Although Li Dazhao sacrificed early, the child is very competitive, and the son official is from the positive level!

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Although Li Dazhao sacrificed early, the child is very competitive, and the son official is from the positive level!

2021-11-28 12:08:15 26 ℃

Every time I see some international news, I said that other countries have experienced war or disaster shortage, Xiaobian will be grateful to us in China. China is now hit by many revolutionary predecessors, in the arduous age of the war, the revolutionary predecessors have contributed their strength, and a brick is a tile to build China to make China now, small The preparation is exciting for these revolutionary martyrs. Among the revolutionary martyrs of my country, there was a great contribution to my country's revolutionary cause. He is Li Dazhao, but he is a heaven, although Li Dazhao is sacrificed early, but his future generations are very competitive, we will come to specifically Learn about it.

Our junior high school textbook has this chapter on the October Revolution, I believe that some small partners have impressions. Li Dazhao is the driver of the revolution in October. He made a great contribution to the revolutionary cause of China, and also looked for the people in the age of the revolution. Li Dazhao is subject to some advanced thoughts from abroad, so it is more advanced in the way. His thoughts were flooded by Marxism, and everyone knows that my country's revolution is in accordance with the guidance of Marxism-Leninism. Li Dazhao has already walked in the forefront of thought.

However, too advanced thoughts and the public look, Li Dazhao is because of his advanced thoughts and propaganda revolution, it has attracted the avoidance of the warlords, and because he leads the October Revolution, Zhang Zuolin grabs him to strictly punish other participation The revolutionary person, Li Dazhao is dead, and finally killed in prison.

Li Dazhao's contribution to our revolutionary cause, we should remember his contribution. Although Li Dazhao died so early, he had a future person to stay in the world, and the small composes the situation of his future generations. It is found that he is a father who has no dog. His future generation is very powerful, where his big son Official to positive, other children are very powerful. Li Dazhao has five children health to adult.

Li Yuhua, who was the Central Bank, is a well-organized cadre of the national level. He is very good, and the children who are educated are also good. The two sons are doing officials in government agencies, and they are not sorry for the grandfather Li Dazhao. . The second son Li Guanghua, and the father is also contributed to the national revolutionary cause. He has participated in the Yan'an revolution and inherited his father's legacy. Three sons Li Xinhua, he did not enter the government agency, but engaged in the education industry and contributed to the education industry in my country.

That again, Li Dazhao's two daughters, the big daughter Li Xinghua, the father Li Dazhao is engaged in justice, and some revolutionary partners have finished reading the university after the death of the father. Later, she also added to the anti-war. Two daughters Li Yanhua, like Li Xinhua, Li Xinhua, also added to the education industry.

These five people have contributed to the construction of New China, and they did not oversess the reputation of Li Dazhao. When talking about the contribution they did, they said that this is the spirit of learning from the father.