Sima Li's grandchildren were shouting, yelling in the end: I didn't regret that Sun Huazong's words, this is difficult

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Sima Li's grandchildren were shouting, yelling in the end: I didn't regret that Sun Huazong's words, this is difficult

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In the first 54 bvishes, the Western Han Jingshi Chang'an City people spread, Sima Li, Sun Yang, is open to the waist. Before the punishment, Yang Hao is angry with anger, and the friends who came to send, said: "Regret does not listen to the words of Mr., but also tired of Mr., really regret it!"

Yang Wei is a celebrity in the Western Han Dynasty. He is a celebrity, not just because the Han Xuan Emperor is open to the open waist, but a major news. And his family is promising, his father is the prime minister Yang, the middle of the Western Han Dynasty, and the mother is the daughter of Historian Sima Qian, the grandfather is Sima Qian.

Yang Wei inherited Sima Qian's character, but he dared to say, but his mouth was also poisoned; but also inherited his father Yang Spacious, the mother of the mother.

After Yang Hao's mother Masheng passed away, his father Yang spacked again to Yang Wei. Because this mother is no child, I will look at Yang Yu as my own, and I love it. Yang Wei is as filial as the mother, and the mother and child feel good. Therefore, before his mother passed the death, he would bring the million bidding brought at the time, specified for Yang Yu inherited.

In addition to this legacy of the back, his father Yang spacious not only to the officer, but Yang Jing has also helped Huo Guang's scrap only to do the 27-day emperor, the trust of the mandarin of Han Xuan Emperor, but also. Less reward. After Yang Spacked, this rich property was also inherited by Yang Wei.

Therefore, Yang Wei lives in a rich nest from a child, never lack. Perhaps it is because of this, he is a strong enough, and he has distributed thousands of property to the clan relatives, and he has a great name for this in the face. Later, after the official, I was famous for his big public, clean and honest.

Yang Spacant once helped Huo Guangwei Liu He, and Huojia came to close, but Yang Wei was reversed. After the Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, Huo Guang as a Zi Zhi Zhongchen, through a series of operations, four auxiliary ministers, were destroyed by him, from this big right to grip, Huo family is full, and struggled to climb the bar knot.

Even the Han Xuan Emperor Liu Xun is afraid of Huo Guang, once Zhao is "like a stab", his Queen Xu Pingjun was killed by Huo Guang's wife, and when Huo was alive, Liu Xing did not dare to Home movement.

After the death of Huo Guang, Han Xuan Liu Xing quickly layout, strengthened the empress of the empress, and tried to cut Huo family. At this time, Yang Han helped the cold, Yang Hao's father Yang Spacked and Huojia have deep, so there is more understanding of the private matter of Huo's family. After Huo Guang, Yang Wei, the son of Huo Guang, and Huo Jiazong.

Han Xuan Emperor Liu Xiyou has long been working hard, then looking for opportunities, it will make a moment of thunderstorms, and even Huo Guang's daughter Huo Chengjun is also abolished. After the Huo Guang family was cleaned, the emperor of Han Xuan Liu was strengthened, and the heart was very fast, and Yang Wei and other people who were telling Huojia's rebel, and Yang Wei was sealed and became the emperor. Red man.

Yang Han became the hero, the red, the singer, the singer, the reward, and he was born, and Yang Jia was serving as a bus, there were ten people. Take a swimming), Yang Hao family has become an envy of the homage of Huojia.

But Yang Wei and Huo Lang are different. When he is, it is honest, just, rectify the rule, and prevent bribery. And he and Sima Qian's temperament, dare to die in front of the emperor, not only dare to expose the minister, but even the emperor has a wrong office, he also dare to directly book.

At the beginning, positive in the middle of the Western Han Dynasty, the court greedy became the wind, Yang Wei is very hurting, repeatedly elastic, exposes officials, but also sinned a bad court, so the minister is afraid of him, and hate, always think Remove him.

At that time, Taipai Dai Changle is a confidant that Xuan Emperors is in the folk. After the Xuan Emperor is in place, he will rise to the minister of the people, Ren Taifan. After wearing long music, it is also degraded, lost, not only corruption, but also the details of Xuan Emperor. These details have been as the emperor's Liu Quan as unwilling to let people know, and the result is issued.

Liu Xing was a angry, and he was prison in Dai Changle. Dai Changle and Yang Hao have never been in harmony, after being sentenced to the love, the Yang Wei, who is going to the court, so I will come to a jade, and I will come to the opinion of the guilty of the court: "Taking the Lord (Take the emperor to joking), look into the reverse. "

Although Yang Wei is straightforward, it is usually in love, and it is relatively high. He regards big and small bureaucrats, repeatedly revealing the corruption of the governor, but he has more extravagant in life because of yourself.

Therefore, although Yang Wei took a knife for no reason, he was preserved by Han Xuan, but no one was willing to talk to him, rescue. Han Xuan Emperor passed away, and he couldn't bear to wear his hands.

Yang Hao has been in the name of the emperor, the famous door is expensive, and it has become a flat head, and the heart is not satisfied, and the family will be happy, and the high-rise is full of seats. And Tai Shou Shouzong is a good friend of Yang Hao. He saw Yang Wei's pair of models, and it will be taboo by the emperor, attracting a disaster.

Sun Huazong wrote to persuade Yang Wei, advised him to take out a look of good and fearful, so that the emperor felt that he was afraid of him, showing the emperor to you. Now your guests are full, the emperor saw you, the influence is still so big, it is very old, isn't it a trouble?

Zi Tank record: "Friends Staing Taishou Xihe Sensong, Zhi Zongshi, with the book of the book, the minister is abundant to the door, for the poor meaning, improper governance industry, communication," Sun Huazong is a wisdom, but Yang Wei not only does not listen to persuasion, but it wrote a reply to Sun Hui, "Zun Zong Zong Shu". In the letter, he not only revealed the resentment of the emperor, but also exclaimed to Sun Huazong, an argument of his own wild. The whole letter is written, and the "reporting of An Site" is the same as the foreign company.

Yang Wei's indulgence, it is used by people. Later, there was a sun, the ancients thought this is not a peaceful, and the guilty blames Yang Yujiao. I don't know what it is. As a result, Yang Wei was again imprisoned. The "Shu Zong Zong Shu" has also been searched. After the Han Xuan Emperor is anger, with a big rebel, it is unscrupulous, and Yang Hao is open, and Sun Huazong is also dismissed.

Yang Wei was pushed into the execution ground, and she understood the wisdom of the Sun Huazong, and understood the low-key body, showing weakness of the buds, but it was late. Yang Wei was devalued, but he did not know convergence.

Yang Wei is not convinced, isn't it to explain that the emperor's punishment is wrong. If the Han Xuan emperor leaders do not punish Yang Wei, will it confirm that you are wrong? Han Xuan Emperor is not Li Shimin, Yang Wei can't do Wei Zheng, because I don't know how to accompany the monarch, the wisdom of the doing things is tragic, and it is sigh.