Wang Bo, the ear of the ear, turning into an eternal legend

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Wang Bo, the ear of the ear, turning into an eternal legend

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I wrote the first word of Li Shi, "Delivery", "Delivery" is the first, there is a netizen uncomfortable, then throw it out of Wang Bo's poem, it is indeed, I have to serve Wang Bo's talents, so I have to ask today. Wang Bo classmates, continue to let everyone literate.

Wang Bo is a prostitute, the scales of the Church of Tang Sijie Talent Group, absolutely C Big coffee, what extent, 6 years old is a poem, (not Goose Goose, That is Luo Bin King), 9 years old Read Yanshi "Han Shu" The result picked out a basket of harsh, wrote 10 volumes "Han Shu", and the old man is almost vomiting blood, and it is impossible to refute. At the age of 14, the first book is imagined, straight disadvantages, the prime minister finished his article, praise Not in the mouth, the gods, I will recommend Wang Bo to the court. Two years later, the 16-year-old Wang Bo easily passed the prosthetic examination for the youngest official, and the noodle lanting, I read this, I was directly squatted, I thought about my 16 years old, still giving the next class. The female classmates write a love book, and the love letter is not written. It is directly rejected. It is conceivable that there is no poetry love letter so pale. The classmates have been seven, that year, there is a friend who surnamed Du went to Sichuan, Wang Bo wrote this, one hundred and no barters.

"Send Du Shaofu Renzhou"

Tang Wang Bo

The city is auxiliary three Qin, the wind is looking for 5th.

Don't worry with you, the same is a tourist.

In the sea, there is a neighbor in the sea.

Not as a follow-up road, the children have a total of towels.

Although the poems have no sadness, the poet's chest is cheerful, the statement is rich, and the euphemism is euphemistic, showing the friendship between the friendship, this poem, the future people have a good job. Everyone consistently believes that the cattle of this poem is to sweep thousands of army in the bouting poems of the past and the present, unique, in addition to friendship, more pride.

The whole poetry is rigorous, and it is unspeakable with the chapter of the law. Especially in the sea, there is no such thing as neighbors, and there is no old people before, and the 16-year-old little boy is directly on the Tang poetry.

The height of people aged 16 years old, most people don't reach his starting point in a lifetime, but people don't have knives in the rivers and lakes, 19 years old, one article "檄 英 文", He pushed into the tip of the wind, the two kings, the chicken, Wang Bo, wrote a piece of text, was forwarded by the bucket enthusiasts, and suddenly came to Tang Gaozong Li Zhi Hand, Wang Bo was just writing, I didn't know that he touched him. The most sensitive nerve of the emperor, Li Zhi, dared to provoke his two sons, how did the Tang Taizong Li Shimin be the emperor? Killed the world, forced back to the father, this is directly angered Li Li Governing, then Wang Bao is extended by Chang'an. Fortunately, there is a big, the crime of death, the sin is difficult, the dismissal is imprisoned, Wang Bo's father is also implicated, being devalued as an intersection (now Vietnam Hanoi) County county. Oh, it is unfortunately, I read this, these cultural people sometimes can't live, don't write a scenery, write love is not fragrant? Degiating the time politics, explaining that Wang Bo is still too young, the things on the officialdom are not going to learn. So this matter directly rewritten Wang Bo's fate, and also rewritten the pattern of Tang Dynasty poetry.

Gao Zong Shangyuan two years, Wang Bo was released from prison, and consciously visited him because of his father, he visited him, passing through Nanchang. Wang Bo participated in the completion banquet of Tengwang. At this time, Wang Bo didn't know that it is about to usher in the peak of his life, the peak to the light, the name is a thousand people. On the banquet, the wine has passed three patrols, and the Yucheng invited everyone to make this banquet. Everyone who is sitting is well known. The governor's son-in-law has already written a manuscript in advance, intended to be amazing at the poetry. So everyone is stupid, euphemistially delayed. Unexpectedly, Wang Zhai raised his hand and shouted, took a pen, let me try.

Halfway kills the snacks, 都 督 然 然 100 is unhappy, so I will leave, sitting after the account is secretly thinking, where is the head, see what level, is hit by my son-in-law is also By the way, it will put on the talents of the son-in-law, and then send people to the content you write, always report.

After a while, the hand came to report, he wrote "Yu Zhangshi County, Hongdu Xinfu. Starwheel wings, hearables ..." Danjun does not think it is easy to shake his head, but some Laun talking, it is not surprising.

After a while, I also reported again. He wrote "Sanjiang and took five lakes, tao the thorns and taking it. It has become more and more complicated, yin is uncertain, "" Clouds sell rain, Caicori District Ming, Luoxia and Lonely Flying Big film, and it is a dynamic 1080p, and the 阎 都 督 也,, The sound, a friend circle earned a wave flow, and I have forgotten the existence of the son-in-law (to be a son-in-law). When I saw Wang Bin's own feelings, I wrote "Guanshan is difficult, who is sad. Pingshuo meets, the guest of his hometown", the governor can't stand the thigh, this guy TM is a genius, written Too wonderful. However, Wang Bo did not complain from Ai, the pen is turned, "" "When the luck is not good," Feng Tang Yi is old, Li Guang is difficult, the old and the strong, the heart, the heart, the poor, Yisheng, do not fall into the Youth Yunzhi " The governor and the people present, and the case was called, not bad, this bowl of chicken soup, I just woke up. This kind of ancient and modern, the people who saw the people were boiling, and they were able to live a live broadcast, as if life arrived at climax, mounds, pairs, typographic, phrase, artistic concert, and one of them were the gods. The combination is Oscar. Big film, has already played the beauty and expression of Chinese characters to the extreme, there is something, there is a reason, a "Tengwang House", write the half-life, and is destined to load the history. Dusheng had to sigh: "This truth is talented, when it is immortal!" "Tang Chi Chuan" said: "Bao Xinran, for the passenger, in an instant, the text does not add point, full shock." "Tang Yan Yan" Waiting for the book, or some exaggeration, but Wang Bo's "Tengwang House" is indeed an immortal article. Wang Bo's "Tengwang" is one of the most moving stories in the history of Chinese literature.

In the three years of the year, the annual explosive article "Teng Wang House" brush screen brush to Changan, Tang Gaozong Li Zhiyi, praise, this is the eternal singer, the true man is also, hurry to call Wang Bo, come to Changan Re-appoint a new post. Unfortunately, Wang Bo is already in the world.

In 676 AD, Wang Bo visited his father's return, and the sea was drowned, and the time was 27 years old. A "Tengwang Palace" exhausted Wang Bo's life, Wang Bo's morning died seems to be in the sky, after all, this is just a first Tang, if Wang Bo exists, take this rhythm, you make the back poem How does the fairy poetry debut.

For Wang Bo, he will always live in the afternoon of "Lu Xia and Lonely Flying, Qiu Water Ten". His poetry will always stay in the historical sky in the early Tang, have been done.

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