The portrait of Du Fu we know is actually Du Fu himself. Who is he?

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The portrait of Du Fu we know is actually Du Fu himself. Who is he?

2021-11-27 18:04:51 50 ℃

"Du Fu, Du Fu", Miqiao's portrait of Du Fu once once red all over the Internet, until today we can still see a lot of such "spoof", this phenomenon is called "Du Fu very busy".

These "masterpieces" originated in the following portraits of our familiarity: Du Fu sat down, side view, a sense of worries and worries. This portrait is included in the middle school textbook, in the mind of most people, Du Fu is undoubtedly long.

Is Du Fu really grow like this? Is this portrait of true Du Fu himself?

In fact, it is not, the portrait of this portrait is my country's famous modern character painter Jiang Zhaohe (1904-1986), and he painted his own picture. When Mr. Jiang received the task of Du Fu portrait, I collected the information about Du Fu, but I regretted about Du Fu's long phase, there is no record in any book, this is really a big problem.

How to do it? There is no way, Mr. Jiang is in the mirror, starting the creation of Du Fu in the image of his own, so there is this famous gentleman who worry about the country.

Therefore, the characters in the portrait are not Du Fu, but Jiang Zhaohe himself. Is Du Fu portrait and Jiang Zhaohe himself compare it, is it similar to more than 90%? It is Du Fu with him, it is not as good as it is Jiang Zhaohe yourself.

Since Du Fu's portrait is not Du Fu himself, have Du Fu himself with a few points?

Du Fu's true long-term appearance has become an eternal fan, we are very likely to never know what Du Fu is looking like, but you can do a ratio analysis.

If you find the best masters to the suspect in the national public security system, let him draw a suspect he has never seen, only the diary of this suspect, the article will be seen to the picture, and the diary, there is no such suspect in the article. Any description, what is the suspect that the master draws comment with the real suspect?

Obviously, the picture of the picture and the real suspect are similar to the probability of being equal to zero. The portrait is definitely another person. When you hold this portrait, you will be a funny, it is absolutely impossible to catch the suspect.

The same reason, you and your friend (can be a male, girlfriend) first see the first time, you have been talking to the phone, SMS, you imagine this friend's longitude in your mind, and you really see you Is it the same when he (she) is? The answer is of course negative.

Therefore, it can be inferred that the portrait of Du Fu painted by Jiang Zhaohe master, and the real Du Fu is about zero.

So I have a very regrettable fact. This "Du Fu" in the following portraits is not Du Fu, and he and Du Fu have nothing! Although we are not willing to accept, this is the fact.