Zhou Yu said before: this person does not except, Dongwu is dangerous, you can not listen to Sun Quan, 12 years later to make a big disaster

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Zhou Yu said before: this person does not except, Dongwu is dangerous, you can not listen to Sun Quan, 12 years later to make a big disaster

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The first time in the "Three Kingdoms" is described in this way: saying that the world is a big potential, long-term must, and theirs will be divided. "Three Kingdoms Romance" as one of our Chinese nations, there are many stories in it, and now they can become talks after people 's food.

People have long-lasting years for the "Three Kingdoms Romance", and "the Romance of the Three Kingdoms" has a lot of stories to be guilty, and there is a most famous figure in this novel is Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu's death makes us feel Sorry, a genius will fall.

In such a warfare, there have been three people's situation. These three forces are Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Cao Cao. There was such a small fragment in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Zhou Yu has put forward a suggestion to Sun Quan before dying. He said that this person is not in danger. So, who is this person? Who will let Zhou Yu can be so taboo before being dying?

Before this person, let's first talk about the most regrettable role in the "Three Kingdoms", Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu and Sun Quan's brother, it is Sun Ce. When you are young, you will get along with you. After Sun Ce died, Sun Quan inherited his brother's power, and held Jiangdong.

After that, Zhou Yu began assistance Sun Quan, and they rely on each other and fulfilled each other. He hits the mountain for Sun Quan, assumes the role of the thinking tank. He has made the statement of Sun Quan, pointing to Jiangshan, helping the aged monk, and consolidate his own political position.

However, the sky is talented, Zhou Yu has passed the sword in the process of the South County, maybe because the wound infection did not get timely treatment, after this, because there were many entanglements with Zhuge Liang, "not only a child, why life" lament Since then, the blood is killed. Zhou Yu's birth is briefly brilliant, but he has to feel sorry, it is gently, and this is falling.

From Cao Cao's poems and people in the world, we can feel the ambition of Cao Cao, and it can be seen that Cao Cao is worthy of "Xiongxiong". He has led hundreds of thousands of army, wants to destroy Sun Quan and Liu Bei and others. They divide their two forces into their own sites, so they have achieved their dreams in the world.

In the face of Cao Cao wants to be a single way, Liu Bei chooses to make Zhuge Liang come out, to persuade Sun Quan and others, want to join hands to deal with Cao Craft to protect your status. We know that Zhuge Liang is over, he is a famous military home in our history. He has his own ambition, although he is not a child of the selection, but he is an inevitable choice as a minister.

He has a very strange military home in our history, pointing to Jiangshan, a square, therefore, in the operation of Zhuge Liang and persuaded it, everyone agreed to the unified front, form alliances, and attacked Cao Cao. I broke Cao Cao indeed called the situation of Wang said.

In the war, Zhou Yu used his wisdom to overcome Cao Cao because it is not very familiar with the water battle, so Zhou Yu took a good place to use a fire, this is the famous fire Cao Ying. It is also because such counseling has made Zhou Yu's transient victory, but we also know that Cao Cao is a Xiong, he has his wisdom and glory, escapes with his brother Guan Yu. But since then, Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Liu Bei have formed a three-point situation.

After the rumor said that Sun Quan and Liu Bei jointly attacked Cao Cao, the relationship between them became subtle, not what we saw so peace, they were only surpassing on the surface, secretly in the dark, no longer friends forever Only forever benefits.

In order to be careful, they also have some friction. After Sun Quan got Baodi Jingzhou, Liu Bei was caused by Liu Bei, Liu Bei used the brothers between them, heges Jingzhou, but did not return to Sun Quan, after all, the three countries, the land, no one Will you want to give up such a good thing. Also, Liu Bei has continuously expanded from Jingzhou, supplementing his strength. As you can see from this matter, Liu Bei is not a good man, he has his own care.

Zhou Yu, long-term vision, has already seen the purpose and ambition of Liu Bei, so Liu Bei also became the object of Zhou Yu, and who knew it. Heaven did not measure the wind, and the young and beautiful Zhou Yu fell early. Before the death, Zhou Yu is taboo Liu Bei. Therefore, Zhou Yu leaned an advice for Sun Quan before death, he said, "This person does not except, Dongwu is dangerous,"

Prior to this, maybe everyone felt that the person he said may be Zhuge Liang. After all, he tough high, and it is actually Liu Bei. Why is this person who is Liu Bei rather than Zhuge Liang? We know, even if he is smart, he can do it again, he will always belong to Liu Bei, he must listen to Liu Bei's leadership and command, and finally determine the power of the power is always Liu Bei.

Such a very talented person is willing to be willing to be willing and instructions in Liu Bei, so Liu Bei must have his people.

So all this is not so easy. Liu Bei, from the surface, he may be relatively simple, crying every day, in fact his inner heart is even greedy than Cao Cao.

Therefore, Zhou Yu is in the past, the most reliable is that Liu Bei's hidden danger. He gives Sun Quan's advice to pay attention to Liu Bei, it is best to remove this person, or it will inevitably raise the tiger. But very unfortunately, Sun Quan did not put his words in his heart. This also made Liu Bei have enough opportunities to expand their wings, so that his own strength is constantly growing. After more than ten years, we also know that Liu Bei finally and Sun Quan still A life and death war. Zhou Yu's death has also laid the destiny of Sun Quan, although Sun Quan is a master of a country, but his eyes are not long. He does not look far away. If he can listen to Zhou Yu's advice, maybe in the future It will change, but we have to say that Zhou Yu is really a genius, he can see Liu Bei to clearly, and because of some of his advice, he will make Liu Bei's award.

As the saying goes, there is a hero in the chaos. In the age of war, there are both heroes and Xiong, but we have to admit that even now, we should also go to learn Zhou Yu's eyes long, don't be detained, each The times have the characteristics of every era, we have to look at things in the eyes of development, treat everything. The long way can you have a half level.

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