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Angel Investors - Lu Weiwei

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In the records in the history book, Lu Weiwei debut is the identity of the richest wheeze. The person who is on the political stage with a businessman has not received the high-end feudal emperor, but he gave us another business idea.

Lv Unexpected, the most successful investment is to let Chu become Qin Wang.

During the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, the merchant was considered to be "last", and the murd of murders in the last one, and the people at the time also looked down. So many difficulties at the time, how did Lu Weixue become a national control person from the end?

As a big businessman, Lu Weiwei will not only make money, but also care about the national affairs, care about our own life, not thinking about and learning, and its superman is good at discovering business opportunities from political operations and evolution.

When Lu Weiwei saw a son of Qin, a son of Qinchu, when he did a hostage in Zhao Guo, he thought "odd goods" is a sale of big money. He became a tributical trick that almost unscrupulous rich, and the king of King, which achieved numerous dreams in this way.

According to the "Warship National Policy", Lu Bu Xi asked his father: "How many times can the Fei can get?" His father replied: "Ten times the profit." Lu Weiwei asked: "Do you have a long way to win the bead jade? "His father said:" One of the benefits. "Lu Bu Xi:" Help stand a country, can win a few times? "His father said:" Countless benefits. "

Lu Weiwei said: Now, strive to strengthen the field, can't guarantee that it is full of warm, and helps a king of a country, the benefits of getting a country, can pass the world, this big profitable thing, why not?

Lu Weiwei used the officialdom as a mall.

First of all, Lu Weiwei has almost investigated all the family, is alone, and the road is broken. At that time, all the families of Lu Buwei were 1000 gold. He uses half of the asset-funded subsidiary "for enterprising, link guests", the purpose is to make the child, the support and trust of other princes, and to apply indirect impact on the King of Qin, let it know A son of his name is very good, and it is a special public opinion for the son.

Then, Lu Weiwei began to supplement. In the banquet of the Chu Chu, please, there is a beautiful dance. This beauty is actually Lu Xiwei's own love. Chu said, she looked at her, she later got a boy with Chu Sheng. This boy named is the first emperor in Chinese history - Qin Shihuang. Even the wife is Lu Buwei, Lu Buwei, this is completely trusted.

The third adventure of Lu Weiwei is to help the child to escape Zhao Guo's chasing, successfully returning to Qin Qi. The way to help the child is still the money to buy. "Historical Records Lu Weiwei Biography" records "100 pounds of 100 pounds to defend the defeat". Until at this time, Lu Weiwei's investment has not yet got a high return, but it is almost a harvest.

After a year, Zi Chu was once a year, the king died, and the child was famous, and Lu Buwei was appointed as the prime minister. Son fulfilled the original promise. At the beginning, when Lu Wei and Zi Chu praised this grand plan, Zi Chu once said: "If you want to make a policy, please share the Qin State and the Common." Not only that, Lu Weiwei is also sealed as a textual, 10,000 households, and became the biggest aristocrat in Qin State. From the initial gorgeous investment, the income of 100,000 households, as well as the political status of the 10,000 people, Lu Weiwei's investment income has been close to his father's "countless" forecast.

Just three years, 嬴 嬴 即. This new king is the greatest emperor Qin Shihuang in Chinese history. Due to the small age of the people, the actual political affairs is actually in charge of Lu Buwei, Lu Weiwei became the actual king of a hand. At this time, Lu Weiwei is already a "tens of thousands of people". Wealth, rights, status, Lu Weiwei reached the peak of the cause.