The Empire of the West Rome is actually because I am Daxie Dynasty.

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The Empire of the West Rome is actually because I am Daxie Dynasty.

2021-11-26 12:09:44 41 ℃

In 476 AD, the powerful West Roman Empire was detained by the barbarian intrusion, then why said the death of the West Roman Empire is because of my big Han Dynasty?

Time passes back to the first 129 BC, accompanied by the Han Wudi, "Yu Ke, I can go!" There is a long-awaiting, the Huo to go to the wolf, and the two imperial arms lead the empire, the imperial iron ride, Zhijun in-depth In 2000, it was annihilated by 100,000 Xiongnu, and after several generations of people's consequences, the Huns were gradually paid by the Prairie.

The Huns that can't be mixed in the east, chose to move. After that, the Huns of Xiocheng were recuped in the Ukrainian grassland for hundreds of years, once again established the Huns Empire, and launched a war to the Roman Empire at the time. As for why don't you return to the Central Plains? It is estimated that "Ming Gu", although it will be far away! "Is still afraid!

This war brought a destruction of the top of the world, and its leader Attera, was called "the whip of God" by the Europeans, in front of the powerful Xiongnu, this has been abused by the strong empire of Asia and Europe Dying. After that, the Germanian mercenary captured Rome, the West Roman Empire declared the death.

Today, the Roman Empire Civilization has already been interrupted, but the Chinese civilization can be dated for a long time, we can't help think about why? Maybe in the Western Region, a "set-Ou Milu" can give the answer: Anyone who has begun, the river is coming, it is Han Tilm!