If the Volunteers hold two opportunities, they may be in Changjin Lake.

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If the Volunteers hold two opportunities, they may be in Changjin Lake.

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Abstract: In the Battle of Changjin Lake, the Volunteers Nine War Groups took a lot of hardships in extreme difficulties, and made a huge settlement. Although forcing the US military to retreat from Xingnang Port, occupying all East Line from Xianxing to Ducks. But the fighting target of the US military war 1 was unable to achieve, this is very regrettable. If the Nine War I gorit two opportunities, it is possible to sell land warfare in Changjin Lake.

In the Battle of Changjin Lake, the Volunteer Nine Corps In the extreme difficult situation, the blood is suffering, and has paid a huge settlement. Although forcing the US military to retreat from Xingnang Port, occupying all East Line from Xianxing to Ducks, but annihilating The US military battle 1 is not achievable, this is very regrettable. If the Nine War I gorit two opportunities, it is possible to sell land warfare in Changjin Lake.

Which two opportunities are it?

The first opportunity is to use the US military land battle 5 in Liu Tan, and the land is 7 regiments take the initiative to attack the opportunity of Wuging, and thereof is on the way.

On November 27th, it is the first day of the Battle of Changjin Lake. According to the McArhur "Christmas Attack" program, the 10th Army of the East Line is responsible for the main attack, attacking in Wuping. Therefore, the land war 1 was just 3 camps of the land battle, 2 camps in the land battle 7, and 2 camps of the 11th Artillery Troupe and 2 came from Liu Tan, the morning, Lu After the battle of 5 regiments, the land of the land is beginning to attack the West to the west of Liu Tan, but have been more and more striped by the volunteer army. After the noon, the US military has continuously discovered the volunteer reconnaissance team near Liu Tan, so consciousness The Volunteers are likely to launch an attack in Liu Tan at night, and the land battle is 5 regiments. The land of the land did not dare to continue to wear, and he returned to Liu Tan in the evening.

That night, the Jiufan Group put 2 teachers and 1 group (20 army 59 division 176 group, 89 division, 27 army 79 division) a total of 7 groups of troops, and launched a strike to Liulu. Due to the strong force of the United States of Liulu, it is the most in the Changjin Lake area, and there are 8 guns and soldiers, and the equipment is strong, so the Volunteers cannot win Liulu.

Attacks Liu Tan's volunteers approximately three times the force of Liulu, but the disadvantages on the firepower are very big, so it is quite difficult to stand in the battle in the fight against the battle.

However, if it is ambush war, the situation is different. The US military travels on the mountain road, the Volunteers occupy the mountains on both sides of the road, horing high, has the advantages of the land, and the US military is in the operation, the artillery is difficult to launch, and the firepower will also be greatly reduced. So if the Volunteer Army is on the morning of the 27th, the Marine War 5 regiment, 7 groups move forward toward the west attack, but the noddion of resistance, and the battle and retreat, gradually attracting the land 5, 7 regiments, to the west, On the 27th, there was another 5 regiment that has been stayed away from Liu Tan, and 7 regiments. If the land battle 5, 7 regiments after the black, choose the camp, and the 4th regiment, which is not stable, and has just bordered. 7 group launched the night attack.

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If it is ambushes, refer to the same in the Battle of Changjin Lake, the volunteers' ambush of the Dryries Detad Detvir under the reinforcement of the Volunteers for 2 groups of the Driesdale detachment (equivalent to 2 Camp), the same three times the strength advantage, get the record of the Gersdel detachment, you must know that the Derstad Detach has a large number of tanks (29 tanks) support, while the land 5, 7 regiments There is no tank support. Therefore, if it is ambush battle, the volunteers are destroyed by the land 5, and the 7 regiments are about half, it is entirely possible. The Marine War 5, 7 regiments were the main force of Lu War in Changjin Lake area. If the two groups were annihilated, and the position is far from Liulu, it is more far, retreating the route is natural than from Liu Tan Retreat farther, then the two groups finally withdrew the next 碣 碣, I am afraid that one-third is very good. In this way, the land war 1 teacher will be retreated from the next, and the ancient soil is retreatful, and it will be much difficult, and the loss is naturally more.

If it is offensive night camp, establishing a ruty-defense land 5, 7 regiments, compared to ambush, will definitely be difficult, but compare to Liulu, it is relatively easy. Because the US military entered Liutan on the 24th, it has been built a defensive work in the 27th, and the complete defense system has been formed. However, in the half-way, the camping place, no time to build a work, to block the violation of the volunteers, I am afraid it is not so easy.

So, on the morning of the 27th, I put the land 5 group, 7 groups, and sure to fight back to Liu Tan, so that I would like to be much smart.

However, there will be someone who will say that the land of 5, 7 regiments later withdrawn from Liu Tan, and the volunteers on the half road also stopped, and did not stop the land 5 group, the retreat of the 7 regiments, could not give The 5th regiment of the land, the 7 groups have caused too much loss, how can it be determined in Liu Tan to attack the land 5, and the 7 group will definitely get half the battle of the enemy?

The surface of these two situations seems to be almost almost, but it is different. In Liulu Ri, the West is unfair, the Marine War is not prepared, and the volunteers are unhealthy. From Liu Tan, the land of the land, the Marine War 5, 7 groups have already been expected to be blocked by the volunteers on the half-way, all the way to fight in battle gestures, and in Liu Tan and next There is a key point in the corner, and the key points of the Dye Mountain are controlled in the US military, and the volunteers do not have the advantage of the land. Therefore, the difference between the two is in the mentality and terrain, and it is determined that the West is in the west of Liu Tan, and it will definitely be more difficult than to withdraw in Liulu, it can achieve greater results. If it is a bit disputed to the first opportunity, but it is basically consensus on the second opportunity.

That is, I am full of main attack.

In the south of Changjin Lake, the road in Changjin Lake is located is a shaped English letter "Y", and the left bifurcated to Liuli, the right fork to emerging, and two points The intersection of the fork is in the lower 碣, so the lower 碣 碣 is the transportation hub in the Changjin Lake area.

Not only that, the Department of Land War is also in the next 碣, so the might of the US military is in the middle of the army.

More importantly, the US military built a simple airport in the next embarrassment, and the air transport came to a large amount of supplies, so that the underground will become a replenishment base in the entire Changjin Lake area.

The transportation hub, commanding the center, replenishes the base, the importance of the lower 碣 is self-evident. However, such a key lock key, there is not much, it is very small to have a total of 3,913 US military, but from 58 units, many of whom have a small unit below 10 people. They are all diligent units. The combat troops only have the land war 1 group 3 camp H, I even two rows of the guns, there are still 2 battalions of the land battle 7 groups, total 3 even 2 rows Infantry, external artillery 1, 11th artillery group D (equipped with 6 105 mm grenaders).

It can be said that the next 碣 is the most important node in this area, and is also the weakest node.

But unfortunately, in the first wave of attack in the Jiufan, the focus of attack is Liu Tanli and emerging in the two places, and it has invested 7 groups and 5 groups, but in the lower 碣, only 3 group!

If the offense in the lower 碣, as the focus of the first wave of attacks, it is entirely possible to take the next 碣 碣 下... 下Actual situation, 3 groups of the Volunteers 20 Army 58 people have attacked the defenders in the 碣 碣 里 里 里 力 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里 里The possibility of enjoys is very large.

And if the volunteers captured the 碣 碣, then the situation is completely different. The land war 1 is lost to the command center, replenishes the base, Liu Tan, and the new land of the two places. How is it? There is still a loss of the next 碣, and there is no simple airport to be used to send wounded. Most of the 4468 wounded people will not act. If the land war 1 is so many wounded, it is obviously a huge The burden will inevitably bring great difficulties to breakout, so that the possibility of land war 1 has been further increased.

In military, it is not averaged in average, and in the most critical node invests the maximum force, it is true that it is the basic law of the soldiers, but in the battlefield, it is really not much, if you can do it - then It must be a famous!

Therefore, the volunteers in the Changjin Lake Campaign eventually failed to survive the land warfare, both objective reasons, the US military equipment is excellent, the firepower is fierce, the volunteer equipment is almost almost almost, but it is undeniable, there is also subjective reasons. There is indeed a shortcomings in the command. If the park is 5 groups, the 7 groups will enter, and then they will settle along the way. If the concentration advantage is to win the next 碣 碣, then in Changjin Lake, it is very likely. Implemented.

The Battle of Changjin Lake, the volunteers have some bad enemy in the strategy. At the beginning, I even planned to eat three American military divisions and 2 Korean military divisions of the 10th Army of the East Line, which is obviously in the Liberation War. The experience of the army is calculated, and the US military and the Machi National Army are not at a level, so such a big campaign attempt is obviously unrealistic. In tactics, there is no such thing as the primary goal, this deployment is obviously lost. Of course, it should also be seen that even if you change the command of others, it may be small, giving the US military's loss, but it is still very difficult.

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