"Liu Guiji Jingzhou, there is no longer", is it true?

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"Liu Guiji Jingzhou, there is no longer", is it true?

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Jingzhou is a strategy of the Three Kingdoms, surrounded by Jingzhou Wei, Yu, Wu, and Wu Shu, the rise of the Three Kingdoms, and Wu Yusheng rushed, Dingfu, the world, but also to compete for Jingzhou, anti-eye generation, Jingzhou Times Tongwu East Wu, the folk circulation has passed a "Liu Guiji Jingzhou, there is no borrowing", is it true? I have an observed chapter on the "Three Kingdoms" and "Three Kingdoms". With their own opinions, try to solve the history of history, and Liu Beiqing.

After the war of Guandu, Liu Bei was desnounced by Yuan Shao, and the accumulation power, accumulating strength, to stand by the sky, in this 邂 水 水 镜, 为 军 师 师 师 师, 为 为 中 为 为 中 中 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为... Jingzhou uses Wuzhi, Beilu Han, Hey, Lisheng South China Sea, Donglian Wu Club, Xitong Bus, the land of Wu, is not the owner can't be guarded, it is the general, the general It is all, ... It can be seen that Jingzhou is also Liu Bei's highest concern, and the Jingzhou is Liu Tu. Also not Dongwu.

It is necessary to introduce it here. In ancient times Jingzhou, not now Jingzhou City, the administrative region is large, the Jiubi-gun, Nanyang, Jiangxia, Zero Mausoleum, Guiyang, Wuling, Changsha, Fuyang, Zhangcheng, is equivalent to Hunan Most of the northwestern, Northeast Hubei, part of Guangdong, Guangxi, the geographical location , The land of China is connected to a piece, and the North Cao Wei has no victory. This is also the foundation of Wu Mun Federation, the foundation of the three points. It can be seen that Jingzhou is important.

At this time, Jing Xiang earth, due to Liu Fang Ye's old weakness, the dynasty of the wild political situation The force was taken, but Liu was not implemented by the unforgettable. However, the secret is extremely unacceptable, and it has exacerbated the split. First, we will not be able to waste long. Due to Liu Qi, Liu Bei has been against Liu Bei, and is prepared for the power to fight Mrs. Cai and your brother Liu Wei. It can be seen that the land of Jiangxia has always been all Liu Qi, and is not Dongwu, and Liu Bei is at this fence, there is no soil, but it has been trying.

Of course, there is also Cao Cao. And his private Jingzhou's dominant Liu Wei is panic, and it has been awarded Jingzhou Nine-gun to Cao Cao. From the perspective of the legal point, Jing Xiang is attributable to Cao Cao. It is not Dongwu. Of course, Liu Bei is not willing to have neck and neck, so I will abandon the new wild in the city, take Fan City, Wangjiang Xia.

At this time, there is still a state of Jiangdong Sun Quan. He knows the heart of the crisis. It has the reason for the egg. So in Lu Su, I decided to join Liu's anti-Cao, because at this time, Jiangdong is rich in four seas, and the soldiers will be wide. And the land of Jingjing is unknown. Although Liu Bei is uncomfortable, it is in the name of Jingwei, and the two will win, and the relationship between Kong Ming has this heart. Wu, the tongue war, and finally reached a consensus and cooperated with Cao.

So I happen to the battle of Chibi, with the help of Dong Wu Wan Ship, Kong Ming borrowed Dongfeng, a fire burn Cao Ying 800 miles, turned into ashes, Cao Cao Huaisu is insurgered, leaving Cao Ren station in South County, Liling.

At this time, Zhou Yu and Liu Bei agreed, let go of South county, let Dong Wu first, do not have to take it, and it is also convinced. (Like later, Song, Jinlian League destroyed, Jin Tuo, and Song Tun Yan Yun 16th state).

So Zhou Yu took the soldiers to take Nanyire, in the middle, but also injured in the middle of the arrow, to go to the South County, Zi Dong has sent the occupation of South County, Zhang Fei Take Jingyang, and Yun Chang Yanyang. Zhou Yixiang is stupid, since this grandson Liu Lianza is lacking. It can be seen that South-year, Jingzhou, Fuyang has achieved the Liu Bao War, not from Dongwu, but it seems that there is a speculation. Order East Wu angry.

Zhou Yu is extremely, wants to crusade Liu Bei, and at this time, Lu Su is not only the union, and it is not easy to discuss.

(That is to come to the day, you can easily be returned, it's like the modern territory dispute, Japanese northern four islands, can you discuss, only war, of course, Lu Su, but it knows Sun Liu Lianzen Important, can not be abolished, I said this person is a high person)

So I happened three journeys, and I also see here, and the right is comprehensive understanding.

After the battle of Jingzhou, Lu Su, the battle of Chibi, I was stopped for Kong Ming, asked Lu Su: "Jing Yizhi, original Liu Tu, how to East Wu, the east of the east, Yang Zi Liu Qi Shang, how to return "For the words, see Liu Qi, and said:" It is necessary to return to Jing, unless Liu Qi is dead, and it can be repeated, Luzhou has no words.

After Liu Qi, Liu Qi is dead, Lu Su, Kong Touti: "On the merits of Chibi, there is no one in the East Foot, if it is not borrowed Dongfeng, then the merits of Chibi, today Liu Qigang dead, allies come Forced, there is nothing, and the brothers die, although his son is just dead, but Liu Hua Shu is still, why is it soothered, it is in the style of the situation, now there is no one, after the Sichuan, return. " Lu Su is also reactive.

San Ji Jingzhou, Liu Bei's self-cultivation, Sun Quan, Zhang Zhao, returning to the province, let Zi Si, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Kong Ming played a spring spring, words: "Although the governance, although there is a heart, but cannot After returning to Yu Yu, after you take Dongchuan, then proceed. During the period, Liu Bei used this as the base industry, showing the majestic, self-leading army Nanzheng, Zero Mausoleum, Wuling, Guiyang, Changsha, Liu Qi died, Liu Bei naturally became the Lord of Jingjing, and led Jingzhou Mu. It seems that it is impossible, it is impossible. From beginning to end, Liu Bei is war the war, and the so-called should be borrowed, but it is just a warlord's technique, and there is no practical real support.

This paragraph has not ended, Liu Bei entered the main Sichuan, Cao Xi Dongchuan, threatening the Xichuan, Kong Ming, and the east Wu of the Endong, should be held in Changsha, Zero Mausoleum, and the three counties of the three counties. Welness Xichuan, and promises to enter the master of Dongchuan, that is, the Jingzhou is full, Sun Quan Dadi, Ren San County is too guarded, swearing sovereignty, and Ning Gan Ning out of Hefei, so Cao Jun dismantled. Therefore, there is no Jingzhou, and it is confirmed here.

Since then, Liu Bei is reached to Dingsheng. He took the Hanzhong and entered Hanzhong. Lu Meng Baiyi Jingjiang, and finally Guan Yu took Mai City, lost Jingzhou, Jingzhou Since then, Wu Yun Federation rupture,

Jingzhou disposal, but this is a branch line, with Wu Yun Finger, Liu Bei is the hatred of the customs, the petty of seventy thousand people, finally defeated, died in the way, Cao also received Feng Yu Scared, death, since then, enter Cao Yu period, accelerate the death of the three countries, and then there is Kong Ming six out of the mountain, but after all, if they are funded, they will endless return.

Back to the theme, in the point of view, is Liu Bei who have Jingzhou? I have the following opinion.

First, the Jingzhou has achieved the war for preparation, although there is a war, but in the case of the situation, it is not mistaken.

The second is to discuss the battle of Chibi, and it is not the power of Dong Wu. It is as good as the hole. No Dongfeng, which is burning. It seems that it is inherently in the analogist.

Third, from the results of the alliance, each of the needs, the two sides can be strong, can work with the strong Wei Cao, and the war is allocated to the time of the battlefield, but also.

Fourth, even if there is a borrow, he will return to three counties, and it is still still. Can't be treated as there is no.

Fifth, I have answered the history books such as "Three Kingdoms". They only have such words in East Wu, but they did not involve it in the country, and there were possessions. Is Dongwu to capture Jingzhou? The crime of the alliance, for the purpose of politics, and edit a thousand ancient lies. It is also possible.

Therefore, I said: "Liu Bei borrows Jingzhou, there is no longer", I can't help, I have a little bit.

Ok, share this, a statement, not strong, and accept criticism.

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