Secret: Cixi's tomb has been stolen, once two times and three times, what is hidden behind?

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Secret: Cixi's tomb has been stolen, once two times and three times, what is hidden behind?

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On October 23, 1908, the remains of Cixi put into the coffin. Cixi's old Buddha's father covered the sky, but the mausoleum was robbed. In the 76 years, the body was three times in the same mouth, and the body still saved the complete. What kind of anecdotes and inside are there in such an incredible encounter?

In the five years of Tongzhi, the Lingling of the Emperor Xianfeng was completed. According to the ancestralization of the Qing Dynasty, the two Queen Cixi and the mausoleum of the Ci'an can only be selected near the Lingling, and can only build a Queen Ling. However, Cixi said it is very unsatisfactory, even very angry, directly questioning whom you can't build a mausoleum. So, the rule of the Qing Dynasty was broken by Cixi, and the double queen will be born.

The Tongzhi will go to Deling worship in its adulthood. Then, the Pingdingshan near the Dingling is "Pu Xiangyu". For the Mausoleum of Fu, the Tomb of Putuo Mountain is "Putuo", as the Mausoleum of Cixi. The construction of the two mausoleum went for 6 years and spent nearly 5 million silver. On October 22, 1908, the Cixi, the Cixi, who took her 74 years, and the leader, the prostitute of the prime minister, the Emperor of the Emperor, the body of the Cixi, raised from Xiyuan Yi, and lifted the emperor. On the bed of the temple, the next morning, in the respect of everyone, the remains of Cixi entered the boss, buried into the Big Town Palace. This is the first time Cixi.

The gold and silver treasure in her coffin is worth nearly 50 million silver, which can be said to be the world. In the "Love Moonxuan Notes" written in her heart, Li Lianying, the Cixi's body entered the sketch, first in the three-story gold silk beads and a layer of pearls, a total of one foot. The head is the first as a Cuiho leaf; the feet are poultred in the pink tourmaline.

Head wearing a pearl poison crown, the biggest pearl is big, the biggest pearl is large, worth 1 million two silver. Between the gold, gems, jade, jade carfield 27. Each side of the feet each put the jade watermelon, melon, cabbage, and more than 200 treasure, Li, Xprot, and more than 200 gems made of gems. Left on the left, jade lotus, right, jade, coral tree. In addition, the jade horses are 8th, and the jade 18 Luohan has more than 700 pieces. After the burial, I poured into four liters of pearls, and 2200 pieces of gemstones were filled. The 奇 奇 异 宝 宝, is naturally a giant trouble. After she closed her eyes, only a thief with her grabbing storm, she stretched her black hand, and destroyed her.

The pandareds robbed the burial items in the tomb, even her dress did not let go, this should be the most shameful experience for the old Buddha of Cixi, the old Buddha. After Sun Tian's crowd case, he sent a monetary, bonded, Bao Xi and others to Dongling's remains of Cixi. Duyu and others drilled into the palace, see the remains of the Cixi squatting on the coffin, head towards the north, the foot is facing south, the left hand is on the back.

There have been many spots in the country, and there are many spots on the body, full of white hair. Yinde is waiting to be in good condition, can continue to use, so the flag woman uses a yellow silk to cover the body of the Cixi, put a yellow sash is on the side of the body, then slowly flip the corpse, just put the body is supine In the muffin. I saw the darkness of Cixi, and the eyes were deeply arrested, the cheekbones were high, and the lips were scarred. Everyone helped, using the barley body into the coffin, if the board did not withdraw. On the body, a yellow satin is covered with a nail and the teeth from the nails and the teeth that are cut off from the palace. The relics of Cixi, which will be obtained in the year - a yellow robe, a cappolic cover is on the ground, covering the cover, the paint is covered, and it is complete. This is the second time in Cixi.

But the body finally got peace once again. The third time I was in the afternoon of the afternoon of December 6, 1983, there was no tourist in the Tombs. In order to clean up the Cixi Neptha, the Qing Dongling Cultural Relics Custodian has formed a clean-up group, and the cleaning team members and related personnel entered the Cixi Lingdi Palace. Everyone is wearing white coat, wearing white masks, white gloves, all actions are carried out under the camera's lens. Cixi Mausoleum is lacked, and the top is collapsed in the top, slope. 225 cm long, 98 cm ago, 91 cm high, 128.5 cm, and 123 cm wide. The four walls and outside the four-way Tibetan Buddha are filled with gold paint. There are 9 groups of Buddha statues and Fengdu peony patterns. The whole inner is basically intact.

After opening the cover, it is still the scene when I last. Under the guidance of an expert, the staff carefully unwindly unclaimed blue satin and yellow robes. Take photos before it is unveiled, and the size is measured. After uncovering the yellow robe, I found a yellow silk parcel in the top of the yellow satin, which is a teeth caught in Cixi, cut two nails. This small bag is a minister of the 1928 溥 时 殓 殓 殓 所 所 所. The remains of the Cixi remain more complete. Her head is facing the north, the foot is facing south, standing up his face.

The upper body of the face and the body is wrapped in the yellow silk, and the lower body is wearing a pants. It is embroidered with "Shou", and each word is 7 cm and 6 cm wide. Two feet are also wrapped in yellow silk. Uncovering yellow silk, I saw two feet were bundled by a purple strap, and the right foot was white, the left foot was naked, and the sock was placed on the left pants. Uncover the face and upper body yellow silk, the true face of the body shows it. Her head is into the left, and both eyes are deeply caught. Some white hair is partially disconnected from the chest, part of the right side. The right hand is placed in the abdomen, the left hand is naturally covered outside the left, and a ribbon is tied with a ribbon, and the chest is revealed. Although there is no muscle, there are many cracks on the body, but the whole body is still linked. Staff with steel coils, full length 153 cm. By this inferred, Cixi's predecessor should not be less than 160 cm. The body is covered with a yellow silk roller satiety. The following is a long wooden board - such as a bar. This is used in the year. The staff used this wooden board to raise the body of the Cixi. An expert from the National Cultural Relics sprayed against anti-corrosion disinfection, and then lifted the remains of Cixi in the coffin, and then put it out in sequential, and restored the original. Then spray the liquid in the coffin again, cover the cover. At this time, the woodworking has repaired the broken outer, and then the cover is re-covered. With a huge glass cover, the Cixi's coffin is strictly deducted. The whole day was cleaned up. This is the third time in Cixi, and it is also the last time.

Now, the remains of Cixi still lying in the coffin, retaining the originality of the second time in 1928. From the first time to the third time, the time is more than 76 years. Cixi I didn't expect that after 20 years of death, her land is stolen. She has a lot of treasures in her life. She won't think that in 76 years after her death, her body was erected twice, three times. She is now dying, but the tomb of Cixi is still there, she has still been retained, whether she is a good deed, or a bad deed, the world can not forget. Even if her corpse is corrupted with the years, the treasures that have been accommodated will carry her history together in the era, become an endless legend.