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Good book recommendation - China's five thousand years

2021-11-26 12:09:39 39 ℃

This book is also I have seen very early, but this book has a lot of versions, I bought two versions I bought it, of course, in fact, it is not a big difference (history is not casually change).

I seem to see this hour.

The philosopher bacon said: "Reading history is sensible, reading poetry makes people's magical show, mathematics make people carefully, and the science makes people profit, and the ethics makes people solemn, and the study of logical rhetoric is goodbye." I mainly said that reading history After reading the history, I have seen the world, regardless of the defeat, don't ask it, you can analyze the fundamental of this matter.

Philosopher bacon

For this book, I don't recommend the people who have a history of history, I recommend that I want to understand history, but I don't think about the history of history. When I first read it was in elementary school, the feeling of giving me the time is that I am a passer, I have seen the life of others and even the whole dynasty, but I feel that I still have no feeling. When I read it in the second time, I was in the middle of the time. I was really like the people in the same era. I have experienced the same thing.

I will be a cloud, I feel that some historical figures are not very good. He is a very bad person, there is nothing to take. But the truth is that he is a very good person. He has made great contributions to this social progress. He really made a lot of things for many people. But because the history is written by the winner, no a few people will say that they are anti-thieves (the dynasty changed, the name is changed, that is not rebelled), only to disconize the rule of the Dynasty, can make oneself The relay becomes famous. (To tell the truth, I really can't see such people. I hate Liu Bang, I don't, I will rely on the world, and I still abandon my hero. Han Xin is too miserable, it is not a stuff).

Liu Bang

I would like to see everyone, I am very good and very good people are Qin Shihuang - 嬴 嬴. This person is really great, I don't know why. Still briefly talk! (Qin Shihuang I idol, I powder him, I think I am tall)

Emperor Qin Shihuang

Qin Shihuang was a proton of Qin Guo to Zhao Guo (ancient times to enemies or the hostages of the country), and then returned to the country to become Qin Wang, but Qin Wang is not very good, and there is a poisonous snake around the monarch - Lu Buwei. In the juvenile of the king, it couldn't solve the regime. Lu Weiwei took office to manage the king, Jun's step by step, dealmed with the anti-Qin Palace in the Qin Palace, and the real thing became the owner of Qin State (here, some about the Queen and her Those who are not very good, I didn't say, such a big person still sang the flower) (Qin Shihuang brushed the Qin State copy)

Lu Weiwei

Qin Wang appointed with Li Si and others, and actively implemented a unified strategy. Using Yan Zhao's battle, winning a lot of land in Zhao in one fell swoop. Wei Guo and South Korea have nothing to do, and they have been cut. After the Qin Qin, he captured Han Wang and recovered South Korea. Qin Wang used the idlock, and Zhao Wang and his most important minister were separated, let Zhao Guo's good will be able to live, and attack Zhao Guo light and is easy. Qin Wang sent a soldier to attack Yan Guo and the country, the two countries (Jing Yin Qin Wang Li also a part of the plot, "is to kill the prince, Taizan is the last prince of Yan Guo, because I want to ask and so I kill Taizi Dan, loyal to Qin Wang . Qin Wang sent a soldier to attack Wei Guo, surrounded by it, the water of the Yellow River, and Wei Guo was surrendered three months (this trick is really damaged, if my home is flooding, I can't stand it). Chu State is also a strong attack. When I played Vietnam, I gave Lu, Yan, and the third country (said the truth is afraid, they don't want to play, there is no fighting spirit). Finally, I went out. (Six countries success)

Six countries

Finally, I want to explain some rumors about the beginning.

Burning a book

It was because there were many wars at that time, they were burned, and they burned the books of the warlock and killed many wars.

2. Construct the Great Wall to kill a lot of people

The Great Wall is to resist the mutual aggressors of the Huns. The war is very cruel. There will be a lot of people, but the construction of the Great Wall saved many people, and also protects the people of the later generation.