Where is Lu Wei become a poison?Take a look at her experience, it will be doing this.

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Where is Lu Wei become a poison?Take a look at her experience, it will be doing this.

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Talking about the most hearty maid in history, I will definitely think of two people, that is, the Tang Dynasty's Wu Zetian and the end of the Qing Dynasty, the old Buddha, Cixi. In history, the name of these two people is the highest. After all, Jiangshan Society has mastered in their hands. They also have the power of the people of the world, and it can be said that power is supreme. In history, there is such a woman, even if she is not as high as the above, she is also in her hand in her hand, and others do not dare to treat them as a mother. This person is the new wife of Han Gaozu Liu Bang. In history, Lu Wei is seen as a poison, but she did two most fascinating things because of her life. First of all, Lu Jia will make Liu Bang's little wife, and the other thing is that Liu Bang will ran in order to live in the world, so she will be imprisoned by Xiang Yu, after the three years It is always the host of the other party. Finally, I still returned to Liu Bang, but also became the queen of the opening of the country, this is indeed feeling can't believe it!

However, someone will want to ask: such a woman like Lu Wei, in the Xiang Yu camp for nearly three years of hostages, how did she spend it? It is an insult that has been encountered. This will lead to her later, and actually can make people's limbs, it is still unpacked. Therefore, people are worried and doubt is normal. In this regard, we must explain a few questions. The first thing to say is that Xiang Yu must be a gentleman, because he is also the descendant of the famous family, that is, this person has received higher education, it is absolutely not very brutal action. Treat the enemy's wife and father, lock them in the cage. However, the days that are locked in the zoo are definitely not good, and Liu Bang's done is also in the top of the body because Xiang Yu is in order to force Liu Bang surrender. Lu Wei is also in the event. However, this person is still more kind, and he has had sympathetic heart for those who have a handsome force, and he has had sympathy, and because in the past and Liu Bang are worship brothers, he is not really thinking about Liu Bang's father. Harm, but also don't want Lu Wei, so it will close them in the zoo for nearly 3 years.

And Liu Bang's family was released in 203 BC, but the time of Lu Wei has been detained for nearly three years, that is, in this time, Lu Wei is completely locked in the cage. Even in the military camp of Xiang Yu, Lu Wei is very democratically anddon, but it is certain that she is definitely not to be preferential and courtesy. Lu Wei is also because it understands that only the absolute power and status are, it is fully safe. Unfortunately, when returning to Liu Bang, Lu Wei saw that her wife was already around him, and he was almost moved to the Crown Reserve. This is she definitely can't tolerate. So Lu Wei decided to beat people under this emergency background, so in order to win the victory in this victory, it will discuss the special trust of Liu Bang. After listening to Zhang Liang's suggestion, she will go down the mountain as the most solid shield.

At the same time, Lu Wei still thinks how to solve her wife. Originally Liu Bang is particularly petition for her husband, so Lu Wei still does not dare to move her. However, Liu Bang has lived on the most powerful reliance on his wife after driving. So Lu Wei was first poisoned by her son's son, followed by her ordered the eyes of her wife, and then cut her hands and feet, which made it a so-called "people". However, it is really a very cruel practice, and the limbs and eyes of the wife will not be said, and she also cut her ear and tongue, let her not speak, but let it have awake will. Next, she threw her into the bathroom, and she also arranged "take care" and slowly defeated it. It is also because of her way to practice, so the world will see Lu Wei as "after poison".