Zhang Zuolin's love will choose Jiang Ning, how is it dead, why is there scratches in the coffin?

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Zhang Zuolin's love will choose Jiang Ning, how is it dead, why is there scratches in the coffin?

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Zhang Zuolin's fierce will choose Jiang Na, it is really a very miserable.

At the age of 46, he was shot by Guo Songling.

Until Guo Songling failed, Jiang Napi's friend Han Linchun was re-entered, and she was buried.

When Han Linchun and others opened Jiang Xi's thin mouth, he found that the rope that was originally bundled ginger has been broken away from him, and there is a scorpion in the coffin, and Jiang Ning Chuan's hands take off, flesh blur.

Obviously, when the Guo Songling was shot, it did not hit the challenge. He woke up in the coffin, trying to struggle, trying to break free from the rope, open the cover. But it didn't succeed, and I was finally suffocated.

(Jiang Dang choose old photos)

So, as Zhang Zuolin, Jiang Ni, who is one of the "Five Tigers", why will it be so late?

First, Jiang Deqing is a unintentional general.

In 1880, Jiang was selected in a rich and benevolent home. At the age of 23, he was sent to Japan to study abroad, and systematically learned military theoretical knowledge. In 1908, Jiang Deji has been following Zhu Qingli after graduating from the Japanese Army Sergeant School, and has been following Zhu Qingli. He has been transferred to Northeast and Sichuan, served as a staff member.

Later, Zhu Qingli was in the Sichuan soldier, which was critical due to the issues such as military. Jiang Nang was also forced and Zhu Qingzhen left Sichuan, which was short-term as a master of Baoding Army Military School.

After Zhu Qingli, he served as General Heilongjiang Provincial General, Jiang Dynasty was once immediately resigned, and continued to follow Zhu Qingli and served as Heilongjiang NPT staff.

In 1916, Zhu Qingli was served as Governor in Guangdong Province, and Jiang Dynasty was also sent to Guangdong before. One year later, Zhu Qingli resigned as a governor of Guangdong Province, and Jiang Dynasty was also arrived in Guangdong.

It can be seen from the earlier experience from the above ginger to choose from that he is a very loyal person, special value of "loyalty". It is precisely his character, which is subsequently killed and buried.

(Zhang Zuolin's old photos)

Second, join Fengjun, have repeatedly served, and get revenge with Guo Songling.

In 1922, Jiang Di was selected as a general reference to Fengjun and followed Zhang Zuolin.

In the first straightforward battle, although the army finally ended in the event, Jiang Dynasty was in the first line of the battlefield, and the ordinary soldiers were played, which greatly encouraged the soldiers' fighting spirit. When Feng Jun was defeated, Jiang De started his best, and his pro will build a defense work, covering the army to retreat.

Jiang Dynasty was selected in the performance of the battlefield, and he went deeply from Zhang Zuolin, and immediately was appointed as the First Army of the town.

In 1924, the second time I started the war. Fengjun expression is brave and frequently passing. Jiang Dynasty is the first to attack the Jiulong port of only a dozen kilometers away from the mountain customs.

Zhang Xueliang started from the war under the war, ordered the five groups of the positive of the mountain customs to support Jiang Dynasty, and unified by Guo Songling. Strive to break from the Kowloon, a breakthrough between the leadership line in the mountain customs.

Han Linchun was a ridicule of Guo Songling, which made Guo Songling, who had just been self-use, extremely angry, and immediately withdraw the battle of the five groups, and go straight to the front of the mountain customs.

Jiang Dynasty chose to be a big annoyance, accused Guo Songling dared, he publicly destroyed the combat plan, and let Han Linchun arrived at Zhang Zuolin to tell Guo Songling.

Guo Songling did not want to show weakness, and Jiang Dynasty chose to the anti-Ge, saying that he did not follow the command in the Kowloonkou battle. Jiang Duai loves to love, eager to protect the scorpion, tell Zhang Xueliang in this matter. Zhang Xueliang came out, Guo Songling still did not move. Forced Zhang Xiangliang, Guo Songling did not pursue it.

As a result, Guo Jiang has ended his hatred.

(Guo Songling old photos)

Third, Fengjun's internal faction of Lin Li and dismantled each other.

The strong surface is strong, and the strength in many military valves seems to be premier. However, its internal factions are rolled with each other.

This group of people headed by Zhang Zuolin, including a few of his brothers, all have green forests, known as "old factions". These people are the veteran of Fengjun, the warlords are deeply thoughtful, passionate about grab the land, take interests, and look at individual interests.

It corresponds to the "new distribution". These people are bodily bodily or studying in Japan's army sergeant schools or graduated from domestic military schools. And the "New School" is sent to "the official" and "Lu Dai", and the difference is whether there is a learning. Guo Songling is the leader of "Lu Dai", and Jiang Dengi is the backbone of "Tai Shi".

Guo Songling and Jiang Ni choose the character of the election. Guo Songling was called "Guo Gui", the city government is very deep and narrow. And Jiang Deji is going to make a lot of bright and bright, faithful to the superior, and honesty to the colleagues. Such character, also destined to two conflicts.

Fourth, Guo Songling revealed, Jiang Dendened the door to persuade to be poisonous.

In 1925, Guo Songling gave a great interest in Zhang Zuolin and the Japanese in order to mottle in the northeast, and the civil war was originally used.

At this time, the ginger is selected, has been appointed the fourth aspect of the military commander by Zhang Zuolin. He is reluctant to Zhang Zuolin, he is not willing to see the four-point five cracked, and decided to take the train to the Zhangzhou station, and persuade Guo Songling, talk to him.

Unexpectedly, Guo Songling is as good as a rock, but not only in the suggestion of Jiang Ni, but persuaded that Jiang Ni will cooperate with him, and he will give a big flag. And after committing success, they were jointly in charge of northeast.

Jiang Dynasty selected from the indignation, and then broke the roots of Guo Songling.Dragons have a big guilty sin and make a mess.The paranoid Guo Songling is angry, ordered to arrest the ginger, carry the gun.The ending of Jiang Na, as we talked earlier, very miserable.However, Guo Songling eventually fails to be good, it seems that it seems to be more miserable than Jiang.