The ancient saying "Ning sleeps, not sleeping, this is what is this?

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The ancient saying "Ning sleeps, not sleeping, this is what is this?

2021-11-26 12:09:29 38 ℃

What is the reason for this ancient prognosis? "

When in ancient times, people travel is not as convenient to now. Where do I want to go? Regardless of the northern place, the end of the world, just a ticket. Can arrive anytime, anywhere. At that time, it was basically a rich and real relying on the carriage. Travel. And the poor can only rely on their own feet. Just out of the door, it is a rush of ten days. Walking very slow. It is in the wild, perhaps, you can't find a place where you can stay in a day. So in ancient trend in the wild is very common. So in ancient times, why did you spread a sentence, Ning sleep, not sleeping in the temple?

The meaning of this sentence is actually very popular, that is, said. On the wild, there is no suitable stay in the dark, even if you sleep in a desolate grave, you will not take the temple. Of course, the temple is telling the temple. No one stays, the temple that is broken. So what is the cause of people prefer to sleep in the open air? Don't live with brick shredded temples.

Whether it is in ancient or in contemporary, traveling outside, safety is always the first. In the hearts of ancient people, the temple is always a dangerous place.

The ancient law and universities are far from now. At that time, if someone made things, they will take the hometown far. Some robbers block the road robbery. Harm the people. They east hide in Tibet, escaping the pursuit of the government. I don't dare to live in the city, in the inn. Therefore, the temple in the wild mountain is the only choice for their trend. And these people are generally, and they are negative. I am in one person I am in one person, definitely being a disappearance. The property is robbed directly, or it is relatively light. If you can't get it, you will lose there.

And there are also many robber robbers that are embedded near the temple. Then someone came to stay, waiting for them to sleep. Just intercepting their money, they may carry a weapon with you, once it resists, it may not be guaranteed.

So ancient people, I would rather be sleeping in the grave, and I don't want to go to the temple. I will be afraid to sleep in the graveyard, but that is just a psychological role. If you sleep in the temple, it is a bit of danger of life. Therefore, the ancient people are weighing the pros and cons, and decisively select the former. Kill them, they will not go to the wilderness, and they are broken.

The proverbs of these rural areas are all from ancient times, they are all the experience of the old generation. It is not the empty mouth whistle.