The emperor is only 23 years old, why is there 14 children?Reason is not general

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The emperor is only 23 years old, why is there 14 children?Reason is not general

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Because Shunzhi is an emperor of a good color, he is only 23 years old, but has a large number of 嫔 嫔 and fourteen children. In the second year of Shunzhi, the prince of Henan Province, who sent troops to occupy Jiangnan, and captured the Han Daughter of 10,000 talented super groups. Shunzhi laughed with 10 beautiful women, then the year is eight years old, I have been interested in women, and start Enrich the harem. Shunzhi eight years ago, Shun Zhishengdi, the priest of the Queen of Xiaoyu, Boljijitz, the queen, but before the big marriage, Shunzhi has already born the first emperor Niu New. Even before the big marriage, I still had a long and exclusive scandal, and I was recorded in his memoirs by the German missionary soup.

After Shunzhi and Queen's marriage did not change his colorful style, even becoming added, but also to abandon the queen, not enough, good, so, so, in could be scrapped by her, because the father of the silence, Kori Rick Picture is The passionate brother of Xiaozhuang Huang, when the Mengmeng relationship was in a special period, so the quietness is fortunate to die in the cold palace, and finally by his father to return to Mongolian renovation, it can get rid of Shunzhi to start a new life. Shunzhi and Queen, Huangzhuang, the descendants of the Queen of Zhuang, the girls of the town of the country, the new queen, but the new queen is ordinary, the qualification is general, and the rule is obviously not more interest in her, and she is cold aside.

At that time, there was a beautiful woman in the palace. She is a Dingnan Wang Kong with a woman, the anti-Qing name Li Dingguo took the soldiers to capture the hole with morally guarded Guangxi, Kong Youde was forced to commit suicide, and a family of more than a hundred mouths were killed. Under the way, then riding through the area of ​​the anti-Qing Dynasty and fled to the capital, crying in the court. The colorful Shunzhi immediately produced men and women feelings about the crying of the Chu Chu, and the Queen of Xia Zhuang admire her small age, there is an amazing courage and pity she is lonely. She raises her to the palace to enjoy the mains of the county. You can use the opportunity to ask the emperor to be close to her.

After Shunzhi Second Queen, I decided to imitate two emperors of the East and the East and the Emperor, he had long, and he had a beautiful beauty of the shackles. The Empress of the Mother of the Mother. Dingnan Wu Zhuang Wang female Kong, loyalty. Shushun is embarrassed. It is a fan. Yi Li is the East Palace. The min is preparing the instrument, waiting for the daily book seal. After the Four Hao officially became a suggestion of Shunzhi, I didn't know how long it took. I didn't know what is the reason, and I changed to Sun Yanling as a wife, because Kong has two engagements when it is alive.

And Kong Fouzhen is also sent to the Emperor of the West Palace. She is a daughter of the house. She is a daughter of the house. She is giving Yongshou Palace. She is particularly petted her, and she can wear Han people in the palace. Her mother. Zhao Shu also was allowed to take a sedan sedan to enter the palace. Although there is no more petty of Dong Mao, but the pet to Shi Wei is not reduced. Shi Wei is very worried, and Dong Hao is free to serve her three days and three nights until she healed. Shi Wei died in Kangxi years. He was chased as an ignorant. Her funeral specifications were very high, and the rules of the Emperor Jingjing Dagui passed the funeral specification, enough to show her position in the palace.

Shunzhi's most petty, according to the memoirs and North Korea's memoirs, she should be a wife of an officer. When she is in the palace, she is surprised by Shunzhi, Shunzhi killed the military officer to take Dong Hao into the hometown. It also seals the emperor, and the status is on the Emperor Emperor of the East and West. Although Shunzhi pets Dong Hao, but did not hinder him a favorite of other women, Dong Hao even pregnant with two scorpions. Shunzhi fourteen, on the sixth day of the sixth, the prostitute is the first six women, Shunzhi fourteen, on the beginning of October 7, Dong Ezuo Sanzi quarter prince Changning. Shunzhi will let three peers pregnant within one month, see his color.

Shuzhi got the second month after Dong Hao, I also saw the Dolong Han, who had passed the world, because she is beautiful, and Shunzhi decided to incorporate her into the hometown. After the death of Shunzhi, North Korea broke the news, and the Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang often said that it was because it was close to the female color, so she would lead to the ring, can't let Sun Zi Kangxi married too early, not beautiful palace girl Close to Kangxi. But Kangxi is a 12-year-old, 14 years old, also gave birth to the first child. At the age of 23, the quantity of children was 14, and the syndrome of their father and son, this is the tacit and fate of their father and son.