Legend of Ming and Qing Dynasties - Tang Bin

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Legend of Ming and Qing Dynasties - Tang Bin

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Tang Bin, Qing Dynasty, was a famous minister in the early Qing Dynasty. He was a clear and health, and his political achievements were highlighted.

According to legend, Tang Bin is still a show, once in reading in the temple, the temple is snowing, he stands in the temple, seeing a man in the snow in the temple. Tang Bin quickly took people in the past, helping the man, seeing his body weak, unable to walk, Tang Bin took him back to the temple.

After inquiring, the people who fell to the ground Xu is Hebei, because the family is poor, but did not find someone, he is cold and hungry, and the result is fainted on the road. Tang Bin made him full of featuring and let him roast the body, stay him for a few days. After he was restored, he gave him a disk to let him go home.

In the past, Tang Bin is Henan, and should participate in the township test in Henan. However, Tang Bin heard that the number of places in the Henan Township Test, the competition is fierce, and the difficulty of the middle is very difficult. He intends to donate a money, to the capital to participate in the township test. Tang Bin came to the capital, found a place to live, ready to find someone to enter.

On this day, Tang Bin bought things on the streets of Jingcheng. Suddenly there was a man who sat on the big horse to pass by, because the downtown people were more congested, the carriage had no way to move forward, the person who took the car came down from the car, see Tang Bin I was busy playing forward, I asked: "Mr. also know it?" Tang Bin looked at him for a long time, finally thought about: "Mr. Xu, who is in the temple?" The man nodded To drink tea on the tea house with Tang Bin to drink tea.

Two people drink tea and chat, Mr. Xu asked Tang Bin: "What to do in Beijing?" Tang Bin truthfully: "I intend to participate in the township test in Beijing." Mr. Xu asked: "Attending a township at Beijing in Beijing. There is a qualification of Gongsheng. Mr. Tong Dynasty? "Tang Bin said:" I am going to go to the gong. "Mr. Xu said:" Mr. is still unknown, yesterday, the court has been aired, suspended, Mr. To participate in the township test, you have to go back to Henan, and the calculation time is also coming. I have one hundred and two silver to give sir, please leave the day to return to Henan tomorrow. "

Tang Bin felt that Mr. Xu sent it to himself too much. The resignation is not, and Mr. Xu said: "My family is now no longer than before, tens of thousands of people can get it. This is a big mortality, I don't pay tribute, Mr. Be sure to laugh Mr. this goes to the township test, must inevitably high school, next spring to Beijing to participate in the township trial, must come to a alley to find me, let me have a little bit of the host of the host. "Tang Bin took the silver, and quickly returned to Henan to participate in the township.

After Tang Bin, Mr. Xu immediately rushed to the government of the country. It turned out that he had a daughter, gaining glamorous, was seen in the right time, and made the right to the right, so Mr. Xu was rich. Mr. Xu came to Xiangguang, find her daughter, let her ask for the joints of Tang Bin. Xu said that he said this to Xiangua, telling him that Tang Bin is a savior of his father. Now it is just a show, I want to seek identity for him.

The country is a bit is a bit awkward: "Why don't you say it earlier? Yesterday, people who went to Henan, hosted the township trial, had left the capital." Xu was pulling the army of the country, and the country had to agree: "Then you go to the paper Xu saw a chapter in the room, I didn't find a paper pen, she cut a red satin, and the students wrote the name of Tang Bin on it, and then put it into the envelope, let people ride a hurry to catch up with Henan. Exam.

Two main exam came to Henan hosted a township try, they remembered Tang Bin's name and labeled his test paper. When I watched Tang Bin's test paper, I found that Tang Bin's writing is better than all candidates, and Tang Bin is listed as a rural test. Tang Bin thought that he was the first in the real school test, and did not think that there was such an art.

Will try to wait until next spring, the capital of Tang Bin into the audience with two examiners, examiners asked him and with the country only adults have anything to do. Tang Bin was very surprised: "The next phase Nations adults did not know, and he has nothing." Examiners adults tell him what had sent with the country when the joint provincial examinations. After I heard that Tang Bin, feel that their ill-gotten fame lifts, shame shame, then quietly left the capital, will not participate in the trial of the year.

It was not until Kwon Sang who was dismissed, Tang Bin will participate in this trial, in one fell swoop Jinshi examinations. Later, people turn to read the old provincial examinations for the year of Tang Bin, even if that country is not sent with the joints, in fact, should also topped the list. At that time, heat, some people enjoy the cool air outside the village in May, the mist of sleep, heard two little devils whisper. One ghost, said: "This village had the plague who have a half, as we go to the front of the village to spread the plague?" Another kid shook his head and said: "Yesterday, I've been to, just to hear someone in school Tom read the text under the public's masterpiece, righteousness sky, I almost have come back, I do not dare to go again. "

Some people say that the article can not really Tang Bin exorcism, but his character can be evil. Later an official Tang Bin, get rid of the evil five speaks, his statues destroyed thrown into the river, educate folk, aggressive, courage, uphold justice, name to future generations, it is well-deserved!