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Zhuge Liang is a supported assistant

2021-11-28 12:08:28 22 ℃

We will reason this matter according to the "Three Kingdoms". Zhuge Liang himself followed Liu Bei, but his vast majority of his pro will choose Cao Cao when Cao Cao occupied Jingzhou. For example, Zhuge Liang's big sister, the second brother, Ponishan, teacher Sima Hui, and Zhuge Liang's best friend, Xu Wei, Meng Jian, Shi Wei and others attributed to Cao Cao. Although they may not serve Cao Cao, they must have not followed Liu Bei. You must know that Chen Qun, at this time, has passed the intersection with Liu Bei, Chen Qun recognizes Liu Bei to be a person, but there is no Liu Bei mix.

And Zhuge Liang finally followed Liu Bei, except for personal optimistic about Liu Bei, a big reason is that he was abandoned by Jingzhou Shi Group. Zhuge Liang's ancestors were born in Shandong, and the parents were finished. In 200 years, Cao Cao offensive Xuzhou. The 19-year-old Zhuge Liang brothers fled, and Zhuge Yu took Sun Wu. Zhuge Liang, Zhuge's brothers vocabaries with Shi Zhu Ge Xuan, Zhuge Xuan was the Zhang Taishou. Later, Zhuge Xuan will pay Zhuge Liang to Jingzhou Mu Liu.

In Jingzhou, Zhuge Liang mixed well, Zhuge Liang married Huang Chengyan's daughter (Liu Tu's wife's sister's brother's sister), became a foreign son-in-law of Cai Wei (Liu Wai Xiaoyu). Zhuge Liang's big sister married Liu Tang's family of 蒯 蒯 蒯 蒯 蒯 蒯 蒯 蒯 蒯,, 给 给 给 给 兄 给 给 兄 兄, 蒯 蒯 蒯, 兄 给 兄 给 给 给 兄 给 兄 给 给 兄 给 兄 兄 给 兄 兄 兄 给 兄 给 给 兄 给 兄 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 兄 兄 给 兄 给 给 给 给Zhuge Liang entered the core class of Jingzhou.

But Zhuge Liang is always a white but in Jingzhou. About this is a large extent, Huang Chengyan and Zhuge Liang are not equal, but this is due to the harmony of Zhuge Liang. This makes Zhuge Liang not honest in Jingzhou, just a harmony on the surface. In this case, Zhuge Liang can see the Qing Jingzhou Rich Group and even Liu Tuo, and the conclusion is difficult event.

Fire into the real gold and disappear. Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei, in this fence, two people, this is Mars hit the earth, and it is. Therefore, in Cao Cao occupied Jingzhou, all the relatives and friends of the family, Zhuge Liang "Liangliang Choosing the Wood," He is approved Liu Bei is the boss that is best for you to show your ambition. There is no need to review it later.

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