Zhaoling boutique pottery figle | Painted white Tao army

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Zhaoling boutique pottery figle | Painted white Tao army

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In 1972, the Tomb of Tang Zhaoling, the Tomb of the Tomb of Tomb, Li Wei, was discovered according to law, and 130 unearthesian, including the painting white tutorial, with his body, the shape of shape is realistic, the painting is delicate, and it is stood out in the "National Level. Cultural relics, now showed the exquisite artifact exhibition in Zhaoling Museum.

Painted Painted Bai Tao Wujuan is 114 cm. Diendan head, wearing a brown high lead wide sleeves, under the white clothes, smashing a high head, the head is slightly right, the hands are holding on the chest, the double eyebrows, double eyes, God is cold.鹖, a kind of good bird who said on the ancient book. "The Book of Songs": "鹖, Yi bird also, Yi does not know the death." Focus on the chicken, the first championship. Sex dare to fight, death, I don't know how to die. "" Said "contain: 鹖 鹖. It seems to be gone, from the party. Note: "It is like chicken, five colors, winter hairless, naked, staying up."鹖 鹖 黄 黄 色, 黄 死 乃 乃 鹖 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 鹖 鹖 鹖 鹖 鹖 鹖 鹖 鹖 鹖 鹖Therefore, it is crown or is the crown of the martial arts or the crown of the hermit. "Han Han Shu": "Wu Crown, common champion, ring is no, the Qing Dynasty is awkward, plus double tail, vertical, for the crown cloud. Five officials, left and right tiger, feather Lin, Wuzhong Lang, Yulin's left and right supervisors crown, yarn single clothes. "Tang Liu Zongyuan" Sending the Du Ningde Secretary to the Experience ":" ﹝ ﹝ 朝 晟 ﹞ ﹞ 断 断 勇 勇,,, 勇 勇 断: 断 断 断, The position of the championship, the crown, the crown, "Du Fu" small cold food boat is "poem:" Jiachen strongly eat cold, hidden Xiao Xiao Dai Guan crown. "Qing Qian Qian Yi" Mid-Autumn Festival The New Year's Eve is coming to report the "poem" poems: "The generals came to play, the ruler is far from the middle." Wang Duan "Heavy Disclaimer" Volume 5: "Work No color, laughing others wearing a crown.

In fact, the championship has been a championship of Wu Guan in the Warring States Qin and Han Dynasties, and there is already riding swords on the gold and silver bronze mirror in Luoyang Jinyun. . Western Han brick engraved riding characters are also in Wuhuang. Shandong Jiaxiangwu Tempo Eastern Han Dynasty portrait of Shuigens disciple in the picture, wearing a roiockey crown in flat, for the Warriors, and "Historical Records Ni Ni Publishing": "Zi Lu Zhi, Well, Zhizhi Straight, the records of the crown, and the Pepper dolphins are consistent. Dunhuang Mogao 257 Caves of the North Wei Samurai wearing a crown, and the bird is hits the top. The Tang Dynasty's crown, turned the crown ear as two bird my fin, and the pose of the front of the front crown was in the pose of wings, quite a lot of money and vivid, and the storm. Li Wei tomb This martial art fuacuo is a fan-shaped fan-shaped fan-shaped fan, and the strong double-wing is open down, and the neck is curved, and the three-dimensional stretches 3 is left. The head is slightly low, short The scorpion is both a sharp and bend, strong powerful, his eyes are extremely slender, and the eyes are fierce, giving the military officer, adding a bit of mighty and majestic. Li Wei, Tang Taizong Li Shimin's eight son, Yan Demai. The five years of the five years, the Han Wang, ten years of reorganizing the original king, soon, the king of the migration, the worship of the capital, gave an eight hundred households. In the twenty-three years, it is more than a thousand households. In the four years, Zhu Li's defenders took the soldiers and anti-Wuwu, Li Wei responded to his son Li Chong, in the Yuzhou, the soldiers defeated to the drug suicide. Zhongzong Shenlong, the servant, the servant, Li Wei, righteous, please, please. Until the four years, Tang Xuanzong will restore Li Zi's father and seals and re-buried. In the six-year period, Li Yue was burial in Zhaoling.

This painted white pottery crown mutual pricking the tomb is the only prolong image of the current cultural relics in Zhaoling. The overall preservation is intact, the texture is delicate, the color is bright, and the image is vivid, and it is a boutique for the cultural relics of the Tang Dynasty. We studied the physical information of a rare system in the Tang Dynasty.