The four emperors killed by the biological son in Chinese history

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The four emperors killed by the biological son in Chinese history

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The ancient emperor is a very long-year-old profession. In order to compete for the throne, many father and son have a lot of father and son's flesh and her fat occurred in ancient China, so that some people have issued it before they died, but would not regenerate in the emperor's feelings! Today, the boiled king will talk to everyone, and the four emperors killed in history!

Liu Yilong, Song Wen

Song Wenmi Liu Yilong is a very good emperor. After boarding, I will eradicate Xu Yizhi, Fu Liang, Xie Zhan San Qi, who sang the power of the POL, Ren Xiangliang, pay attention to the peasant Sang, recuperate, and the southern economic society continued to stabilize more than 20 In the year, the population has a lot of recovery and growth, and it is called "Yuan Jiazhi"!

As the country's strength is constantly increasing, Liu Yilong expands, under the encouragement of Wang Xuan and others, I want to build the great achievements of Han Dynasty, so I made a decision of the Northern Expedition, sending a hundred thousand army to the Northern Expedition to recover the Central Plains. Lose land.

However, because the south lacks horses, the infantry is difficult to deal with the Northern Wei's reloading cavalry, and all the airstrokes are very fast, and they are also taken away by the Northern Wei Dynasty. Thirty-year recuperate is destroyed once, Liu Song's national strength weaken!

Liu Yilong rule later, because the prince Liu Shao, Shixing Wang Liu Rui and Dongyang Princess and other three people believe in the demon road, secretly buried a jade in front of Liu Yilong's palace, used to curse Liu Yilong! The result was awarded, Liu Yilong was angry, and the heart intended to abolish the Prince, but he had been hesitant. All day and ministers discussed abolition of the prince in the palace, sometimes it is necessary to discuss a whole night!

The Prince Liu Shao in order to keep the prince's seat, launch the rebellion in a day, led the Prince soldiers to occupy the palace. At that time, Liu Yilong was discussing with the Minister to abolish the prince's things. When I saw the chaos, I raised her tea a few blocks. The five fingers were all cut down, followed by the chartered troops! Prince Liu Shao inherited the throne!

North Wei Taizu Tuo

In 376 AD, Yan Jian sent a soldier to attack the country established by Xianbei Tuo, and only 6 years old Tuoba became a prisoner, but Yan Jian did not bring it to Changan, but a part of the country. Second, the two tribal leaders from the parties belong to Liu Kuren and Liu Weichen are in charge! The young Tuoba and the mother are attached to Liu Kuren!

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In 383 AD, the battle of the water was defeated, the former Qin immersed the analysis, and the country who was destroyed by the former Qin mutually attacked each other! After Liu Kuren was established by Murong, he killed his brother Liu Tou coupon as the tribe leader.

In 385 AD, Liu Kuren's son Liu Xian killed uncle Liu Tou coupons, self-reliance, the leader of the tribe, once wanted to kill Tuo! Tuoba fails to Xianbei He Lan, and it is recommended as a tribal leader!

AD 386, only 16-year-old Tuoba has established a country, conquering the tribes such as Kuchen, high car, soft and Liu Weichen, became the most powerful tribe in the north!

In 395, Tuoba was a big battle in the battle, and the Yan prince Murongbao, he was killed, and more than 30,000 people! The next year, the seventy-year-old Murong sent a self-evident, and after seeing the miserable classes of the, the emergency fire broke down on the spot.

In 397 AD, Tuoba led the army of the army, and the Yan Dynasty was the emperor, officially established the North Wei! However, the Tuoba has been scattered in the late stage, and the temper becomes very violent. If you don't move, you can kill people, you can do your left and right people. His son Qinghe Wang Tuo Shao is unable to condemn the mother He Lanshi, and said that he wants to kill He Lan! He Lanshi saved her son to help.

In order to save his mother, Tuo Shao decided to launch a coup to kill Tuo! Because Tuoba's violent character, the nearby serving is about to hate it, so I will be trained by Tuo Shao, and I have a weapon such as the sword of Tuo. Only a sixteen year old Tuo Shao quietly sneaked into the palace, killing his father Tuo! Tuoba is 39 years old!

Dawang Emperor An Lu Mountain

After the emperor, the emperor, because he is too obese, his eyes are blind, and the temper is very violent. If you don't move, you will not pass the minister and the junior official, or even kill! Also in the palace, the size is all of the strictly, the general can't see him! The problem is that even if it is Yanzhuang, it is a bad mistake, it is also a fight, let Yan Zhuang are also very faceless! Especially the official Li Li pig is the most powerful, it is almost killed several times! Later, I thought I would like to abolish Anqing Xu, and I changed my son's son!

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So Yanzhuang persuaded Anqingxu killed An Lushan inherited the throne. Also said to Li pig: "The number of times you have been hit before and after, if you don't have a big event, you will be killed in the morning and evening!"

Li pig also agreed! When night, Yan Zhuang, Anqing Xu and Li pig quietly came to the Anlu Mountain Hall, Li pig fell into the knife, a knife was cut in An Lushan belly, killing it directly, buried under the bed in the palace ! Anqing Xucheng is the emperor of Dawang, and the size of the affairs is strictly disposed of!

After Liang Taizu Zhu Quanzhong

Zhu Quanzhong was named Zhu Wen, and it was the department of Huangchao. Later, he returned to the court. Because it was a Huangchao, it was appointed as the Xuanwu Festival. Since Xuanwu is the base, it has become the biggest departure forces at the end of Tang! Later, Zhu Weiken was invited to Tang Dynasty, and Chang'an in the west, the whole government was all died, controlled the entire court, and forced Tang Zong Donghong Luoyang, further controlled the Tang Dynasty! Soon, I killed Tang Zong, and I changed the Tang Mi Di!

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In 907 AD, the Tang Mi Emperor will make the imperial place, Zhu Quanzhong established the back beam, and became the first dynasty of the five generations!

In 19912, Zhu Wen personally led the army to attack Jin Wang Li Cunyi, not only did not win, but was countered by Li Cun, and the 60-year-old Zhu We couldn't afford to say, and sad to the Minister: "I run the world for decades, no I think that Taiyuan is so powerful! My son is not angry, I may have to die! "After the sadness cried!"

In order to keep the world that you have worked hard, Zhu Quanzhong is preparing to pass his own Xione. Because Zhu Youwen is outside, Zhu We will give Jade and other gods to Zhu Youwen's wife, let him call Zhu Youwen! As a result, Zhu Youyi's wife Zhang said, and immediately told Zhu Youzhen!

Zhu Youxi was responsible for the court guards. May Zhu Quanzhong felt that Zhu Youli may rebel, and change its reform as a history of Laizhou! Zhu Youzhen believes that Zhu Quanzhong is going to prepare for Zhu Youwen's success. If Zhu Youwen can be given to death, I found him to be the court to guard the elderly of the court, and the two were discussed and decided to do things immediately.

On the evening, Zhu Youzhen and Han Yu led five hundred to believe in the palace, surrounded by Zhu Quanzhong's palace, and killed Zhu Quanzhong was buried in the palace. Zhu Youdeng is the emperor!

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