation. In the same period, set the Lingling (now Ningyuan), Liu (now Ningyuan), Nanping (now Blue Mountain), aged (now Blue Mountain) County. "

From the above description, Qin Dynasty has Qin County construction in the upper reaches of Xiangshui.

The construction of Qin County in the upper reaches of Xiangshui is the Lingxian, established by Qin Shihuang, established in the county in the county, and is in the province.

The construction system in Qin County in Yanshi is the Qin Guo Dynasty, Wang Wei, "Zhidu Pang Zhi", and after attacking Qi Shui, Watching County is established in Qi Shui. In the same period, set the Lingling (now Ningyuan), the next (now Ningyuan), Nanping (now Blue Mountain), aging (now Blue Mountain) County. Hunan Ningyuan Cultural Heritage - Description of Liyou Site Site: Next, Qin Zhen County ("Resignation"). The above records indicate that the Ningyuan County of Hunan has been in the Qin Dynasty.

From the historical materials used by the author, the Qin Dynasty was established in Lingling County, which was established in Qinli County, China, has a different Qin County construction, both of them. There is no property relationship between the Qin Ling County, which will also include Ning Yuan.

Perhaps because the author is limited, the author also wants to ask Mr. Tang Bo Rong, you said that the Qin Dynasty at the time of the Qinling County, governed Ningyuan County, I would like to have a history of history, please inform, I really want to learn, so Discuss together.

If those experts who say "宁 远 is the expert" of the Mausoleum ", I can't find the Qin Shihuang Raoling County, including the Tour of the Prefecture of the Prefecture, including the trustic historical materials in Ningyuan County, which can only believe in Sima Training "Emperor Emperor is buried in nasus is zero."

Sima Qian is the greatest historian in China. He is familiar with history, strictly giving school, in order to write "Historical Records · Five Emperor Biji", and "Nanshengjiang, Huai, Shanghui, Point, Peak, Floose" "(" Tai Shu Mu Size ") After" Shang Hui, Point, "

According to the Qin Shihuang in the Qin Dynasty in the front of the Western Han Dynasty, the Qin Shihuang of the Qin Dynasty was in the whole state, and now set up the history of Qin County in Qin County in the whole state, solemnly made the emperor "South Tour, Collapse the wild, buried in Jiangnan nine doubts, is the historical conclusion of Zero Mausoleum. This historical conclusion is to say that the Liling Place appeared in the whole state in Guangxi. The reason is that there is a nine suspect in the Ling County, and the emperor is buried in the Niu suspect in Lingling County.

It is said that it is a paralysis in the Qinyuan County in the Qin Dynasty. If some experts in Hunan said that the emperor was buried in Ningyuan, "the burial is a zero tomb" is "宁 远 嶷 嶷 为 为 观 话 的 正 确 确 确 确 确 确 正" Historical conclusion should be "The burial is a paralysis is the parasograph, rather than" the burial, the nasus is zero. "

It can be seen that the "burial nasus is the zero tomb", which is said to be the nine suspect in the ancient zero, instead of Ningyuan Mountain.

However, today's Lingling Place is in Hunan Yongzhou. Some people mistakenly mix the Maling of Guangxi. In fact, there is a change in the administrative place before and after this. The Ling in Guangxi, and today, the Liling Place name of Yongzhou, Hunan is in 2000 years after the burial. After more than 2000 years, the migration of the county is renamed by Quanling, not the ninopenus of the Emperor South Tour.