Nanjing, which is excellent in Feng Shui, why is it difficult for a long time, the reason is obvious, not a dragon.

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Nanjing, which is excellent in Feng Shui, why is it difficult for a long time, the reason is obvious, not a dragon.

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As the six dynasties in Chinese history, Nanjing is called the construction industry, Jiankang, Jinling, Ling, the scenery and tragic coexistence. Its Feng Shui is extremely good. According to the first 210 BC, the Qin Shihuang South Tour arrived in Jinling, Nanjing, see Jinling City Zhonglong, Yangcheng Zhongcheng, Fang Mountain, Lion Mountain, Maanshan will gather urban feng shui to become an emperor, Gu Shi, Ten Qin Shihuang, the land is extremely good In the later stage, he must be a child. Qin Shihuang is in the world. I will never let other emperings, so that Qin Shihuang is still changing the dragon pulse of Square, Lion Mountain and Maanshan. At the same time, in order to unload the dragon in Jinling City, the Qinhuai River was dug, so that the dragon flowed into the Yangtze River into the sea. Finally, the Jinling is changed to the Lingling, from the name of Nanjing's noble changes to the horse.

The history of Nanjing.

October 2, October 3, the East Wulkow, East Wu, said that the emperor was changed to the construction industry, and it means to build a job industry. Finally, in May 280, I was honored in the country, East Wu destroyed, and 52 years. The Western Jin Division was died in Wingly, Sima Rui resettled the court in Jiankang, dying in 420 AD, History 104 years. After that, the South and North Dynasty was established, and the Song Qi Liang, the South Dynasty, came to this. In the Southern Song Dynasty, 420 years from 479, History 60 years; Nanyi Di 479 to 502 years, history 24 years; Nanyiang Ming 557 years to 557 AD, 56 years in history; South Dynasty Chen AD 557 to AD 589 History 33 years. Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang, said in Nanjing, in Nanjing, AD, 1421, Mingzu, Zhu Xi, Beijing, Mingdu Nanjing History 72 years. In 1927, the Republic of China was in Nanjing. During the Nanjing City, he accompanied by Chongqing. In 1949, he fled to Taiwan, and his history was 22 years.

The dynasty is more accompanied by war

From the perspective of Jianbu Nanjing, the dynasty of Nanjing is very difficult to last. What is the reason? Is it true that Qin Shihuang dug in Nanjing's dragon pulse?

Throughout the Chinese New Year's Five Thousand Years, China's center from Wen Wangbu is a central Henan Luoyang, after the Qin Shihuang unified national, will move the political center. As soon as the north is easy to be harassed by the nomad, such as the Huns, I have caused a lot of trouble and destruction to us in history. The establishment of the capital is to lead the national political military economy and become the center. In order to prevent the invasion of ethnic minorities. The Dynasty generally built the city in the north. Although Zhu Yuanzhang Dingnan, he ordered Yao Guangxiao to build Beijing City, Ming Dynasty, Nanjing, was because the biggest competitors of Zhu Yuanzhang were Chen You, and Chen You was in the Jiangxi. Finally, the Poyang Lake is destroying a lot of Chen You. Force, Zhu Yuanzhang is part of Nanjing to prevent the southern rebellion. Later, Zhu Xi launched a coup. The Nanjing Palace in the South is in the fire sea, and there are people from the outside of the fire, so they will move the capital to Beijing. The Yellow River Basin is generally developed earlier, and the Yangtze River basin in the South has been slowly developed. The north of the home is very strong, and the south is more enjoyable, there is no pioneering spirit, and it is difficult to quickly and stabilize the situation.

Nanjing ancient buildings

Nanjing's economy is relatively developed as the foundation of the Dynasty. Dong Wu family forces in Jiangdong, the political ecology at that time was the three countries, Dong Wu relied on the Yangtze River, and the Shuhan rely on the danger of the mountain road. The two joints can fight Cao Wei. At that time, Cao Wei and Sima's Jin occupied the Central Plains, unified northern, Strong strength, Dongwu is in the back of the country, and it is fortunate to be unified. It is not able to unify the whole country, and how long said, the country's grandchildren did not have the kind of talence of Sun Quan, where to resist the national unity. Dongjin is built under the support of Northern Sques in the West Jin, and the south does not want the Northern Expedition. The northern Rich is lacking in the heart, and the exhalinity of the south is, only to talk about metaphysics. Although the establishment of Liu Song regimes, Liu Yuxiong, is omitious, The Northern Expedition is successful, but at the same time, the Northern Die Tuo Tao and It compensated, and it is unable to eliminate the realm of each other. The times are turmoil. The South Dynasty has replaced the Eastern Jin Dynasty began to kill the royal family. In a bad example, the back of the South Dynasty has a boundless killing of the royal family. The northern tiger is constantly chaos, the south is constantly chaos, the dynasty is impossible for a long time, everyone wants to be the emperor, there is no real recuperation and the dynasty management of the dynasty. In the war.

Bustling Nanjing

Nanjing is a rich place, and the population economy is quite developed. It can be used as an important foot point in the Central Plains, and the Eastern Jin Dynasty wants to steadily in Nanjing, and slowly, and recover the Central Plains, the idea is good. But the political decision maker and the scholar valve, in the gentle hometown of the Qinhuai River, how to have the heart, such as the ancestors of smell the chicken, have a dream to recover the Central Plains. Liu Yu's North Director is coming soon, there is no choice but to return. The dynasty of the long-term rulers must open the country, the emperor has been difficult, and finally recuperate, and constantly stabilize the domestic situation, let the war stop, consolidate the power.

Therefore, it is not the Qin Shihuang broken dragon vein, but the ruler has not developed a long-lasting policy to lead Nanjing to become a short-term dynasty.

Nanjing Qinhuai River

Nanjing's feng shui is extremely good, suitable for living. If you have time, please go to Nanjing, feel the city with historical and cultural.