In 1976, the firing was killed.

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In 1976, the firing was killed.

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In July 1976, the opening of the country was killed, and he encountered an accident when he participated in military exercises, and unfortunately lost his job.

At the pierced memorial, a 40-year-old man walked in with his son, kneeling to the forefront of the piercing, two people crying while crying.

One person is in the memorial, when this scene is seen, the family is a bit confused. Who is this man, what is the relationship between him and the skin, and why do they have this? Great reaction?

Just walked over, when I was ready to support them, the man cried, while said: "The old army, I am Zhang Tao Fang, your soldier see you, I haven't seen it for so many years, I have no chance ..."

This man is very excited, crying, saying: "This time I came to see you, I came over from Lanzhou. I met again for decades. I should be happy. I didn't expect that we have already yin and yang. , Old army ... "

Later, the family of Piktai helped the man, after taking a few words, everyone knows his identity, he is Zhang Tao Fang, that is just 32 days, with 436 rounds to eliminate 214 enemies " Volunteer Military Gunner.

Until this moment, the family of Pika understood the whole thing.

When the skin is alive, it is often mentioned in Zhang Tao Fang, saying that his gun method is god into, saying that many of the gunmen in the volunteer army, is growing under the leadership of Zhang Tao Fang.

The skin must have a significant impact on the life of Zhang Tao Fang, and the legendary story of Zhang Tao Fang's "436 bomb eliminates 214 enemies", "214" this sacred figure is that the skin is taught to him.

Figure | Pipeline

The skin will send two gifts to Zhang Tao Fang. The first piece is a pair of boots that the volunteer headquarters issued. The second is a "Mo Sinner" rifle. Through these, we can see the admirings and love of Zhang Tao Fang.

The care and love of the skin, Zhang Tao Fang has always remembered that after the anti-US aid DPRK, Zhang Tao Fang's battle hero has driven many reports.

Every time, whether it is in the conference field of thousands, it is still in the private meeting of dozens of people. In the content of Zhang Tao Fang, it will not be able to give him a touching story of the leather boots and rifles.

Every time I spoke this story, Zhang Tao Fang will have tears. He said excited: "In that year, the pair of boots are the volunteers headquarters specially sent to the forefront of the army, that kind of rifle, no in the entire volunteer army A few! "

When the applause is a piece of applause, Zhang Tao Fang will wipe tears, calm down, continue to say: "I will have today, thank you for your support and encouragement of the Legal, the support and encouragement, his kindness, I will always remember! "

Before 1952, in the 30 degree environment, according to the indication of the volunteer headquarters, the troops were taken to the Shanggunling position. At that time, the US military was in advanced weapons and equipment, and the volunteers soldiers were not placed in their eyes.

When the battle was initially started, in order not to let the US military to know that the Volunteer Army entered North Korea's news, the volunteer army has had such a command, that is, everyone can not attack the enemy machine with light weapons.

The benefits of this command are that the news of the Volunteers in the DPRK is really concealed, but the damage is that the enemy becomes more arrogant. They have opened the plane everywhere in three differentiations.

Some American military pilots who competed, even held a flight competition, see who fly high, than anyone flying fast. Some pilots of some courageies can even open the plane to fly in various caves, just like hide and seek.

Figure | American pilot on the Korean battlefield

There is such a habit of the US military, and each time they launched a wide range of attacks, they will send several aircraft to first investigate.

At the time of investigation, the enemy machine usually flying relatively low. Sometimes it is even directly flying, and the US military is very afraid of death when fighting, so they love the "human rights".

In order to maintain the so-called "human rights", the US military did not care for the bullet. When the enemy plane flew very low, once there is a living on the ground, no matter whether it is a human or cattle, pig dog, no matter how three seven twenty-one, Their dozens of bullets will be shot immediately.

After the enemy is investigated, it is difficult to have any live things in the ground. Time passed every day, and the volunteers soldiers quickly studied the strategy of responding to enemies.

Outside the commanders of the Volunteers, there are sentinel day and night station. Once the enemy machine investigation is found, everyone will take action immediately. Through this approach, everyone has escaped the US military a large-scale attack.

In the later battle, although the US military has experienced several defeats, they have eaten a few losses, but they still have longs.

When the troops came to the Shanggangling position, the enemy machine still occupied the entire sky, the US military rushed into the sky, and when the volunteers did not exist.

The US military likes to hold a party. Once you have any festivals, they will eat and drink on the position, and later studied a new pattern, that is, everyone is arranged neatly, do soft soft exercises together.

These guys quickly liked this new trick, soon, they started to do soft gynecies in three different places, deliberately moving towards the volunteers, shaking their heads, stretching arms twists, singing together, individual enemies will make some downflow Actions.

When an inspection work, near Zhang Tao Fang's serial team, the skin was discovered in this situation, and immediately turned, and the pitry belongs to the kind of people who are hot. Photo | Zhang Tao Fang

When the sputum opened up the anti-Japanese base area in Yuxi, it took more than a dozen counties, and the people were liberated, and the people remembered his credits. Everyone said that the skin will be "Tiger" It is a big hero of the anti-Japanese in the West.

The US military's behavior is obvious provocative, and the skin will definitely can't bear it.

At that time, the skin was referred to the US military position and said: "When the anti-Japanese base is opened, the Japanese devil is taught by me. These American devils are too arrogant, dare to ride in our neck to pull pee, must teach them!"

It is this all right, and it is coming to Zhang Tao Fang's spring. In order to combat the arrogant flame of the US military, the skin must meet, so, in this way, a mass "cold gun and soil" activity begins.

The original words at the time were: "The heart can't eat hot tofu, we have to take a slowly destroy the enemy, one shot, one shot, see the US devil, I dare not dare to be in the position!"

The Volunteers soldiers gave this "cold gun" activity, got a very image name called "zero knocking rubber sugar".

Explain that everyone regards the opposite American army as a huge rubber sugar, and each gun of the volunteer warrior is like a small hammer.

As long as the time is long enough, as long as the "cold gun and the gun" campaign has been going on, the chairman of the volunteers can kill the US military, the rubber sugar is knocked, completely eliminating.

When Zhang Taofang, he read a few years, when he was busy, he had been working in Tian Li, once he left, he took his own bird gun to hunt to hunt.

Later, when I recalled the past, Zhang Tao Fang believes that she can become a sniper, and have a relationship between the mountains in the mountains.

Figure | Sniper in film and television works

When someone asked these things, Zhang Taofang said: "For so many years, I think the truth of shooting is connected, the bird gun in the morning, the steel gun on the battlefield, the truth is the same, hidden, screen breathing, aim, finally Opening, all this! "

After carrying out the "cold gun and soil" activities, Zhang Tao Fang immediately took action, and he began to train shooting technology.

In some TV series, we often see that in order to practice a good gun method, some soldiers choose to stare at the burning incense at night, and some people go to see mosquitoes, and so on.

Zhang Taofang's situation at the time, and it was almost in the TV series. On the Shanggunling position at the time, many volunteers soldiers met the scene of Zhang Tao Fang's hard training.

When you are idle every night, other soldiers are all sleeping, this time, Zhang Tao Fang will take a soybean oil lamp, in the dark night, he aims at the fire light of the soybean lamp again and again.

Zhang Tao Fang was already famous at 214 groups at the time, but he saw himself very small and never proud. When practicing shooting technology, once you don't understand what you don't understand, he will immediately find some experienced old warriors, please ask each other.

Someone took Zhang Tao Fang to joke and said, "Your gun is so good, but also doing something, waiting for you to really, we should drink northwest wind!"

Zhang Tao Fang did not pay attention to these people, he only cares about his gun method. When Zhang Tao Fang practiced shooting, in order to train the arm, ask someone to tie two sandbags to his arm.

When the sandbag is too heavy, when I have just tied to my arm, Zhang Tao Fangcheng took the guns to be unstable. When training to the end, Zhang Tao Fang had almost felt the existence of the sandbag.

It is this hard training. Zhang Tao Fang stands out from many volunteer warriors, and finally the legendary gunler of "436 rounds to eliminate 214 enemies".

One day, the skin was inspected, while walking, I took a shot in the position, where he said, "Our position must be continuously reinforced, the American devil likes to bomb, the position is not Couldn't do it! "

Suddenly, a star of a surname was running, saying: "Report the military commander, 214 groups have a warrior, less than 40 days, eliminating 71 enemies in the 'cold guns!"

"Yes? This soldier is really so powerful? What is his name?"

"Zhang Tao Fang!"

"If this person is so powerful, it is a big good news. I ordered you to go to 214 groups immediately, find Zhang Tao Fang, check it on the spot, see how he destroyed the enemy!"

"Yes!" Xiao Xi immediately stood straight, and he respects a military ceremony to the skin.

Piendal participated in a lot of battles, and he rarely believes in rumors, really have such a good volunteer warrior? The skin will not believe this, just when Xiao Shu is ready to find Zhang Tao Fang, the skin will call him.

Xiao Shen was a bit confused, asked: "The Junli, what else do you want to say?"

The skin is in front, Xiao Shu Shi is following the back, then, the skin will take a pair of new leather boots from his bed.

Outdoor is floating, there is a piece of ice and snow everywhere, and the skin is said: "When you go to the warrior called Zhang Tao Fang, bring this pair of boots!"

Figure | Youth Leather

"The Director, this double leather boots are the volunteer headquarters to send you, too precious, if you give it to other warriors, what do you do?" "I want you to look at Zhang Tao Fang on the position to destroy 3 enemies, if He can really do it, this pair of boots is my reward, if his gun method doesn't have everyone say so good, you will take the leather boots back! "

"Army, isn't you? Is it difficult for me?"

"Xiao Shu, you blink, look at the outside, like Zhang Tao Fang, once held in the snow, the shortest is more than one hour, they need this pair of boots than me! Our military leader I can wear the leather boots, my warrior can wear, don't say it, go to action! "

"Yes!" Xiao Shung hugged the leather boots in his arms, and his eyes were in the tears. He was deeply touched by this behavior of the skin.

In order to combat the arrogant flame of the US military, the soldiers organized this "cold gun" activity, Zhang Tao Fang is definitely a typical person in this event.

If the heroic deeds of Zhang Tao Fang have a wide propaganda, this is very beneficial to encourage my military, and the skin is said, can't let the US military to provoke the volunteers, which is this.

So at that time, in order to make Zhang Tao Fang's deeds more convincing, Xiao Shuo took the leather boots to find Zhang Taofang, but also called a photographer who surnamed Wang.

Zhang Taofang's 214 groups, Xiao Xi Shi and Wang reporters want to go there, must pass a very complex topography. The pothroots and trenches excavated by the Volunteers are all together, and sometimes they will connect the camp.

Therefore, this band is more complicated, in the ice and snow, the tunnel and the trenches are folded, and it is like a black giant.

Figure | Digging trenches

The Volunteers and US military have long-term confrontation. The positions of the two sides are basically fixed. It is far a bit, the volunteers and the US military can be a few hundred meters away, and the nearest place, there is only 30 meters between the two sides.

After seeing such a terrain, Xiao Shen said: "It is no wonder that Zhang Taofang will destroy so many enemies, so the terrain is very suitable for the 'cold guns and drops, and the enemy is only twenty or 30 meters, this is the sniper Stage! "

Two people have just come to Zhang Tao Fang's team, Xiao Shu Shi immediately shouted: "Who is Zhang Tao Fang, I brought the orders of the military commander, where is Zhang Tao Fang?"

One of the electors said: "Thank you for your concern, Zhang Tao Fang is in our team. He is a famous name, and even the comrades of the reporter attracted it!"

Zhang Tao Fang sat in a corner of the tunnel at the time, holding a piece of cloth and rubbed a rifle, even said: "Zhang Tao Fang, don't hold your new wife, come over, the arms are armed for people to come to you!"

The company said that the rifle is Zhang Tao Fang's new wife. I heard this sentence, Xiao Shu Shi and Wang reporters laughed together. Two people finally saw Zhang Tao Fang, 20 out of the appearance, thin body, seeing strangers, it is a bit shy.

Xiao Xi was impressed by Zhang Tao Fang's eyes, and later, when he said, he said: "At that time, the light in the tunnel is not good, but the two eyes of Zhang Tao Fang are very bright, it seems to be very spiritual, maybe the gun method is good. People are like this! "

After talked about a few words, Xiao Shuo took the king reporter and Zhang Taofang out of the door, and the skin is all over, only the eyes saw Zhang Tao Fang to eliminate three enemies on the position, and then they can give him the paward boots.

Zhang Tao Fang was very familiar with the position. He found a position to Xiao Shen and Wang reporters and let them hide. Zhang Tao Fang took a few steps and jumped to a position that he was familiar with, concealed.

For more than one or two hours, Zhang Tao Fang always squatted in the snow. It does not move, Xiao Xi Shi and Wang Journalists can't help it. Time is at noon.

Figure | Sniper

At this time, the two US military appeared on the position, talked and laughed, haha, they didn't know that their own death was coming.

Or the original trick, the two US military began to do soft gynechers, stretch the arm twists, the high son put the shorts, and there is something wrong with the mouth.

Suddenly, Zhang Tao Fang opened a shot, and the short bomb was played, and Zhang Tao Fang immediately opened a shot, and the American army of the high child fell in the snow.

The US military has been scared by the "cold gun" campaign of the volunteer army. They hide like a slump turtle, while singing, while shooting on Zhang Tao Fang.

After all, after all, they didn't dare to target. Who dare to work with Zhang Taofang, as long as a US military dared to show his head, it was not dead.

The enemy did not pay attention, Zhang Tao Fang quickly jumped into the tunnel next to it. At that time, when the sentinel of the US military was replacing, when the sentinel shocked, Zhang Tao Fang shot again. The whistle planted in the snow.

Zhang Tao Fang destroyed three US military with 3 bubbles, Wang Journalist pressed the camera shutter and took several precious pictures. Xiao Shen was surprised and stunned, self-speaking: "This, the leader of the military leader is really Zhang Taofang!"

After returning to the company, Xiao Shu was handed over to Zhang Tao Fang, and the soldiers standing in the side were desperately applauded. Zhang Taofang was full of red, and a sentence could not say it.

In the later days, Zhang Taofang almost didn't pass the pair of boots. After all, the boots were gave him to him, too precious.

When someone asked the leather boots, Zhang Tao Fang always said: "This paward boot is a souvenir given to me. It is the driving force for me to continue to resist the country!" 图 | 抗 美 美朝

A few months later, the skin tried to 214 regiments, he and Zhang Tao Fang finally met. Zhang Tao Fang raised the official at the time, and when the long-lasting, under the leadership of Zhang Tao Fang, there were more than a dozen monrs in the volunteers.

All the torches of Zhang Tao Fang in his hand repeatedly, joking and said: "I thought that the gunman's gun was so unfortunately! No, very ordinary!"

Xiao Xi, standing next to: "Zhang Tao Fang, the army of the army came to give you a gift again, you guess, what is good?" Zhang Taofang said nervous.

The skin is said: "Xiao Shuo, go to the jeep, take the gift, see Zhang Tao Fang, don't like?"

This time, the skin will be given to Zhang Tao Fang, which is a "Mo Cinner" rifle, much more advanced than ordinary rifles, better precision, such a gun, only one armor. After getting this gift, Zhang Tao Fang was very happy.

In the next day, Zhang Tao Fang has always used this "Mo Cinna" rifle to destroy the US military, each to destroy an enemy, Zhang Tao Fang put a bullet case into the pair of boots.

Later, a national conference should be held in Beijing, and the troops in Beijing are divided into a quota, and the skin must decide to let Zhang Taofang represent the whole army to participate in this conference.

Before the departure, the skin is looking for Zhang Tao Fang to talk about once. Zhang Taofang "436 bomb destroyed 214 enemies" legendary story, "214" this sacred figure is from this conversation.

After the two met, Zhang Tao Fang's neck was carrying the pair of boots, and the skin is asked: "Why don't you wear it?"

"Thank you for your concern, you have a hard work, more than I need this pair of boots!"

When Zhang Tao Fang put the leather boots on the table, the bullet shell in the inside made a sound, and the skin was very curious and asked: "What is the boots?"

Figure | Pipeline

"It is the bullet case I have used."

Why is the bullet shell in the boots? "

Xiao Shen said: "Since the armsalers you gave Zhang Tao Fang, he went to this pair of boots in this double boot everywhere!"

The skin will feel that this behavior is very interesting, asking: "Zhang Tao Fang, how many bullet shells now in the boots?"

"Report the military commander, 211!"

"It's very powerful, you will soon go to Beijing to meet, this is a high honor, according to me, you have to eliminate three enemies, when you come, with a commemorative number to Beijing, Report to the Party Central Committee! "

"Thermal Director, why should I eliminate 3 enemies?"

"I asked you, how much is your group?"

When I heard this sentence, Zhang Taofang understood, destroy 214 enemies, because "214" is the number of troops, with such a number to Beijing, is the best report on the Party Central Committee.

This time, Zodiac San Fei came to the front of Zhang Tao Fang to destroy the US military. When they were about to leave, the skin must be said: "Zhang Tao Fang, I ordered you, now take off the buckle of broken cotton shoes, change this pair boots!"

I haven't waited for Zhang Tao Fang, and the skin will add a sentence: "It can't be defined, this is the order!" That's like this, Zhang Tao Fang put on the double boots. When I went to Beijing to meet, Zhang Tao Fang also wearing the pair of boots.

Pipe is the time when participating in military exercises, because the plane crashed. Zhang Tao Fang and the old military long skin did not meet many years. When I met again, I was in the memorial time, and I have two yin and yang.

Figure | Tomb of General Temple

In the face of the death of the skin, Zhang Tao Fang is grieved.

When leaving the memorial, Zhang Tao Fang stands in front of the federation of the skin, saying: "The Old Jun, your soldier Zhang Tao Fang will go, I will come back next time ..."

Subsequently, Zhang Tao Fang was kneeling with his son, and the portrait of the rocket was repeatedly smashed several heads. When the forehead is close to the ground, Zhang Tao Fang's tears flow out again.