How is the princess of ancient death, and the death of the war is free, and there is a worse ending.

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How is the princess of ancient death, and the death of the war is free, and there is a worse ending.

2021-11-26 06:07:39 19 ℃

Whether it is still in ancient times, the family with money is envious of ordinary people, because they live very high quality life, but even if they are born in the giants, their lives are not as good as ordinary people Wonderful, like an ancient royal family.

That is where ancient people want to go in, but if you are born in the royal family, you can enjoy the Ronghua wealthy wealth for ordinary people, but the children grow up in the royal family, from small and small The rules of the sample must also ensure that they are so good enough, so they can get the emperor's favor.

On the surface, there is a peaceful, but the mainland is in a glance, you want to get the throne, although you want to get the imperial thing, but the princes are not good.

They are also bound by the royal etiquette, although they live in the life of Jinyi, but life is not to be owned by themselves. If the woman's woman is unwilling to marry, it can be disconnected with his parents. However, many princess married is a political marriage, and the relationship with marriage is used to defend the state of the land of the country.

However, the outbreak of the war is often premedy. Once started, it is a family. Once the country is abandoned, the princess of these deaths is even more miserable than the grass people.

First of all, the death injury in the battlefield is inevitable, not to mention the war has come to the capital, this war is rushing to the royal capital of the capital, there is another soldier in the palace, and the enemy who can't resist the fierce enemy. The scene of robbing, soldiers and horses in the palace, can protect yourself is very good.

But how can the princess of Jiaozi's dripping in the deep palace can protect himself, and it is very normal to hurt the killed, who is in the rack, who is clear who is. Although the princess of death in the war can not be buried by the scenery, this is the most sporty method of relief in the war.

Some emperors knew that the country had already can't keep it. He saw that the enemy, his courters, the people have can't keep it, the only thing to do is to fulfill the father's last job, just like Chongzhen Emperor.

Although he is a generation of Mingjun, but can't stop the country's internal affair, and finally escape the destruction, when the enemy broke into the palace, the Chongzhen emperor commanded all the peem of the palace, and he saw his most loveless two daughters. At the time, the emperor of Chongzhen drunk himself. He brought his sword to death, and the Princess Chang Ping was cut off.

In this way, the emperor of Chongzhen is really very worried, but it is precisely because of his heart, let the enemy let go of this princess who is cut off the arm, and finally this princess also married the Chongzhen Emperor to give him a preceding person. .

He as an emperor, as a husband, as a father, of course, know if he is dead, and his wife, daughter wants to face the enemy's non-human torture, it is better to knot their lives, even if it is dignity, of.

Second, the princess in the deep palace wants to escape in the palace, it is simply difficult, more situations are caught by the enemy. Such a princess is more miserable. Generally, the princess who is caught is a royal family to the enemy, and the emperor of the enemy is enriched.

Both of your country have been covered, but also give the emperor to the emperor in the hometown of the enemy of the enemy, and even the psychological torture, who can get the princess, but also, as the princess of the country, Behind the mountain, it is a common thing to be bullied and insulting in the deep palace. It was originally a high princess. After the death of the country, he only had enough to steal, and a shame like this is not more horrible.

Finally, these printers are the worst, and the emperor can't see that these printers will not incorporate them in the hometown, but to reward people who have good work to war, or directly serve as a military, enjoy the soldiers, and the prostitutes are very rare The princess was thrown into the military camp, but also taking care of soldiers in the military camp. This shame is only liberated in the end of life.

The princess of the country, in addition to death is a kind of relief, the rest of all are torture, which is also helplessness in the emperor. In contrast, the current life is not too good, even if it is the ordinary life, it doesn't matter, because the flat is true.