Zhu Yuanzhang stands a rule, 100,000 corrupted officials are helpless, your salary is also related to it.

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Zhu Yuanzhang stands a rule, 100,000 corrupted officials are helpless, your salary is also related to it.

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Emperor of the feudal society

Most of the rule of law as an important topic of its rule

This is especially the founder of each dynasty.

"Grasson" Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang established Daming

Let Liu Bowen have compiled "big martial law"

Stapt officials, greed, 80, running

In addition, there are cramps, chop, etc.

However, under such harsh punishment

Many people are still corruption and bribery,

This makes Zhu Yuanzhang very distressed

So during the execution of the law

He has a rule again

Suddenly let those corrupt officials are helpless

About this matter, then talk from "Guo Zhen case"

Zhu Yuanzhang stills

It is necessary to report to the Nanjing house to report financial revenue and money and money.

And the account number is to be completely compliant with the number of the household registration

Can't have a slightest

Otherwise, go back to recalculate

It is still good from Nanjing's nearby places.

Those far states, the government is troublesome

It's been half a year, or even a year.

Therefore, many places have a blank list that has already been sealed into Beijing.

Easy to replace when there is an error

Needless to come back and forth

Guo Zhen case

Working method is good

But this also gave some people's empty drill

Hongwu 18 years (1385) March

The household wailgon Guo Zhaofeng is shocked by the east window of the corruption.

Guo Zhen hooks, ritual, soldiers, work, etc., six and local officials

Collective, use blank bills and lowercase numbers to make false accounts

Corruption tax and fish salt, more than 24 million balances

Zhu Yuanzhang Long Yan

The case has killed more than 30,000 people.

Including 12 high officials and left and right wairs, including Guo Zhan, etc.

As a result, "the people in the middle of the people are all broken"

Calculate the top and down the court.

Guo Zhen case

Zhu Yuanzhang stills

"Peeling Ball" is put in weeds in the people of corrupt officials

Then he was hung next to the door, and he was a war.

The outbreak of "Guo Zhen case" has made Zhu Yuanzhang have a new understanding.

Only by law is not good, technical means to assist

Zhu Yuanzhang discovered that the number of money is lowercase

one two three four five six seven eight nine

Ten, hundred, thousand

It is easy to be rewritten by people with heart

So Zhu Yuanzhang reappeared

Requires the use of uppercase numbers to record money

That is,,,,,,, 柒, 捌, 玖

Pick up,, 仟

This means is used

Make those corrupt officials that can no longer be free of figures

Female Huangwu

She found that the government's financial management is very confusing

Many bureaucrats greedy

Wu Zetian stills

So the Queen's War is the same as a big write number.

Let's find the relevant departments

The same or similar pronunciation with lowercase numbers

Ten texts that strokes in strokes

Another way of writing as a ten lowercase number

Use uppercase numbers on financial management to prevent alterations

This is definitely a big contribution to the quarter

Wu Zetian stills

I don't know if I don't know if I know.

These capital number of words?

The original meaning is a special one

本 本 是 是 变 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节

Another way of writing of "Participation"

Book is joining and see

The original meaning is arbitrary

Wuyuan is in ancient "five people"

The original meaning of land is the flat land

柒 的 本 是 is paint tree or paint

捌 from "there is a teeth, no tooth"

The original meaning is black in black

The original meaning of picking up things up

Wu Zetian stills


Although these larger numbers seem to be ordinary text

But in actual life

It has it difficult to estimate the value and significance

Really can't be underestimated

We have been using them in contemporary

These numbers also reflect the wisdom of the ancients