Old ancestors left "4 do not touch": Carpenter's ax, chef's knife, which two

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Old ancestors left "4 do not touch": Carpenter's ax, chef's knife, which two

2021-11-26 12:09:48 44 ℃

China's culture has been very profound since ancient times. After so many years of history, its cultural heritage is also very deep. In Chinese culture, there is a special existence of a proverb. The saying goes unlike the classical Chinese in our textbooks, it is not as ordinary as we usually say. Each saying has a certain reason, is a summary of our ancestors through thousands of years, and then pass through generations of oral communication to the present. The old people in the village often say "four do not touch", "four do not touch", what is it? In addition to the carpenter's ax, the chef's knife can't touch, what are you still can't touch?

Why is the carpenter's ax? We all know that each carpenter will have an ax that belong to their own ax. This ax may follow them for many years, and become a very important and smooth tool for their doing things. It is the average person who cannot touch. At the same time, in the past, this kind of craftsmanship can be mastered by professional learning. The average person will not, so if it comes to the carpenter's ax, it is equivalent to questioning their ability. If people don't understand this industry, if they have touched the ax, the carpenter can't forgive them. The tools you eat and make money are invisible to the carpenter!

As for the chef's knife, why can't touch it, this reason is actually similar to the carpenter's ax. The tool used by the chef work is a knife. Many times, a chef is a good thing to look at their knife, so a knife is a very important thing for the chef. Many advanced chefs, when they are cooking, they will not use the knives to prepare others, they will only use their own knives. Use your own knife not only peace of mind, but also more, and this tool has been accompanied by yourself, although it is very important. Therefore, the chef's knife can not touch, and if the knife used by the chef is generally sharp, what should I do if I don't care?

One of the remaining two dors, one is "the luggage of the bachelor can not touch". Why is the bachet of the bachelor not touch? Because the bachelor has always been alone, he must put himself in the baggage when he is out, these luggage is their pin, and all of them are stored. Touching their luggage, just like taking them, it will let them crash. And not only the luggage of the bachelor can't touch, anyone's luggage can't be touched. In the baggage of a person, it is something privacy, maybe a money, maybe it is a clothes, these are unable to touch.

The last thing that can't be touched is a woman's waist, a woman's waist is a woman who is very sensitive, naturally, can not touch. In the past, China was a deep-rooted country that was a feudal thought. People's thoughts were very conservative. A woman could not easily touch men. If there is a man touched a girl's waist, it would ruin a woman's innocence, people will think that her chastity is not there, this behavior is in the name of the woman. This is also the same now. If it is not the relationship between men and women, the relationship between husband and wife, it is best not to touch a girl's waist, and it is very embarrassing, and it is possible to make friends.

In addition to the four things that you can't touch in the saying, there is still a lot of things that we can't touch. The four things presented in the context, the top two is a tool for a person who makes money, the next two is people's privacy, these are all other people can't touch it, sometimes they can't. Therefore, in the interaction between people and people, it is still necessary to pay attention to maintain a certain amount, can not be overdone, it is not difficult for the last two people can't do it, and it may be shaped to shape the road, and even become enemy! Therefore, people still have to know a certain amount, so you can make your reputation, and you can make more friends.