Han Jing Emperor is in the end, the pet is not full, and the prince is tragic, the prince is tragic.

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Han Jing Emperor is in the end, the pet is not full, and the prince is tragic, the prince is tragic.

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We often say: "Accompanied as a companion." In ancient feudal dynasty, the emperor had no right, and the life and death of the world are between him. Even so, ancient times still have many benevolence monarchs, such as Song Renzong, etc.

Taking a closer study of these Renjun's historical materials will find that there is a lot of things that have been smashed and "benevolence", and even say vicious - he is the Han Jing Emperor Liu Qi during the Western Han Dynasty.

In 188, Liu Qi, in 188. He is the father of Han Wenmili Liu Heng is also the father of Wu Emperor Liu Che. As the sixth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, he didn't have a father to make any abilities.

But he cut out the Royal Duty during the position, diligently governing the country, setting the "chaos of the seven countries" to greatly consolidate the Empressions of the Western Han Dynasty. It can be said that Han Jing Emily Liu Qi is a key person behind the front. He not only inherited his father's political career, but also lay a solid economic foundation for the "Hanwu Shengshi" after the son.

It is such an emperor that has a good performance. During the period, many engraved things have been done. The last thing, what is cursed is that he is killed by the teacher.

"Coordinate Jian Jian" is recorded: "Shang Shan, so I worshiped the prince of the prince. With its debut, the prince's family is" think "."

The wrong knowledge is full of belly, and when Liu Chuan is still a prince, he serves as a member of Taifu, and teaches prince. When Liu Qi was in the emperor, it was an affirmation of his knowledge.

After many years of analysis, I told Liu Qi: Many Wangli's most pay attention to the way to prevent careful people are Wu Wang Liu Wei. This is because Liu Yu's seal is the most rich and most powerful. So, in order to consolidate the fire, Liu Qi decided to take the lead in engraving Wu Wang Liu Wei.

It is not idle, and he will recruit the horse training army on weekdays, and even cast coins privately.

Han Jing Di's Front Years, when Liu Wei, I checked that the court was going to shoot him, and he took the lead in assessing the seven princes, and officially launched a chaotic in the name "晁 晁 晁 晁 晁 国家", this is a famous history. " The chaos of the country. "

Never thought that Liu Qi listened to Yuan Ren's words in the "killing the teacher".

The poisonous Liu Qi silk did not have the contribution to himself and the country for many years. It is the most cruel penalty for his own teacher.

Although the thorns have been calm, Liu Qi did not show his whit, and did not give a lot of family comfort.

It is such a means of cruel emperor, he left all his warmth to the pet rose.

Rose Ji is a beautiful woman who can dance and dance. It has been circulating in Chang'an City in front of her. Liu Qi hunting the heart of the heart, in the midst of the people's feelings, and wear the palace to see the legendary Rose and the love for her, and immediately brought back to the palace.

Ludi Ji, after entering the palace, can be said to be three thousand pets, the top three sons of Liu Qi are born.

Later, Liu Qi took the body with the next day. It is better to call Suiji to the bed. I want to arrange my own behind the bed: "After a hundred years old, good view." (I have to treat it after 100 years) Those emperors ...)

More than a year, the special pets let Zu Ji become arrogant, plus his son is a prince, she is too lazy to take care of others! When she heard Liu Qi's words, she didn't even whispering other emperor Wang Sun, and even a micro word on Liu Qi, speech, and the direct order of Liu Qiqi gave Rose Jiji into the cold palace.

In addition, there is a lot of sins in the year of Ri Ji in the palace. When the primary mission, the princess wanted to make his daughter with the son of Ji Ji, the prince of the prince, strongly teamed up to stabilize the right.

However, Yan Ji can't see the daughter of the princess, refused the princess's beauty, and the museum of the museum was dissatisfied with the son of Sui.

At this time, Zi Ji, who was hit into the cold palace, had no arrogant airlaps, and a heart looked at his son as an emperor. But the princess of the museum can intend to easily let her.

The Pavilion, who was rejected by Sui Ji, turned his family and Wang Mei people, after which the princess did not let any opportunity to help their son-in-law. As long as the younger brother Liu Qi alone, she will say bad things like the prince.

Bible Liu Qi's feelings of Sui Ji have a gap. After the continuous infusion of my sister, but not only is it completely disappointed with Lise Ji, but also secretly reimbieving the son of Wang Meiren, Liu Che (that is, the princess son-in-law) is the prince.

Not long, the former confident is privatful because of the private temple land, Liu Qi no longer taking into account the exertion of Sui Ji for many years, directly putting this uncomfortable son.

In this small editor, you can't help but feel your own one's good cards. From the beginning of the scene, the scenery is unreasonable, her biggest problem is that there is no clear understanding, when the love of the emperor It can be taken at any time.

But dared to speak in front of the emperor, and finally funerally funerally, I don't say it, and I have funen my son's great future.

It can be seen from this matter. Whether in life or learning, it is a good location, it is not more modest to be self-contained, and every step is taken down, and you can better achieve your self-worth.