Historical Records ● Twelve Cordo • Qin Shihuang Budi (12)

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Historical Records ● Twelve Cordo • Qin Shihuang Budi (12)

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Yan Le returned to Zhao Gao, Zhao Gao was called the ministers of the ministers, and I reported the shackles of death.曰: "Qin Wang Guo, the beginning of the emperor, hence the emperor. Today, the six countries have been self-reliant, Qin Yi is small, it is empty, not. Yi is Wang Ru, the brothers." The child baby is Qin Wang. In the Emphasis II, III Dunan Yi Spring Court. Your child, when the temple is seen, Five days, the child and his son were all squatting: "The prime minister is high to kill the second world, the sessions of the group, the sacred sacred, and I will serve me. I smell Zhao Gao Nui and Chu Zi, destroy the Qin Zong Room and Wang Guanzhong I will make me a temple, this wants to kill me in the temple. I call it sick, the prime minister will come, come to kill it. "Gao Mun asked the child, the child did not work, high fruit, : "What is the revenue of the temple, why?" Son Baby smoked heavily above Zhai Palace, the Three Tribophies took the Xianyang. The child infant is forty-six days of Qin Wang, and the Chu will break the Qin Jun into the martial arts, squat to the tyrant, and make people trick the child. The child is a neck, and the white trohm, Feng Tianzi, next to it. Pei Gong entered the Xianyang, Fengquan House, and the army. The month, the princes, the group is from the long, killing baby and Qin Gongzi.阳, burning its palace, picking his children, collecting its treasures, the princes are divided. After the Qin, each of them is three, the name of the king, the king, the king, and the number. Xiang Yu is Xichu Wang, the Lord is divided into the world, and Qin is almost destroyed. In the next five years, the world is scheduled to Han.

Tai Shi Gong: Qin Zhi's head is, taste the tempering, and gave a surname. And the Yin Xia is disadvantaged. To week's decline, Qin Xing, and Yan in West. Since the public, it is slightly eating the princes. The Emperor thought that the five emperors were high, and the three kings were wide, and the shame is. Be goodby, Jia Sheng is also speaking! say:

Qin Ming and the princes Shandong Thirty-year county, Jin Zhi, in a sustained, and repaired the army. However, Chen is involved in the crowds of the pawns, slamming the arms, no need for the soldiers, 鉏櫌 鉏櫌, 屋, 行 天下. The Qin people are unresolved, and the Guan Liang does not hurry, and the river is not impressing, and it is impressed. Chu said that he walked in Hongmen, he had no difficulty. So Shandong is disturbed, and the princes are gone, and Hao Jo has set up. Qin made Zhang Hua will be in the east. If the group of ministers, it can be seen in this. Sub-baby, nothing. Borrowing the material of the child, only the medulo, the Shandong is chaotic, and the land of Qin is exacerbated.

Qin Di was constructed by the mountains and rivers, and the country of Four Sepa was also. Since the public, as for Qin Wang, twenty monarch, often a vain.世 世 贤? The situation is actually also. And the world is trying to work together and attack Qin. At this time, Xiong is listed, and there is a teacher, and the sages are connected, but it is difficult to get into the risk and can't enter. Do you have a wisdom? Unfavorable, inconvenient. Qin Xiaoxi and the big city, the ruins of the army, the high bases are taking the battle, and the closes are guarded. The princes played in the husband, taking advantage of the Like, not the row of King. It has not been attached, and the name is not attached to Qin, and in fact, the benefits are also. It is necessary to retreat to death. Anhua, treating it, weaken, to make a big king, unhappy in the sea. Expensive as the emperor, rich in the world, and is a bird, and it saves it.


阎 乐 returned to Zhao Gao, Zhao Gao called all the ministers and son, told them to kill the second world. Zhao Gao said: "Qin State was originally a vassal country, the first emperor ruled the world, so he called the emperor. Now the six countries have all self-satisfied king, the Qin Guo is getting smaller and smaller, but also with an empty name emperor, this is not Suitable. It should be called the king as the past, "" So the son of the second brothers as the Qin Wang. In accordance with the civilian burial instrument, I burn the II in the Spring Court of Dunan. Let the sub-rain, go to the temple to worship the ancestors, accept the king of the princess. After five days, the child with his two sons and his two sons said: "Zhao Gao, Zhao Gao, killing the second world, afraid of the ministers to kill him, pretending to follow the Zoheng, I am king. I heard that Zhao Gaoguang is The country agreed, he destroyed the Qin Zong room, he said in Guanzhong. Now let me fast, see Zong Temple, this is to take advantage of me to kill me in the temple. I pushed the illness and couldn't go, he will personally come personally. I will kill him. "Zhao Gao sent people to ask for children, and they went several times before and after, but the child did not go. Zhao Gao really goes. Said: "The country is big, why can't Wang?" The child killed Zhao Gao in Zhai Palace, killing Zhao Gaojia Threeth National Tribute, and the public. The child is forty-six days of Qin Wang, and the Chu will defeat the Qin army to enter Wu Guan. The child is brought by a ribbon, driving a white car, holding the emperor of the emperor, surrendering next to the Songdou. Pei Gong entered Xianyang, sealed the palace room, returning to the teacher to hege. After more than a month, the princes of all the princes have also arrived, Xiang Yu is the alliance of all princes, killing all the people of the child and Qin Gongzi. Then slaughter Xianyang, incinerate the palace, captive palace girl, confiscated the treasures of the Qin Palace, and divided into all the princes. After destroying the Qin Dynasty, the original Qin State is divided into three respective Wang, which is the king, the king, the king, known as San Qin. Xiang Yu is Xi Chu Bawang, hosted to divide the world, and gives the princes, Qin Dynasty finally died. After five years, the world is unified in Han.

Tai Shi Gong said: The ancestors of the Qin Dynasty, when Tang Yu, Yu Yu, once established meritorious, and was sealed to the land and gave a surname. At the Xia Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty faded. When we faded in Zhou Dynasty, Qin State was built, built a city in the western border. Since Mu Gong, I gradually eaten the princes, and finally made the Emperor. The first emperor thought that the work was great than the five emperors, the site was broad than the three kings, and thought it was shame than the five emperors and the three kings. How good is Jia Sheng's commentary! He said: Qin Dynasty merged the princes, Shandong has more than 30 counties, repairing ferry, accounting for danger, cultivating weapons, guarding these places. However, Chen is involved with hundreds of scattered stems, swaying the arms, without the bow and arrows, etc. Cross the world, the invincible. Qin Dynasty danger can't defended, and the gate bridge was not sealed, and he could not breathe. Chu army quickly went deep into the territory, Hongmen was warned, and even the fence did not encounter. So Shandong is chaos, the princes have taken things, and heroes have successively king. Qin Wang sent Zhang Zhang Rong soldiers, chapters, this opportunity, with the many of the three armies, with the princes, do transactions, and confuse him. The ministers can not be credible, they can see from this matter. The child did not consider, and it did not understand that the kids had a general monarch talents. Only the medium supporting ministers, although the Shandong area is confusing, the land of Qin State can still be presumed, and the sacrifices of the temple will not be broken.

The Qin Guo's potential has a mountain barrier, there is a big river surrounded, forming a strong defense, a country that is dangerous in all sides. Since Mu Gong, I have been to Qin Shihuang, more than 20,000 monarchs, often called Xiong in the princes. Does it come to the sages? This is caused by the status situation! Besides, all countries in the world have attacked Qin State with their hearts. At this time, the sage wisdom will gather, and there is a good command to command all the army of all countries. There is a sage to communicate with each other's conspiracy. However, it is not necessary to move by the dangers, and Qin State will attract the princes to enter the Qin State. Million army causing the collapse. Is it because of courage, strength and wisdom? It is unfavorable in terms of terrain, and it is inconvenient. Qin State put Xiao Yi and the big city. In the dangerous to ask the garrison defense, building a cash on the high, and not easily combat the enemy, close the door, according to the stuff, shoulder the blatant Guarda. The princes are born, and they are jointly in order to jointly, and they have no virtue of virtue and do not live in virtue of the throne. Their interaction does not close, and their subordinates are not attached. The name is to say that the death of the Qin Dynasty is actually for the selfishness of yourself. They see that Qin's institution is difficult to enroll, and they must return the soldiers. If they can set their own soil, let the people recharge their lives, waiting for Qin's decline, consolidate, help fatigue, then with the monarchs that can be made to the big country, they don't have to worry that they can't achieve their own wishes in the world. However, they are distinguished, they have the world, but they have been seized, because they have a strategy that they saved the defeat.